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Join us as we champion kindness by celebrating Let's be Kind Day at MCS and beyond! Our kids will focus on living out the second half of the Greatest Commandment of loving their neighbor as themselves by giving a Blessing Bag to someone in need. The link below provides an opportunity for you to help make that happen as you purchase helpful items, join with your child in prayer, and together decide to whom to give the bag.
Click HERE to donate selected items from the Amazon registry by Tuesday April 20th. Once items are gathered, our student body will assemble Blessing Bags on Let's Be Kind Day and then take them home. The Blessing Bags will also be available for remote learners to pick up and give to someone in need.

Join us as we champion KINDNESS by celebrating LET'S BE KIND DAY at MCS and beyond!!!  

Let’s Be Kind Day was originated in 2018 by a student named Rebekah at Costa Mesa Middle School simply because she noticed a lack of kindness on her campus and wanted to create change! She decided one day to bring pizza and share Let’s Be Kind t-shirts for her classmates, and the response was astounding! The movement sparked kindness on her campus that spread into the families and surrounding Newport Mesa schools! Just 3 short years later, Newport Mesa Unified has now adopted Let’s Be Kind Day, and each school in the district is celebrating by promoting kindness, inclusion, encouragement, and respect on their campuses. To learn more about Let’s Be Kind Day, click here:

On Monday, 4/26, MCS will celebrate KINDNESS in the following ways:

  • Each student who ordered a LET'S BE KIND t-shirt will both receive it and wear it on Monday, 4/26
  • Chapel for each grade level will focus on KINDNESS 
  • Students will be be reminded of ways they can live out the second half of the Great Commandment of loving their neighbor as themselves
  • MCS is sponsoring 2 local schools! For every $10 t-shirt that was purchased by an MCS student, a child at Victoria Elementary or Killybrooke Elementary will also receive a t-shirt.

We hope to bring KINDNESS beyond our own MCS walls and into our neighboring schools, allowing students from other campuses to also celebrate Let’s Be Kind Day! Our goal is to outfit every student on those 2 campuses with a Let’s Be Kind t-shirt, and help spread the attitude of kindness throughout Costa Mesa!

Thank you for joining us in championing this cause of KINDNESS both on our campus and to our neighboring schools!


Attention ALL MCS Alumni - Scholarship Match!
We have an exciting new opportunity for all MCS alumni with disabilities, The Be Brave Scholarship, which is generously funded by our very own Student Support Specialist Crystal Willis and her husband Jeff. This amazing $5000 scholarship has been recently matched by an anonymous donor for a total of $10,000. Two students will be awarded this year.

The Be Brave Scholarship can be used for:
-Undergrad or Graduate School
-Community College
-Trade school
-Training programs or internships for employment

*Recipients can use the scholarship for beginning or ongoing educational pursuits.
Apply Now! Deadline is April 30, 2021
Attention MCS Alumni-Class of 2017!
Each year the faculty and staff of MCS donate funds for the Alumni Heritage College Scholarship with the intent of encouraging college-bound alumni in their educational pursuits. Since its founding, the Alumni Heritage College Scholarship has generated over $32,000 in funding. There are typically multiple recipients awarded $1000 to $2000 so you do not want to miss out! 
Apply Now! Deadline is April 30, 2021
Alumni of the Year - Deadline to Nominate April 30, 2021
Established in 2018, this annual award recognizes an MCS Alumni whose accomplishments, affiliations, career and/or ministry has brought honor to the MCS legacy within the community. Our awardee should reflect the 5 Core Values of MCS: Love for Christ, Exemplary Academics, Whole Child Development, Innovative Culture, and Connected Community. Any student who graduated from MCS in 8th grade is eligible for a nomination.

Nominations can be made by any member of the MCS Community, including staff, parents, students, grandparents, and fellow Alumni.

Please submit your nomination to

When submitting the nomination, please include:
Alumni Name
3-5 Sentences about why you believe this person is deserving of the award
Alumni contact information (email, cell phone, address, and/or parents’ email/phone).
Any relevant links or websites that support your nomination – OPTIONAL (for example, a local news article featuring the Alumni)
Looking for a summer tutor? Our incredible MCS Teachers are available! Click the buttons below to learn more.

