July 16th, 2021
In my sermon last week I asked you all to think about the last time you sensed the Spirit of God speaking to you or calling you to join in on Christ work in the world. 
Do you remember?
We had talked about Levi and how Jesus had called him to be a part of what God was doing in the first century middle eastern world at that time.
Sometimes, when a preacher asks a question like that, our tendency can be to think that it is not for us – that God would never have something for us to do. We might even have a multitude of reasons as to why we think God would choose others before God would choose us to join in on God’s work. But Levi’s story challenges us to think differently. 
So do the stories of countless others in the Scriptures and throughout the centuries since.

In the coming weeks we will be spending time looking at the stories of several women from the Biblical narrative. In their world, the women of the Bible could have been forgiven for thinking that God would not have a role for them – God’s jobs were for the men, or so the men thought.

In the coming weeks of our “Biblical Heroines” series, we will be receiving reminders that God can and does call all people – especially the ones who think God would never have a job for them to do.

So plan to join us.
Invite your friends and neighbors.
Call those church friends that you have not seen for a while and let them know how much they are missed.

God is doing a good thing in our midst. It is good news that we are excited to share, so let’s get at it!
Pastor Charlie
***August 1st will be the final Sunday of the 11:00AM service in Maxwell Hall to allow for School School to resume on August 8th.
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United Methodist Family Night at the Jumbo Shrimp
Join the United Methodist Men on Friday, August 6th, 2021 as they host "United Methodist Family Night" with the Jumbo Shrimp! Get more details at mumconline.com/news.

If you have served or are interested in serving in our many music ministries at Memorial, come to the choir get-together August 11th at 6:00PM in the music room. Dr. Joan will be there to give you updates on the come year and help you get plugged in!

Wednesday Classes Have Resumed

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  • Pastor Charlie leads a Scripture & Prayer focused on the book of Hebrews at 11:00AM
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  • Dr. Joan leads a study devotional on favorite hymns! There is a book with this study that you can get from Joan. This class is ON CAMPUS in the Music Room at 6:00PM

  • And Faithlinks continues, 6:00PM on Zoom
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Altar Flowers Are BACK!
If you are interested in reserving the flowers in Maxwell Hall or the Sanctuary one Sunday for a special person or to recognize a special occasion, please contact Donna Feith or call 904-225-2140 .

Memorial provides a place for inurning the cremated remains of church members & their loved ones.
Inurning loved ones on the grounds of a church where they were baptized, married, or nurtured in faith, is an age-old tradition. Along with niches for inuring, the garden includes a wall for memorial plaques and an area for memorial pavers to be placed.
To learn more, download our brochure or contact the church office.

For the 3rd year in a row, we are collecting school supplies for the teachers in our church and community. As you are shopping and going through your normal routines, we ask that you keep our teachers in mind. We will be collecting basic school supplies (such as paper, pencils, crayons, pens, rulers, markers, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, etc). Please bring to church over the next several weeks and leave in the Partin Center or in either worship space.

We will be inviting teachers to “shop” for what they need for free on August 8th. Do you know a local teacher who would like to shop for school supplies? Let them know about August 8th at 12:30PM!
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If you are looking for other ways to serve, the Music & Worship Arts department is looking for singers, musicians, and audio/visual techs, Pastor Carrie is always happy for people to volunteer and lead classes, and Johnny Armstrong (or facilities manager) could use some help with his F-Troop, which helps turn over rooms and set up chairs when needed. Contact at pastor or the church office to get involved!
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