Please know our church and facilities remain closed due to the attempt at physical distancing to curb COVID-19.
Lenten Information
Ash Wednesday
February 17th at 7:30PM
In the back parking lot at the Chatham UMC
(and via Facebook Live)
People can stay in their cars and tune their car radio to 90.5FM to hear the brief music, prayers, and liturgy. There will be a fire pit burning in the church parking lot. At a certain time, people will be invited to come as they wish to put a piece of paper with a lament written on it, into the fire. For those who wish, the imposition of ashes will be offered by the pastor, who will dip a disposable Q-tip in prepared ashes to make the sign of the cross on a person’s forehead or hand. People can then return to their cars for the benediction. We will be practicing social distancing and have consulted with churches throughout the country regarding the best practices that provide meaningful and safe worship experiences. We want to spread the Good News, but not the virus. (The building, including restrooms will still be closed.)
Three Lenten Small Group Offerings: All Are Invited! 
Groups begin February 21st
During the contemplative and reflective season of Lent, we’re delighted to offer opportunities to grow in faith by being part of a virtual small group. Wherever you may be located, you’re welcome!  
Forgiveness: A Lenten Study
This group will meet Sundays at 11:15 am (2/21 – 3/28)
co-facilitated by Ron Yarger and Edit Ostrom
This small group will feature the book Forgiveness: a Lenten Study, by best-selling author Marjorie J. Thompson. “Using biblical examples and real-life situations, Thompson offers clarity, insight, and sensitivity. This book is a valuable resource for examining both our ability to forgive and our own need for forgiveness.” To join this group contact Ron Yarger at to receive the Zoom invitation. Books may be purchased at and
Words of Life: Jesus and the Promise of the Ten Commandments Today
This group will meet Mondays at noon (2/22 – 3/29), facilitated by Associate Pastor Sharon Yarger
This small group will feature the book- and video-based study Words of Life: Jesus and the Promise of the Ten Commandments Today by United Methodist pastor Rev. Adam Hamilton. He explores how “these ten ancient “words” were given to us by a loving God who longed to set safe boundaries, create order out of chaos, help communities live peacefully, and protect us—often from ourselves.” To join this group and receive the Zoom invitation, contact Pastor Sharon at Books (print, digital, and audio versions) may be purchased at or
Roll Down, Justice!
This group will meet Mondays at 7:30 pm on Zoom
(2/22 – 4/5) facilitated by Alyssa Keifer
You are invited to join Alyssa as we enter into this virtual brave space together and renew our commitment to being more Christ-Like, to care, to bring justice in God's world. This Lenten Biblical Reflection, Roll Down, Justice!, written by Faye Wilson and featuring the music and reflections of Mark A. Miller, poses the following questions to believers: What are you prepared to give in order to have a closer walk with God? What can you give in order to embrace anew the work of justice?
No formal knowledge required, but you may want to have a Bible close by! If you wish to receive the Zoom link to attend, sign-up here. If you have any questions, please email Alyssa We look forward to journeying with you!
This Week
Thursday, February 11th
To view last night's Prayers Live @5 on Facebook,
Please Click Here. You don't need to be on Facebook to watch.
Sunday, February 14th Weekly Online Worship Service

We invite you to our online worship service. Service is posted weekly on Facebook, YouTube, and our Website by Saturday mornings.
If you would like to help create our Sunday online worship,
Sunday Zoom “Virtual Coffee & Conversation”
Join Us at 10:00am by clicking below:

Meeting ID: 680 233 812 Password: 015665
Wednesday, February 17th
Prayers Live at Five on Facebook
All are invited to tune into a brief Facebook Live event each Wednesday at 5:00 pm. If you have prayer requests that you would like lifted up, you can type them into the comments section of the FB Live event or you can email them to Pastor Jeff at
Music News
CUMC Musicians will next meet on Thursday evening, February 18th, 7:30 pm on Zoom for a check-in and conversation. See you then!
Members of our Ukulele Orchestra will next meet online at 11:00 a.m. on the Saturdays of February 20th and 27th.

If you are a singer with a classical twist: vocalists are invited to join members of the Covenant Choir and Friends in creating a virtual choir video of Peter Lutkin’s The Lord Bless You and Keep You. This one-off project invites all singers whether you live inside New Jersey or outside!
If you are a singer or player with a pop twist: musicians of all kinds are invited to join in our virtual music video of The Beatles’ All You Need Is Love. Singers and players from saxophone, trombone, clarinet, flute (all band and orchestra instruments) to classroom instruments (kazoos, toy pianos, kids’ keyboards, shakers, and maracas!) are invited.
For online information for our all of our music projects and our Zoom information for meeting together contact Peter Hill at
Youth & Kids News
Sunday School always welcomes new friends to join our active groups. Zoom log-in info for the following online classes will be emailed at the end of each week. If you would like to be added to the distribution group or have questions about which class is right for your children, please email Karen at

PreK / Early Elementary - Sundays at 9:30am on Zoom. Last week we learned that The Good Shepherd loves each and every one of his sheep - us! This week we’ll talk more about love and learn what Jesus said when asked which of their 613 laws was the most important as we read the story of The Greatest Commandment. To preview our song of the week click here.
Submerge (4th-8th grade) - Sundays at 10:30am on Zoom. This week’s topic: East and West – Letting Go and Letting God. Sometimes we allow our past wrongs affect our present even though God has forgiven us. Using some scriptures from both the Old and New Testaments, we’ll explore how to trust God and move forward in the light of this forgiveness. Have a rock and, if possible, a Sharpie marker. 
High School Discussion - Sundays at 11:45am on Zoom. This week' s theme: Love Me Do. When it comes to loving Jesus, what we do communicates more than what we say. We’ll explore not only what it means to love Jesus by what we do, but also how what we do can creatively and intentionally communicate love to others.
RISE friends – mark your calendar – Tuesday, Feb. 16 at 6:00pm. Though we won’t be able to serve up pancakes in Rodda Hall on Shrove Tuesday due to COVID restrictions, some of us thought we could meet on Zoom that night for a virtual pancake supper – BYOP (bring your own pancakes!) Watch email for zoom link.
United in Prayer
You are invited to participate in some contemplative practices and prayer by clicking on the link to our Chatham UMC Facebook page:
For those who want to join hundreds of others who have been praying for the following people and situations, keep reading, and thank you.

