Please know our church and facilities remain closed due to the attempt at physical distancing to curb COVID-19.
And having been warned in a dream not to return to Herod, they left for their own country by another road. Matthew 2:12
Last night, Pastor Jeff shared on Facebook some scripture, reflections and resources as our nation faced the crisis that unfolded in the Capitol. To view this video, Please Click Here
Cards of Cheer and Encouragement!
If you would like to send a card of cheer and encouragement to Jackie Underhill (wife of Donald Underhill) as she continues to heal from her recent surgery, please mail them to the Church Office.
Chatham United Methodist Church
c/o Mr. Donald Underhill
460 Main Street Chatham, NJ 07928
The January/February edition of The Upper Room is still available to pick up at the rear entrance! Grab your copy today!
In Our Mailbox...

Over the holidays, we received a lovely letter of thanks regarding our support of CUMAC.

Happy 2021 CUMC! Since it is a New Year it is time for the annual SouperBowl of Caring Food Drive, which directly benefits the CUMAC Food Bank in Patterson NJ. I will be holding the collection from Epiphany through March 28th (Palm Sunday). 

Please consider dropping canned goods, non-perishable food items, or monetary donations at either at my house (119 Lafayette Avenue Chatham NJ 07928) or email me ( and I will pick them up from your home. In recent years, we have been able to help hundreds of families in need, and I am hoping that we can continue this worthy cause, despite the uncertainties of the pandemic. Thank you in advance for your donations and continuous support! ~Kate Ziegler
This Week
Thursday, January 7th
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Sunday, January 10th Weekly Online Worship Service

We invite you to our online worship service. Service is posted weekly on Facebook, YouTube, and our Website by Saturday mornings.
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Wednesday, January 13th
Prayers Live at Five on Facebook
All are invited to tune into a brief Facebook Live event each Wednesday at 5:00 pm. If you have prayer requests that you would like lifted up, you can type them into the comments section of the FB Live event or you can email them to Pastor Jeff at
Music News
Thank You to all of our musicians who participated online through the Fall of 2020, including those who participated over Advent and Christmas. Our music projects begin again this month for the rest the Winter and Spring of 2021! We continue to do our music in our own living rooms, bedrooms, practice rooms, conservatories, and even our kitchens: wherever music can safely be made!
Whether you are presently part of our music groups: Youth Musicians, Praise Band, Covenant Choir, Wesley Ringers, Wind Ensemble, or Ukulele Orchestra, all are welcome to join with their voice or instrument to make music online and share it with our friends and congregation. For more information contact, Peter Hill, music director at
Youth & Kids News
Sunday School always welcomes new friends to join our active groups. Zoom log-in info for the following online classes will be emailed at the end of each week. If you would like to be added to the distribution group or have questions about which class is right for your children, please email Karen at

PreK / Early Elementary - Sundays at 9:30am on Zoom. Last week we talked about Epiphany and had some very good questions from the kids about what was happening in the story and making interesting connections to later events in Jesus’ life. This week our topic is Tradition. Churches and families all have traditions that guide us, unify us, and connect us to those who have gone before. Our story “Boy Jesus in the Temple” is a story from one of Jesus’ traditions.

Submerge (4th-8th grade) - Sundays at 10:30am on Zoom. This week we’ll spend some time working on our Bible skills. In addition to learning how to use an online searchable Bible resource, we’ll practice looking things up old school so have a Bible handy.  

High School Discussion - Sundays at 11:45am on Zoom. We’ll return to A?K – Because Your Questions Matter and begin the unit on “MORALITY – What’s Right and What’s Wrong?.” This week’s session “Whose Morality is it Anyway?” will include discussion of how examples of right behavior and wrong behavior point human beings towards an objective standard of morality and a moral Lawgiver. This week’s Key Verse: Micah 6:8
United in Prayer
You are invited to participate in some contemplative practices and prayer by clicking on the link to our Chatham UMC Facebook page:
Prayers lifted last night, January 6, 2021, can be found below.
Prayers lifted on December 30, 2020 are also listed.
For those who want to join hundreds of others who have been praying for the following people and situations, keep reading, and thank you.

