April/May 2019
Parent Update from the Executive Director

Dear CTC Parents,

Our Spring Break saw a tremendous amount achieved at both campuses!

At Oakland the water treatment plant was successfully completed! We have notified the appropriate state and local agencies and can now proceed to fully utilize all the classrooms in the building! We also can now use the stoves, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers! Within the next week or so, we have one final review by the town and county to have a look at some items regarding our pool and anticipate we will get the immediate okay to use it thereafter. We want to once again thank all of you for your patience and support in getting this major milestone accomplished!

At Fair Lawn, the first round of renovations to the front office area was completed successfully. A portion of the front desk area is now at a much lower height so that anyone in a wheelchair can see the Receptionist. In addition, we have opened up the area so we have more staff up front to help assist our visitors and increase our security (more “eyes” on the entrance). There is more work to be done in the front office area (new floors etc.) but this will be a part of the next round of renovations to be completed over the August break.

Looking ahead, we are anticipating that things will be getting quite busy over the next two months as the school year comes to a close. For example, we have a performance of Willy Wonka by our Oakland campus middle school students happening in May. Also, we have a number of graduation ceremonies as students transition from Fair Lawn to Oakland, from the middle school grades to high school and from high school to STEP. We also have our first graduate from the STEP program who will be leaving the CTC Academy to attend the Turning Point Program and Bergen Community College. We hope you will join us for all of these exciting celebrations. Congrats to all!

Also, please come to our annual gala on June 13th! You will have a wonderful time and chance to celebrate our accomplishments together.

As always, you can also contact me anytime by phone at either campus number (201-797-7440 ext. 3258 or 201-612-5677 ext. 2111) or by email at kberger@ctcacademy.org .

All the best,
Ken Berger, Executive Director
What A Difference A Year Makes...

Though I find it hard to believe, I have been the Principal of CTC Academy-Oakland for a little over a year. What a difference a year makes! It is a great feeling to walk down the hallway and know everyone’s name (and not get lost) and develop the day to day connections that make working at CTC special. Most importantly, a year later, I see firsthand the growth the students have made....a student walking down the hallway with a gait trainer that he wasn’t using before, a student communicating with words, switches or devices, when that was not possible in the prior months. These achievements and so many more, make my role as Principal of this outstanding school so rewarding.  

Great things continue to happen at CTC-Oakland due to great teamwork. Our STEP program, serving our 18-21 year old students, has gotten off to a wonderful start. Students are more independent each and every day. In fact, our first graduate of STEP will be heading to Bergen Community College in the fall. Now that is progress. A second STEP class will be added in September, 2019. Our Community Based Instruction Program has also blossomed this year. The two school buses that were purchased through the generosity of our benefactors are used every day—from trips to Shop-Rite and the Oakland Library to senior center visits—our students are applying the skills they learn at CTC in the community. We have added a Girl Scout troop and plan on adding a Boy Scout troop in the fall. And, for the first time, our middle school students will be performing a musical—Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka Kids.  

The future is bright for CTC Academy....Together...We make great things happen!

CTC Academy’s Learn Together preschool inclusion class is currently accepting enrollment! This preschool program will be held at our Fair Lawn campus and will be comprised of current CTC Academy students and neighboring community preschoolers. This FREE program seeks opportunities for our CTC students to learn alongside their non-disabled peers. The FREE program will run: Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:30pm – 2:30pm. If you are interested in your child being a part of this fun, learning and social environment,or know anyone who may be interested, please contact Delmarie at 201-797-7440, x3230 or by email at DAlvarez@ctcacademy.org . Only a few spots left so let us hear from you! Click HERE to learn more!

Click HERE for more information!

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Click HERE for the Social Work Calendar of Events!

Colgate’s Bright Smiles, Bright Futures (BS/BF) program that was held at the both campuses last week was a great success!  Students participated in an education program about dental health presented by BS/BF. In addition, dental screenings aboard the state of the art Colgate dental van were offered to students age 12 and under with their parents present. Parents who attended the dental screening were given the opportunity to speak with the Colgate dental professional and received educational information regarding their child’s oral care. A big thank you to CTC parent Derek Manwaring and the Colgate team for bringing this wonderful program to CTC!

The 2019-20 Health Packets were sent home to all families a month ago. If you did not receive a packet, please contact your campus Health Office. Please remember that all forms and medical orders need to be updated annually. CTC parents/guardians can complete most of the forms directly. If your child requires a medication/tube feeding/medical procedure or has an Emergency Action Plan, your child’s health care provider must complete those forms. Please plan according if it is necessary for your child’s health care provider to complete these forms. All 2019-20 Health Forms must be returned to the campus Health Office by Monday, June 4th . Please contact Carol Anne Chupak, Head of Health Services with any questions.
Mark Your Calendars

May 3rd - 5th: Abilities Expo - Booth #1309
Click HERE for more information!

May 4th: SibShops Program
Click  HERE  for more information!

May 9th: Baseball Play Day (@FL)

May 10th: Mother's Day Brunch 9:30am (@FL)

May 13th - 17th: Special Education Week (@FL & OAK)

May 20th: Petting Zoo 10:00am - 11:30am (@OAK)

May 20th: Nicoll Davis & Spinella LLP's Charity Golf Outing All Proceeds to CTC Academy. Play, sponsor or support by clicking HERE !

May 21st: Willy Wonka Kids Musical 10:00am (@OAK)
Click HERE to RSVP!

May 22nd: Franklin Lakes Middle School Jazz Band 10:00am (@OAK)

May 23rd: Dance Recital (@FL)

May 24th & 27th: School Closed for Memorial Day Break (@FL & OAK)

May 26th: Family Fun Night (End of year celebration @OAK)
New 2018-2019 CTC Academy School Calendar with updated end-of--year date will be sent next week and attached to the next e-newsletter.
April Happenings at CTC Academy!
Check out facebook for more photos and videos!
Colgate Bright Smiles Visit!
STEP Program Open House!
Community Helper Day at FL!

Want to support CTC’s biggest fundraiser of the year, our annual Dinner Dance and Silent Auction, WISH , but don’t think you have the time? We have a great solution – Facebook! Please consider soliciting for our silent auction by personalizing and posting the following on Facebook, perhaps with a photo of your child! 

Need help? Contact the Development Department at 201-797-7440.

"Hello Friends! I am searching for auction item donations for Emmeline's incredible school, CTC Academy, as we gear up for our largest fundraising event of the year. Emmeline’s school is a non-profit organization and relies on special event fundraisers like this gala and individual gifts – can you help? We are in searching for sporting event tickets, restaurant, spa, hotel and experience gift certificates, electronics and more. Interested in making a monetary donation or taking out a journal ad or sponsorship? You can do all of this and show your support for Emmeline @   https://one.bidpal.net/ctcwish/welcome . Like CTC Academy to learn more and find out more about the incredible children you will be supporting @   https://www.facebook.com/CTCACADEMY.ORG/ .  
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Joining Us at Our Oakland Campus

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