June 8, 2022

A Merry, Dairy June Dairy Month greeting to you!

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  • Milk: Production, Prices, Reform
  • WOTUS Roundtables: Southeast Region in NC on June 23
  • Must Watch! A Fake Milk Video We've Been Waiting On!
  • Southeast Value-Added Dairy Conference July 13-14
  • Memoriam: Dr. Leslie Hart Fordham
  • Reminder: SE Dairy Youth Retreat Registration Deadline

MILK: Production, Prices, Reform

June 2, 2022: Milk Prices Strong for Now; A Clash Between Supply and Demand Fundamentals Will Occur Soon,

by Naomi Blohm, Total Farm Marketing, for Ag Marketing IQ / Farm Futures

June 7, 2022:  NMPF Discussing Policy Proposals, DFA Nerd Herd, more; by Dave Natzke for Progressive Dairy Weekly Digest. A summary of recent news. 

June 1, 2022: ADC Seeks Answer on Pricing Concerns, hearing Criteria; Senate Ag Hearing in Arkansas on June 23rd; more; by Dave Natzke for Progressive Dairy, Weekly Digest II. Article contains news about American Dairy Coalition's most recent webinar on Federal Order Reform and factors leading to reform.


WOTUS (Waters of the US) 

Series of Roundtables Occurring Across the Country

Following a public comment period on a newly revised WOTUS rule that closed on Feb. 7, 2022, the EPA and the US Army Corps of Engineers are holding a series of roundtables across the country for additional public comment. Most of you receiving this newsletter know this is a *** VIP- High Priority *** issue for everyone involved in production agriculture and agribusiness.

General Background: A running summary of Current Status by American Farm Bureau. Be sure to check out links under the 'Related Content" Tab. (will appear differently on laptops, tablets, and phones.)


YouTube Videos of hearings: (warning - videos are lengthy, some in excess of 2 hours; very important info)


*** MEDIA / Alternatives: Milk on the Airwaves ***

A Video Segment from the Today Show - perfect timing in June Dairy Month!

PPPHHHHTTT! Spit-Outs. Cringing Faces. All reactions to tasting these plant-based milks!

June 8, 2022:  Try These Healthy Plant-Based Milk Alternatives, broadcast on the Today Show

  • Dietitian Lauren Slayton notes that 'the protein in nuts' does not make it way to the beverages.  
  • The best part? The faces of Sheinelle Jones, Dylan Dreyer, Al Roker, and Craig Melvin as they taste!
  • As Roker exclaims 'It Don't' Taste Good!," and Sheinelle Jones actually spits some up! 
  • 'TERRIBLE' is heard frequently as a description of the taste!
  • A Must Watch! and a MUST SHARE!


Southeast Value-Added Dairy Conference July 13-14 in NC

The 2022 Southeast Value-Added Dairy Conference is set for July 13-14, 2022 in Raleigh, NC. The event will take place at the StateView Hotel and Conference Center.

The program is geared towards dairy farms who are operating, or who wish to operate, farmstead processing facilities on their own farms. Some Georgia operations have participated in previous conferences; this Conference should provide an excellent learning opportunity for any Georgia dairies who wish to take advantage of the newly passed Raw Dairy Act.

Sessions offered will include packaging innovations, cheese marketing trends, food safety and hazard audits, and more. A tour of the NCSU owling Cow Dairy, and another value-added local processor, is scheduled as part of the conference.

The Conference is a portion of the Southeast Dairy Business Innovation Initiatives, a subsection of the broader USDA Dairy Business Innovation Initiative, with regional programs in four areas of the US. The entire program is subsidized with USDA grants. 

To register, Click here. 


In Memoriam: Dr. Leslie Hart Fordham

We sadly share the news that Dr. Leslie Fordham has passed away. Dr. Fordham is the wife of Randy Fordham, a Boehringer-Ingleheim Animal Health Sales Manager for Georgia. A veterinarian, she was a professor at Emmanuel College, and has been called 'the kindest lady who every lived.' The family will receive friends on Friday, June 10th, at Liberty Baptist Church of Royston, Ga; the Celebration of Life will take place on Saturday, June 11, at 1:00 pm, also at Liberty Baptist.

Please join us in keeping Dr. Fordham's family in your prayers and acts of kindness.

The complete obituary, with memorial information, can be read here


Cheers! Keep those MILK promos going!

Julie Walker,  for Georgia Milk Producers


Today, Friday, June 10th, is the extended deadline for registration for the 2022 Southeast Dairy Retreat.  Excellent program for young dairy enthusiasts to build their dairy culture!

Registration Info: CLICK

Financial Aid: CLICK 

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