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July 11, 2019

Weekly Calendar

Sunday, July 14
10:30am Worship Service

Monday, July 15
 7:00pm Boy Scouts

Tuesday, July 16
10:00am Prayer Shawl Meeting at Earth Fare
 7:00pm Jae Mars Puppy Class
 8:00pm Jae Mars Handling Class

Wednesday, July 17
10:30am Dig Deeper Bible Study


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This Sunday:
Guest Preacher and Musician
The Rev. Erwin Veale will be the guest preacher and celebrant Sunday, July 14 while the rector is on the pilgrimage.  We also welcome Mr. William Smith as our guest musician.  

While the pastor is away, The Rev. Larry Jesion is available for pastoral emergencies. Contact him at 239-272-0569.

Next Sunday:
Hear the stories of our pilgrims
Members of the youth pilgrimage will be sharing their faith stories from Lindisfarne, Durham and Edinburgh as part of the pastor's sermon on Sunday July 21. Join us for the 10:30am worship service.


Youth Pilgrimage 2019

Our pilgrims return this Tuesday, July 16. You can follow their adventures on Facebook at Church of the Holy Comforter Youth Pilgrimage 2019.

Keep the following in your prayers: Ashlee Bourque, Meghan Bourque, Natalie Belair, Abby Brooks, Brittney Kezer, Ellie Connolly, Nathan Suggs, Myles Green, Brad Green, Tab Carter, Beth Connolly, Liz Hahn, Darlene Bourque, Youth pastor, and Cynthia Taylor, Rector.   And thank you for your outstanding support of this venture.

Here are some pictures from their adventure:

Adult Choir Rehearsals Start Back Up

If you would like to be part of our Adult Choir, join us  Wednesday, July 31 at 6:30 pm. We are always looking to expand our choir. Questions? Contact Music Director Dr. Brad Green at 

And look for details coming soon about a Children's Choir.  

What already? Yup, school starts exactly one month from now. We'll have our annual Blessing of the Backpacks Sunday, August 4 at 10:30 am. This is for all who are involved in education-students, teachers, administrators. We will be collecting school supplies. Please bring donations of paper, pencils, composition books, backpacks, folders, etc.  

Book Club Meeting

Announcing a new book club! The book for our summer read is White China: Finding the Divine in the Everyday by Molly Wolf, available through Amazon. On Monday, August 12 at 10am, we meet at the church to discuss the book. Starting in September we will meet at the church every other month on the 2nd Monday at 10am. 

Questions?  Contact Mary Kelly at or 206-859-8418.  
Your Gifts and Pledges Make a Difference
For several years we have been setting aside money each month for Lakeside Middle School to be of assistance to at risk students as they make their way (hopefully) through the school system. We became aware recently of changes to the school schedule which places a heavier emphasis on computer use but most of our kids don't have laptops. So we were able to take $3000 out of that Restricted Fund to buy computers. Your gifts go to more than just operating expenses and our mortgage. They make a difference to people you may never meet but who benefit from your pledge. Thank you to Jeanette and Bill James for bringing this to our attention and getting the computers.
Keep up with your pledges, even while out of town, by going to our web site ( and using Pay Pal; at church you can always use the Square Reader in the foyer. And yes, we still take checks and cash.

Digitally Keeping Up with Holy Comforter
It's easy to keep up with us.  Our Facebook page contains events, downloads of sermons and notes of encouragement.   Or go to and dig deeper into what's happening, check out the calendar and make a financial contribution.

Altar Flowers
Consider a gift of Altar Flowers for our worship service.  You may give the flowers in thanksgiving of a special occasion, to honor someone or in remembrance of a loved one. Contact the church office for flower guidelines. 

Access Your Church Account On-Line
You can now access your church account information on-line.  The link below will take you to our Church Sign-in.  All first time users will need to follow the prompt that says, "Need a Login? Click here."  You will be sent an email to create a password for your account.  

If you need help, contact the church office at 706-210-1133. We are happy to help.