Intercessory Prayers emailed or shared with us this week:
A Time of Silence together...
Prayers lifted on February 10, 2021
  • For Roslyn S having major surgery on Thursday. 
  • For our country, that we find a way forward based on truth, justice, civility and a renewed desire to care for the Common Good of all people and all of creation.
  • For those dealing with undiagnosed health concerns.
  • For those being interviewed by the Board of Ordained Ministry, and for the Board members as they discern your guiding hand O God.
  • The Unruh family just lost both Alan (Father/Grandfather) and his son, Dan to Covid-19 in the course of one week. Dan is the father of two children, 11 and 9 years old
  • Danielle D. who has covid
  • For Carol Payne Brinkley who entered Life Eternal this week after a brief time in hospice care. Bless her family and her church family in the United Methodist Church of Williamsburg, VA.
  • Eric Philp, having ankle and foot surgery on Wednesday, and for his wife Michelle as she cares for him
  • Blessings upon Alyssa and Jesse who were engaged last week. 
  • Jennifer, gratitude for less pain, continue to bless her family and household
  • For Steven as he goes through withdrawal
  • For Hilary’s household and family
  • For Suzanne’s son Joseph for help with relationships and in dealing with his own depression
  • For Jana on hospice and Tom and Jac as they care for her
  • For Heather and Dylan and the baby within, dealing with a high risk pregnancy
  • Continued comfort for Jerry Cunningham’s family and friends as they miss him, grieve his death, and give thanks for his life.
  • For all college students and their friends, studying online
  • For Ajay, Drew University student from Nepal who has been missing for 3 weeks, and for all who were on the zoom vigil service last week.
  • For Seniors in high school
  • For teachers and administrators
  • For parents of young children trying to make it all work.
  • Gratitude for the stillness and beauty brought by the snow. Bless the thousands who work with the road crews, first responders, police departments, municipalities, news agencies and neighbors who help us get through the days and nights of snow.
  • For those at every level working to get people vaccinated and in health services.
  • For every reminder, story and witness to the sacred worth and inherent dignity of African Americans as our nation recognizes Black History Month.
  • For Elise and her family as they care for one another
  • For those struggling with what their loneliness brings up during this covid landscape.
If you have people and situations that you would like lifted up in prayer, please email them to: and indicate whether you want the prayers to be confidential, or shared with the greater Chatham UMC community.
Community Happenings
Chatham Emergency Squad Blood Drive
@ Ogden Memorial Presbyterian Church
Saturday, March 6th 8:30am - 2:30pm
286 Main Street
Chatham, NJ
Appointments Recommended Click link below:
Sponsor Code: 61961
To see flier CLICK HERE
CMP Valentines Day Donut Kit!
If you ordered a donut kit from CMP for your Valentine, make sure you pick it up tomorrow (February 12th) between noon and 2:00. Thank you to all who ordered and supported this fundraiser!
CUMC Outreach
Volunteers are always needed
Hi CUMC! My annual SouperBowl of Caring Food Drive, which directly benefits the CUMAC ECHO Food Bank in Patterson NJ, is taking place through March 28th (Palm Sunday). Please consider dropping off beans, rice, canned soup, pasta & sauce, and personal care items at either at my house or email me ( to make pickup arrangements. In recent years, we have been able to help hundreds of families in need, and I am hoping that we can continue this worthy cause, despite the uncertainties of the pandemic. Thank you in advance for your donations and continuous support! ~Kate Ziegler
I am pleased to give an update of over 375 pounds of food collected to date!
CUMC Community Food Pantry 
The community support and need of our 24/7 pantry has grown. For updates on our current needs you may visit our dedicated Facebook page and Website. These sites are updated weekly with accurate information on what our current needs are and how to best support our efforts before you shop. Thank you all for your continued care of one another and making our Pantry a community staple.
Help keep our food distribution sustained:

We Need Your Help! New Dates Added!
We’re reaching out to all church members for pre-recorded Gospel readings. New dates have been added through mid March! (Please remember to film Sunday’s Gospel message by the previous Tuesday!)
Click Here to Sign Up for Your Slot Please note that dates are listed as Tuesdays on our Sign Up Genius because recordings are due on Tuesday.
If you have any questions, please contact Barbara Babbitt at or Jeff Markay at
Bread Ministry: If you would like to be involved in our Bread Ministry, please contact Edit Ostrom at: or
Communities of Care do you wish to receive a call, a text or an email from someone at the Chatham UMC community? Please email the church office by clicking here.
We offer links to resources you may need to help you or your loved ones through this "storm" of Covid-19. Because CUMC has always been a loving community of dedicated ministry, we know you are also seeking ways to give back to those in need.
All submissions for next week's CUMC Weekly E-news are due by Tuesdays, 2:00 PM. Submissions may be emailed to Eileen Ruggiero.
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