Intercessory Prayers emailed or shared with us this week:
A Time of Silence together...
Prayers lifted on January 6, 2021
  • For Jackie as she recovers from surgery, and for Donald as he cares for her.
  • For the family of Glen Bullock from Jasper, NY (always a friendly face behind the counter at Bullock’s Hardware). Glen died recently. He as a good friend and supporter of our RISE Ministry of making homes safer, warmer, drier. Bless his wife Irene and their family and community as they grieve his death and give thanks for his life, that in Christ has no end.
  • For your healing touch for someone who fell recently and is hurting.
  •  For Sherri Blodgett who passed away this week. (Becky Meyer's Brother John's wife in Michigan) Bless John and this entire family as they grieve Sherri’s death, and give thanks for her life.
  • For Jerry C who is back in the hospital, and for Isabel as she cares for him.
  • For Adrian and Corey who have Covid,
  • For Dona, for healing and relief from pain
  • For those getting the vaccine, those waiting for the vaccine, for those administering the vaccine and those working on the distribution.
  • We pray for the day when we can be face to face and embrace those we love.
  • We pray for the day when there is no more food insecurity.
  • For Joann P’s continued recovery after surgery
  • For Carol L as she continues to grieve the death of her brother Ray
  • For the Kitson Family as they continue to grieve Mal’s death and give thanks for his life, that in Christ has no end.
  • For those dealing with food insecurity
  • For those living in isolation
  • For those living with addictions
  • For those living with depression
  • For Janice as she begins a new opportunity to teach full time at her university
  • For our nation, that we might go home by a way that includes civility, justice, reconciliation and a deep desire to care for the Common Good.
  •  For Brittany, for ongoing healing.
  • For Diane who is in hospice care, for ongoing healing and for her family.
  • For Jana who is in hospice care, bless Annie and this entire family as they care for one another.
  • For Anne’s first grade class in Paterson, who are struggling with online education, and bless all educators and students of every age level.
  • For our nation, and all who seek to build a just and democratic society,
  • O God, thwart and hinder the Herods of this world, and bless those who seek to serve the Common Good of all people.

Prayers lifted on December 30, 2020
  • For Janet Bass who entered Life Eternal last week. Bless her family, friends and community at Muskingam University as they grieve her death and give thanks for her life, that in you has no end.
  • For Fran and her family, especially Giuliana and her friend.
  • For all of our families as we are separated by the pandemic
  • We give thanks for Alison and her recovery from Covid
  • For Jeramie, in need of healing from Covid, Pneumonia and Leukemia
  • For those in the aftermath of the bombing in Nashville
  • For those in the aftermath of the shooting in Ohio and gun violence throughout the US
  • For Jennifer in need of continued healing and guidance
  • For Jerry as he recovers and for Isabelle as she cares for him
  • For Jacqui as she undergoes eyes surgery this week, and for Donald as he cares for her
  • Thanks for your healing touch in Joann P’s life.
  • Aisha, a new American who moved here recently from Afghanistan, recently diagnosed with cancer. We pray for her healing, her husband Mohamed and her little kids.
  • For those who came through the Chatham Community Food Distribution line today, who are looking for work, who are worried about sick family members, who are worried about food insecurity,
  • For those of good will and generosity who give in various ways to those in need.
  • For the people of Croatia after the earthquake yesterday,
  • For Katie’s grandfather, Rev. Bob Williams who is hospitalized with congestive heart failure. Bless him with your healing touch, and bless his family as they care for him from near and far.
  • For the Almgren Family as they grieve the death of Bob’s son.
  • For Jeff F, for your healing touch as he recovers from Covid.

If you have people and situations that you would like lifted up in prayer, please email them to: and indicate whether you want the prayers to be confidential, or shared with the greater Chatham UMC community.
CUMC Outreach
Volunteers are always needed
CUMC Community Food Pantry 
The community support and need of our 24/7 pantry has grown. The pantry now has its own dedicated page on our website and will soon have its own Facebook page. These sites will be updated with accurate information on what our current needs are and how to best support our efforts before you shop. Thank you all for your continued care of one another and making our Pantry a community staple. Click Here to View

Help keep our food distribution sustained:

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We offer links to resources you may need to help you or your loved ones through this "storm" of Covid-19. Because CUMC has always been a loving community of dedicated ministry, we know you are also seeking ways to give back to those in need.
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