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January 9, 2020

Weekly Calendar

Sunday, January 12
  9:15am Christian Education
Choir Rehearsal
10:30am Worship Service
  5:00pm Youth Group

Monday, January 13
 10:00am Book Club
  7:00pm Boy Scouts

Tuesday, January 14
10:00am Prayer Shawl Meeting at EarthFare
  7:00pm Jae-Mar-S Puppy Class
  8:00pm Jae-Mar-S Handling Class

Wednesday, January 15
  6:30pm Choir Rehearsal


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This Sunday:
The Rev. Amy Bradley

We welcome The Rev. Amy Bradley as our guest preacher this Sunday. Amy is the Associate Rector of our sister church, St. Augustine's as well as the chaplain for The Canterbury Club at Augusta University where she shares the Episcopal ministry.

Thank you to Gail Jarrell
A huge thank you to Gail Jarrell for making a table cover for our information desk in the foyer.  It's so beautiful!  Check it out this Sunday.


Pastor on Medical Leave/Update
Pastor Cynthia Taylor had successful knee replacement surgery on January 6 and will be out of the office for about 5 weeks. The Rev. Lou Scales (706-373-1250) will be assisting with the office and pastoral care as needed. The Rev. Amy Bradley officiates this Sunday followed by The Rev. Erwin Veal, The Rev. Dr. Donald Fishburne and The Rev. Joshua Varner.

Update from Cindy:  She wanted all of you to know that she "is doing okay and couldn't ask for better assistance than from Cheryl and Robert Spessert.  Cheryl is on top of everything and making sure that pain is under control.  Thank you all for the prayers.  They are felt."  

Adult Classes at 9:15 am

The Rector's Forum  continues a study of Art and Spirituality.   This Sunday, we will be focusing on the "Light of the World" painting,  it's symbolism and  St. Paul's Cathedral that is located in London.   Artist and teacher Jeanette James is the presenter.

The Parenting Class: Are My Kids on Track? The 12 Emotional, Social and Spiritual Milestones Your Child Needs to Reach.   This is a discussion on the book by the same name.

Youth Group
Sunday, January 12: Middle school meets from 5-6:00PM. Topic: Is God male? Fellowship and dinner for middle and high school from 6-6:30PM. High school meets from 6:30-7:30PM. Topic: Prayer changes things (part 2).

Sunday, January 19: Game night for both high school and middle school, 5-6PM. Fellowship and dinner from 6-6:30PM.

Children's Ministry
Sunday, January 12: The K-2 group are in the Bible Skills station, where the focus is on "Jesus taught us the Lord's Prayer". The children will play a parachute game and a hidden prayer puzzle to find the missing words from the Lord's Prayer. The 3rd -5th kids are in the Art Station learning about "God Always Hears Our Prayers" by making a prayer bracelet and collage of things for which they can pray.

Sunday, January 19: The K-2 children will visit the Media &Technology station with a focus on how the Lord's Prayer brings us closer to God and learn the Lord's Prayer in American Sign Language. The 3-5 children will visit the Creative Drama station to learn that God understands our prayers and play a game of charades using the Lord's Prayer.

Daughters of the King
The Daughters of the King will meet this Sunday, January 12 after worship.

Holy Comforter Book Club
The Holy Comforter Book Club meets Monday, January 13th from 10am to noon to discuss the book, Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life by Richard Rohr.  See you then!

Cooper Cards Ministry

Cooper Cards Ministry is making a difference.  During the Christmas season, we sent Christmas Cards to every inmate in Leath Correctional Women's Facility in Greenwood, SC.  This was a project that was headed up by a group in South Carolina called "Hearts for Inmates".  You can find them on Facebook.  The daily post information about life on the inside both in SC and other states.  Check it out.  

But that is not where it stops. Holy Comforter has eight members in our ministry who are corresponding with inmates in 4 states on a regular basis.  This is one way to visit the prisoner and not actually go inside the walls.  We have 2 more inmates who have responded to our invitation to correspond but have not been matched with a letter writer.  We are looking for more members who would like to join us in this endeavor.  

If you are interested and want to write to an inmate, please contact Linda Bargeron (  We have guidelines for you to go by and cards you can use.  Join us in supporting these ladies and gentlemen who need to connect.  


Holy Comforter 20th Anniversary Prayer

by Carol Kane
Our loving and gracious God, we are grateful for Your being with us at our very first worship service  on Christmas Eve 1999, at the Savannah Rapid's Pavilion,  and are here with us today as we worship You in this beautiful parish hall and property  You have blessed us with.

As we celebrate our 20th Anniversary, we thank You, from the bottom of our hearts,  for Your gift of our precious Church of the Holy Comforter, which means so much to so many;  and for our beloved pastor, Cynthia Taylor, who founded this church on the foundation of Jesus.   We thank You for having Cindy say, "Here I am, Lord" to Your call to plant this church,  and for Your being at her side every step of the way.  Sustain her with Your Presence and Peace each day as she faithfully serves You and Your people.   Let her feel our love and appreciation as we support her in any way we can.

Protect and strengthen our loving church family who lives up to its name, Holy Comforter.   This family is cherished beyond words.   Keep us passionate to Love God, Love Others, Serve God, Serve Others.  Bless our staff, vestry and the many devoted ministries here.  Ensure that all members of these ministries know they are valued for whatever they do.

Let every person who comes through our doors know they are welcome, loved and at home.  Send Your Holy Spirit so that we may grow in wisdom, grace, hope and love to do Your will.  Enable us to financially support our church to remain vibrant and prosper  while serving in our community to make a difference.  Let Jesus be seen in our everyday words and actions so others will know You  and want to follow You.

May our legacy be that of a loving church centered on the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit.  Bless Holy Comforter for many generations to come to be faithful to You.  Let our successors continue to care for and cherish this church and its ministries  and experience the joy and comfort we have had while focusing on Jesus.  Keep us all close to You.  Thank you for Your assurance of our Salvation and Your promise to be with us always!

We pray this, in our Savior's Name.  Amen.


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Persons remain on the list for two weeks; those with chronic needs continue to be prayed for by our Prayer Chain. You may add prayer requests at the lectern by the toy box. 

For those in need of healing: Cindy Taylor, Gloria Woods, Judy Smith, Harriet Graham, Kelly Shay, Jimmy Meders, and Sarah
For those celebrating birthdays: Abby Brooks, Michele Rumbaugh, Teresa Kezer, Tab Carter, Ellie Connolly, and Gordon Prettelt
Thanksgiving for our partnership with Martinez Elementary School and The Claiborne at West Lake.
For the safety of Mariel Morgan and all those who serve abroad.

For those who are homebound: John Howell, Corky Angleman, Marjorie Sinclair, Donna Garvey, Bobby and Lorraine Banks, and Joan Jackson 

For all who have died for the Christian Faith and for those who have persecuted them.  And for all the faithful departed.


Preacher/Celebrant The Rev. Amy Bradley
Lay Eucharistic Ministers
Jenny Frey, Carole Nelson, Pam Vanscoy
Reader Stew Kremer
Maddie Grigg, Ashlee Bourque, Grayson Randolph
Altar Guild
Linda Bargeron and Linda Hoogland
Altar Bread Sara Liebel
Pre-Service Greeter Michele Lundy
Ushers Tab Carter and Nathan Suggs
Prayer Team Jamee Raborn and Linda Bargeron
Welcome Team Linda Hoogland
Vestry Person of the Day Fred Hoogland