Please know our church and facilities remain closed due to the attempt at physical distancing to curb COVID-19.
We Remember
Jerry Cunningham, longtime member of our congregation, entered Life Eternal this week at the age of 88.

A service celebrating Jerry's life will be scheduled the Spring or Summer. His ashes will be buried in the Chatham UMC Memorial Garden at that time.
Cards of love and support can be sent to his wife Isabelle, and their sons David, John, Andrew, and Will:
Isabelle Cunningham
44 Wexford Drive
Mendham, NJ 07945-2008
Long time member of the Chatham UMC, Erwin Martin, entered Life Eternal on Sunday, January 17, 2021; he was surrounded by love and his family.

There will be a service for Erv in the Chatham UMC Memorial Garden in the Spring or Summer. Notes of love and support can be sent to Erv's son at:
Robert Martin
41 Burnet Street
Livingston NJ 07039
Hello Friends,
At our most recent meeting of the Staff Parish Relations Committee, we thought it would be helpful for the congregation to know who we are. We couldn’t all be there that night, but we wanted to say hello!
Chair: Glen Walker 
Class of 2021
Jan Dvorkin
Matthew Beland
Christiana Aromolaran
Class of 2022
Lee Ann Catlin
Glen Walker
Grace Fend*
Class of 2023
Linda Connors*
Dave Meyer*
Edie Myers-Arnold*

Ex-Officio: Council Chair Steve Davis, Vice Chair, Co Lay Leaders Hal Burlingame and Chris Fillimon, & Lay Member of Conference Barbara Babbitt.
We Have a Need for the Wednesday Food Distribution!
We are in search of a large supply of shopping bags preferably with handles (paper, plastic, fabric, or reusable) which would be used to fill and distribute donations to individuals/families in the distribution car line. Please Reply Here if you have a connection or a lead for us to follow. Thank you!
The annual SouperBowl of Caring Food Drive, which directly benefits the CUMAC Food Bank in Patterson NJ. is on going until March 28th (Palm Sunday). 
UPDATE: 364 Pounds of Food Delivered
Please drop off canned goods, non-perishable food items, or monetary donations at 119 Lafayette Avenue Chatham NJ 07928 or email Kate Ziegler at to arrange pick up. Thank you in advance for your donations and continuous support!
This Week
Thursday, January 21st
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Sunday, January 24th Weekly Online Worship Service

We invite you to our online worship service. Service is posted weekly on Facebook, YouTube, and our Website by Saturday mornings.
If you would like to help create our Sunday online worship,
Sunday Zoom “Virtual Coffee & Conversation”
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Meeting ID: 680 233 812 Password: 015665
Wednesday, January 27th
Prayers Live at Five on Facebook
All are invited to tune into a brief Facebook Live event each Wednesday at 5:00 pm. If you have prayer requests that you would like lifted up, you can type them into the comments section of the FB Live event or you can email them to Pastor Jeff at
Music News
Members of our Ukulele Orchestra will next meet online on Saturday, January 23rd and Saturday, January 30th at 11:00 a.m. For music and Zoom info contact Peter Hill at

Whether you are presently part of our music groups: Youth Musicians, Praise Band, Covenant Choir, Wesley Ringers, Wind Ensemble, or Ukulele Orchestra, all are welcome to join with their voice or instrument to make music online and share it with our friends and congregation. For more information contact, Peter Hill, music director at
Youth & Kids News
Sunday School always welcomes new friends to join our active groups. Zoom log-in info for the following online classes will be emailed at the end of each week. If you would like to be added to the distribution group or have questions about which class is right for your children, please email Karen at

PreK / Early Elementary - Sundays at 9:30am on Zoom. Last week we learned what a parable is and read one that taught us who our neighbors are. This week our topic is Grace, a small word with a huge significance for Christian faith. We’ll read another parable - The Prodigal Son which brings this concept to life. We all mess up from time to time and may even wonder if we are still loved. Tho our actions have consequences, Jesus’ point in this parable, of course, is that God’s love is more powerful than any of our bad decisions and God’s grace will always welcome us home. 

Submerge (4th-8th grade) - Sundays at 10:30am on Zoom. This week’s topic: Believing Jesus Can Heal. The Bible is like a jigsaw puzzle. Piece by piece, we can put together the stories of Jesus’ miracles to see the big picture that he is the Son of God. This week’s story of the healing of an official’s son is the second sign and another piece that helps us see the big picture.

