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City Calendar

1/16 Martin Luther King Jr. Day

1/18 Board of Aldermen Meeting

2/1 Municipal Court

2/9 Board of Adjustments-5:30pm (As Needed)

2/9 Old Town Historic Commission-6pm (As Needed)

2/9 Planning & Zoning & Applicable Public Hearings-7pm (As Needed)

2/15 Board of Aldermen Meeting

2/20 Presidents Day

Cottleville Events:


New Businesses

Now Open!

7 Brew House

5991 Mid Rivers Mall Drive

7 Brew

Dominate Today

4750 Mid Rivers Mall Drive


J + B Wellness Cafe

5055 Hwy N, Ste. 109

Bloom Fitness

(Under New Ownership)

5505 Highway N

Bloom Fitness

Urban Air

(Under New Ownership)

5993 Mid Rivers Mall Dr.

Urban Air

Gabi's Liquor

(Under New Ownership)

3951 Midrivers Mall Dr.

Gabi's Liquor

Freedom Fitness

(Under New Ownership)

5991 Midrivers Mall Dr.

Freedom Fitness

Kelly Manno Show

5377 Highway N, Suite 207

Money Concepts

5377 Highway N, Suite 203

Guaranteed Rate Affinity

4502 Midrivers Mall Dr.

Falcon Construction

5377 Highway N, Suite 101

Falcon Construction

Customized Energy Solutions

5377 State Highway N, Suite 102

Customized Energy Solutions

French Deck Entertainment

5381 Highway N,Suite 202

Vetta Woods

(Formerly Glavin Soccer) 

Under New Ownership

2 woodlands Parkway

Vetta Sports

Reliable Auto Protect

5055 Highway N

Suite 206

New Leaf Lawn and Landscape

5377 Highway N, Suite 202

New Leaf

Palladium Point

5330 Highway N



Shamrock Storage

Construction Has Begun!

5402 Hwy N

The Oak Street Inn

5521 Oak Street

Oak Street Renovation

Thrive Medical Marijuana Dispensary

(Former White Castle)

4800 Mid Rivers Mall Dr.

Bauerhaus Properties

Bauer Orthodontics-New location

141 Cottleville Pkwy

O2B Kids Daycare

1481 Cottleville Pkwy

Safesplash Swim School

1471 Cottleville Pkwy

Hi-Pointe Burger

Construction Has Begun!

6015 Mid Rivers Mall Drive

QDoba Mexican Grill

Construction Has Begun!

6005 Mid Rivers Mall Drive

Pizza Ranch

4132 Mid Rivers Mall Drive

Pizza Ranch

STL Kolache

STL Kolache

Liliana's Italian Kitchen

lilianas Italian Kitchen

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Your Elected Officials: 


Bob Ronkoski


Ward 1 Aldermen:

John Stiles

Michael Guccione

Ward 2 Aldermen:

Stephen Thompson

Mike Krekeler

City Staff:

City Administrator/Zoning/

Economic Development:

Rich Francis 

City Clerk/Treasurer:

Amy Lewis 

Deputy City Clerk/Waste Hauling:

Lindsay Jones

Assistant City Engineer/Public Works:

Leland Maize

Building Inspector/Code Enforcement:

John Evans

Front Desk/Inspection Scheduling:

Hannah Glisson

Parks Maintenance:

Mike Braun

Chief of Police:

Steve James

Court Administrator

Jeana Arbuckle

Prosecutor's Assistant:

Vicki Shope

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Mayor Ronkoski Recognized Antonio Garcia

Antonio was awarded for his quick action to call 911 for his grandmother,

who needed medical attention on November 16, 2022 after she was pulled down by their dog in the driveway injuring herself. 

Antonio jumped into action calling 911 and his mother for assistance to help his grandmother. 

Thank you Antonio for your quick reaction!

Cottleville Smiles is Relocating

within Cotteville!

Cottleville Smiles and Doctor Tanner Brown, who are currently located at 6065 Mid River Mall Drive, plan to relocate into a building of their own at 475 Miralago Way, former home to the Dinner Bell. Congratulations on your new adventure at your new location! Cottleville Smiles

Cottleville Plans to Celebrate

the 225th Anniversary

of its Founding Throughout 2023

Here is some information on Cottleville's Founding. Check out the link below for "I Love Cottleville" gear too!