This is the perfect option for students to work at their own pace and avoid the “Summer Slide”. The concepts will be a review of what was taught during the 2020-2021 year. It will also include activities that will front load students for next year. 
4/3 Heather Harrison
4/7 Paulette Seaman
4/11 Morgan Knight
4/12 Lisa Bahadoor
4/13 Kathryn Seiber
4/16 Chris Carpenter
4/23 Abby Jones
4/26 Susan Conners
4/26 Garrett Shipley
Student teacher, Garrett Shipley, shared in chapel and reminded students that Jesus defeated death and sin and they have no hold over us. Mr. Shipley asked the students to reflect and share out loud what most impacted them during SEW.

Mrs. Celek and Mrs. Drevlow then took the microphone around the room and here are the incredible insights from our 3rd-5th graders:

“We were forgiven and someone else bore the burden so we could reap the benefits”

“The MPR (multi-purpose room) reflected what Jesus did and I most liked seeing the nails and the crown of thorns”

“He died for our sins and it doesn’t matter how big the sin is, he will forgive you”

“The paintings looked like Jesus was not happy but he did it for us so we could be happy and have no sin in our hearts”

“The cross that Jesus had to take, he had to carry his own cross to where he was crucified”

“The nails and pictures showed me how painful it was”
Mrs. Celek and Mrs. Drevlow peeled off the sins from the cross (the students had written their personal sins on post-its during spiritual emphasis week) and threw them away.

Click here to see a walkthrough of a quiet space that students were able to reflect on God's love for them.
This week’s middle school chapel was an opportunity to recognize students with the Lion Pride Award. This award acknowledges students who have been showing character specific to the award criteria in each grade level. 

- In 6th grade, the Lion Pride award is the Growing Disciple Award in recognition of students who show a desire to be a disciple of Jesus and to imitate Him through actions, words, and choices. 

- In 7th grade, the Beatitudes Award recognizes students who show character based on the Beatitudes that Jesus speaks about in Matthew ch. 5.

- The Leadership Award in 8th grade is given in recognition of students who have chosen, like Joshua, to honor God through their words and actions, showing behavior that is strong and courageous, bold in faith, and consistent in character.

Every student nominated for this award must be unanimously agreed upon by the entire middle school staff before receiving this award, thus making it a high honor to be selected.

Congratulations to our 3rd Quarter Lion Pride Recipients:
6th grade Lion Pride - Growing Disciple Award
Jan Bryant— Wendell Stratton
Bing Liu— Elle Enciso
Amy Green— Adalee Gibbs
Jené Stratton— Nadia Molina                   
7th grade Lion Pride – Beatitudes Character Award
Leilen Shelton—Matt Andrews
Lisa Collier— Astrid Hong
Cindy Phan— Grade Porco
Morgan Knight— Peyton Lehner
8th grade Lion Pride – Leadership Award
Tami Thurston— Avery Meade
Brian Jones— Josiah Cowell
Chris Carpenter— Alexia Tatoulian
Chris Spurgin— Emme Garsh
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Middle School's next Take Out Tuesday is on Tuesday, April 20th, and the restaurant is Chick-Fil-A!!!

The choices are ($8 per meal):
1. Original Chicken Sandwich (pickles on the side), chips, cookie, and a bottle of water. 
2. Grilled Chicken Wrap, chips, cookie, and a bottle of water.

Click HERE to order BEFORE this Saturday at 11:59 pm

**NOTE - Sign ups will close 11:59 pm Saturday, April 17th** 
If you have a middle school student with a big appetite you are welcome to buy them more than one meal.
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It is wonderful to find the world around us opening again, but with the increase in activity we are seeing a great uptick in children coming to the health office with tiredness and headaches. While allergies and dehydration contribute to some of the headaches, many seem to be associated with lack of sleep.
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends:

Children 3-5 years old: 10-13 hours
Children 6-12 years old: 9-12 hours
Teenagers 13-18 years old: 8-10 hours

Signs of lack of sleep in children include:
  • Mood Changes- Sleep deprivation may cause your child to be irritable and cranky. He or she may have a difficult time regulating mood and can get easily frustrated or upset.  

  • Behavior- Students who are sleep deprived have been shown to be more likely to have behavior problems in school, such as non-compliance, impulsivity and hyperactivity.

  • Cognitive ability- Poor quality and quantity of sleep may result in problems with attention, memory, decision making, reaction time and creativity. All of these are vital to be successful in school.
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