High School Discussion - Sundays at 11:45am on Zoom. We’ll continue with A?K – Because Your Questions Matter and the unit on “MORALITY – What’s Right and What’s Wrong?.” This week’s session “War.” The fact that Christianity both acknowledges the existence of evil and offers a solution is remarkable. As Christians, we lay claim to a greater hope that helps offer a unique perspective on the world’s pain and problems. God has not stood aloof from pain but entered our world and even suffered through the cross. Through Christ’s work on the cross, we are offered reconciliation with God, the prospect of transformation, and healing between neighbors. The resurrection of Jesus from the last enemy—death—grounds our hope that God is making all things new. This week’s Key Verse: Revelation 21:3b-5a
United in Prayer
You are invited to participate in some contemplative practices and prayer by clicking on the link to our Chatham UMC Facebook page:
For those who want to join hundreds of others who have been praying for the following people and situations, keep reading, and thank you.

Intercessory Prayers emailed or shared with us this week:
A Time of Silence together...
Prayers lifted on January 21, 2021
  • Rev. Robert E. Williams who entered Life Eternal today at age 97. Bless his granddaughter Katie Hill, and this entire family, as they grieve his death, and celebrate his life, that in Christ has no end.
  • Erv Martin who entered Life Eternal on Sunday, January 17. Bless his family and friends as they remember him, and give thanks for his life, that in Christ has no end. 
  • For the Cunningham Family and the Chatham UMC family as we remember Jerry Cunningham who entered Life Eternal last week.
  • For Glen Bullock who entered Life Eternal a few weeks ago, and for the RISE Community in upstate NY, and his entire family as they remember him and give thanks for his life, that in Christ has no end.
  • For the over 400,000 people who have died because of the Coronavirus. Bless their families and friends who grieve them, and help us as a nation to care for them and all who are living with the coronavirus. Bless those in decision making power as they organize the distribution and vaccination of as many people as possible, not only in the US, but throughout the world.
  • For Gary in need of your healing touch.
  • For Jennifer, in need of your healing touch.
  • For those looking for meaningful work.
  • For those who are living with food insecurity.
  • For a friend who is suicidal, and those who are helping him.
  • For Becky M’s family as they grieve the death of her sister in law Sheri.
  • For immigrant families and new Americans who are separated from one another, their children, their parents, their loved ones.
  • For the new president and his administration that our country might work together for the common good of all people and all of creation.
  • For Elise and her healing. Bless her family as they care for one another.
  • For Jodene, Rob and Tom’s Mother in Minnesota, in need of healing and comfort.
  • For pastors, grant them wisdom, courage, and moments of rest as they care for the needs of their congregations and communities.
  • For Tom L. we praise God for healing in his life.
  • For Jana, on hospice care, for Tom and Jac as they care for her, and for Annie and this entire family as they care for and pray for one another.
  • For Jennifer who is having a procedure in the hospital on Thursday
  • For our nation, that we might have difficult conversations that need to happen at a national and interpersonal level, Come Holy Spirit and guide us in your truth.
  • For Dona’s grandson Paul who is in the national guard
  • For Lois’ grandson Benjamin, living with cancer
  •  For our nation and all of its leaders as we seek to serve the Common Good of all people and all of creation.
If you have people and situations that you would like lifted up in prayer, please email them to: and indicate whether you want the prayers to be confidential, or shared with the greater Chatham UMC community.
Important Community News
Navigating Hope, Hope One Chatham Visit!
January 25, 2021
9:00 am – 2:00 pm
1 Fire House Plaza
Morris County’s mobile social-services-center-on-wheels, Navigating Hope and Hope One, will be in Chatham on January 25th at 1 Fire House Plaza. Navigating Hope will offer on-site benefits eligibility screenings and application assistance, as well as linkage to other community services.
CUMC Outreach
Volunteers are always needed
CUMC Community Food Pantry 
The community support and need of our 24/7 pantry has grown. The pantry now has its own dedicated page on our website and now has its own Facebook page. These sites will be updated with accurate information on what our current needs are and how to best support our efforts before you shop. Thank you all for your continued care of one another and making our Pantry a community staple. Click Here to View Webpage

Help keep our food distribution sustained:

We Need Your Help! New Dates Added!
We’re reaching out to all church members for pre-recorded Gospel readings. New dates have been added through mid March! (Please remember to film Sunday’s Gospel message by the previous Tuesday!)
Click Here to Sign Up for Your Slot Please note that dates are listed as Tuesdays on our Sign Up Genius because recordings are due on Tuesday.
If you have any questions, please contact Barbara Babbitt at or Jeff Markay at
Bread Ministry: If you would like to be involved in our Bread Ministry, please contact Edit Ostrom at: or
Communities of Care do you wish to receive a call, a text or an email from someone at the Chatham UMC community? Please email the church office by clicking here.
We offer links to resources you may need to help you or your loved ones through this "storm" of Covid-19. Because CUMC has always been a loving community of dedicated ministry, we know you are also seeking ways to give back to those in need.
All submissions for next week's CUMC Weekly E-news are due by Tuesdays, 2:00 PM. Submissions may be emailed to Eileen Ruggiero.
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