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Once you have set up your account (above), you may wish to download the "ACS Church Life" app.  This will give you access to our church directory on your phone.  Visit the App Store or Google Play.


Get Ready for Christian Education for All Ages
Christian Education begins Sunday August 11 at 9:15 am  All classes meet on the Lower Level.
Nursery: A nursery for infants through age 5 is always offered.
Here's a sneak peek at what's coming.
Children's Ministry: A loving, safe and fun place to learn about Jesus. And we have some surprises for you! Details soon.
Youth:   A loving place to learn about deepening faith and navigating the difficult waters of growing up with God as their guide.  More details to come!!
Rector's Forum: Celtic Spirituality followed by  Adam Hamilton's Creed: What Christian's Believe and Why. Do you have questions about foundational Christian truths such as the purpose of life? Believing that powerful answers are embedded in the Apostles' Creed, Hamilton examines it to explore  what Christians believe and  why  it matters.
Parenting and Young Adults Forum: Present over Perfect. New York Times bestselling author Shauna Niequist invites you on a journey that changed her life. She will walk a path with you, a path away from frantic pushing and proving, and toward your essential self, the one you were created to be before you began proving and earning of your worth.


Coming Soon:  Fall Festival

Would you like to climb aboard my beautiful balloon? You can at our Fall Festival on Saturday October 26 when we will offer tethered balloon rides. It's just one of the many attractions we will be offering. Save the date now and keep thinking fall, as we make our way through the hot days of summer.


You can make a gift to Holy Comforter in a variety of ways:
    •  Use the Square Reader in the foyer for debit/credit  cards
    •  Go to our website, click giving and use Pay Pal
    •  Make checks out to Holy Comforter and/or give cash  and  put it in  the offertory  plate on Sunday.
    •  Remember Holy Comforter in your will.
    •  For those with an IRA account, consider using your   Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) as a way to give.
    •  All gifts are tax deductible

May Financials

Actual Revenue as of May 31, 2019
Actual Expenses as of May 31, 2019
Surplus/Deficit as of May 31, 2019


Persons remain on the list for two weeks; those with chronic needs continue to be prayed for by our Prayer Chain. You may add prayer requests at the lectern by the toy box. 

For those in need of healing: Kristen Davis, Lindsley Armstrong Smith, the family of Brantley Griffin, and Sidney and Richard Morgan
For those celebrating birthdays:  Sara Liebel, Charlie Bellmann, Grady Riser, Judy Mellinger, and Jennifer McDaniel
For those celebrating anniversaries: Reed and Mallory Halterman, Bill and Jerri Coleman, Corky and Kitty Angleman
Thanksgiving for our partnership with Lakeside Middle School and for the birthday of our country.
Thanksgiving for our pilgrims: Ashlee Bourque, Meghan Bourque, Natalie Belair, Abby Brooks, Brittney Kezer, Ellie Connolly, Nathan Suggs, Myles Green, Brad Green, Tab Carter, Beth Connolly, Liz Hahn, Darlene Bourque, Youth pastor, and Cynthia Taylor, Rector.
For the safety of all those who serve abroad, including Mariel Morgan and Alexander Abate.
For those who are homebound: Corky Angleman, Marjorie Sinclair, Donna Garvey, Bobby and Lorraine Banks, and Joan Jackson

For the departed:  Sandy Belair, mother of Trevor Belair; and Brantley Griffin
For all who have died for the Christian Faith and for those who have persecuted them.  And for all the faithful departed.


Preacher/Celebrant The Rev. Erwin Veale
Lay Eucharistic Ministers
Linda Bargeron, Amy Sheppard, and 
Janet Byrd
Reader Linda Bargeron
Maddie Grigg and Alexander Saunders
Altar Guild
Janet Byrd and Karen Sheppard
Altar Bread Teresa Pinheiro
Ushers Fred and Linda Hoogland
Pre-Service Greeters Julie Blake and Sue Lesshafft
Prayer Team Dory Reuter and Pam Coffey
Welcome Team Linda Hoogland
Vestry Person of the Day Dave Blake