In 1798 Capt. Warren Cottle Sr. (43 yoa), a veteran of the Revolutionary War, was the owner of a grist mill and general store in South Woodstock (formerly known as Cottletown), Vermont. Capt. Cottle was told many stories of a warmer, drier climate in the Spanish Country of Louisiana. Capt. Cottle signed over responsibility to pay and collect debts on his behalf to his business partner and brother, Jabez Cottle. Capt. Cottle and his son, Ira (18 yoa) began the long and dangerous journey to St. Louis. Upon their arrival to St. Louis they soon learned of a small settlement on the banks of the Missouri River and from St. Charles, Capt. Cottle and Ira would ride out into the wilderness in search of a future home-site. Impressed with the beauty of the countryside with large trees, game and birds, Capt. Cottle selected a site on top of a limestone bluff overlooking the Dardenne River (Crooked Creek) for his future settlement 225 years ago.

In 1798, he received land grants from the Spanish government totaling 640 arpents (541 acres). They returned to Vermont to sell his home, businesses and gather personal belongings. In 1799 Capt. Cottle led a party of approximately 100 family members and friends on the 1,200 mile trip to what would one day become Cottleville, Missouri. In 1800 Capt. Cottle wrote a letter back to his brother-in-law in South Woodstock, VT, and soon another group arrived in 1802. These early settlers constructed several small log cabins as temporary homes, many started businesses and added on to their cabins while others received their own land grants and founded other towns including Old Monroe and Troy. Many members of the Cottle party became leaders in the new territory including; militia leaders, postmaster, assessor, sheriffs. Nathaniel Simonds served as Sheriff of the St. Charles District and would later be elected Missouri’s Second State Treasurer, 1821 – 1829.

Capt. Warren Cottle was born in 1755 at West Tisbury, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts and died in March, 1811 at his home in (Cottleville), District of St. Charles, Territory of Louisiana (MO) at the approximate age of 56. Professor Eugene Cottle wrote “The fact that a significant number of people were willing to risk the many hazards of a journey into unknown, unsettled, and foreign country, under the supervision of this one man, attests to the qualities of leadership and responsibility which were apparent in the character of Captain Cottle.”

Lorenzo Cottle, son of Dr. Warren Cottle, Jr. and grandson of Capt. Warren Cottle, Sr. plated the town in 1839 and officially named it Cotteville after his father and grandfather. Cottleville was incorporated as a city in 1853.

-Sheriff Scott A. Lewis

Join us by ordering online and wearing a "Cottleville" shirt or hat celebrating this monumental anniversary!

Cottleville Merch

The online store will be open now through 2/22/23. Shirts and hats will be available for pick up at Cottleville City Hall with no shipping charge upon delivery on a TBD date most likely in March. A notice will be emailed when your order is ready for pick up. After hours pick up dates will be available.

Gutermuth Road Widening- Project Includes Multi Use Trail!

The City of Cottleville is pleased that the St. Charles County Road Board has dedicated funding to straighten and widen Gutermuth Road to Motherhead Road, including an 8 foot wide multi-use trail to be constructed on both sides of Gutermuth Road. Design and right-of-way acquisition initially delayed phase 3 of the project. However, numerous parcels have now settled and the final plans have been sent to MoDOT for review. It is possible for construction to begin in Spring of 2023.

For more information: Gutermuth Road-Phase 3

Majestic Dental Office locating on Cottleville Parkway

Majestic Dental, who is currently located in St. Peters, is relocating to Cottleville and is erecting a beautiful new building on Lot 5 of Harmony Ridge Commercial Park near Peoples Bank. Welcome to Cottleville!

Cottleville Retains the Trophy for the Comfort & Joy Food Drive..again!

For the seventh year in a row, Cottleville residents have stepped up and won the coveted Bi-City Food Drive! While we aren't surprised that we have the best residents, it sure is nice to claim the bragging rights for the traveling trophy 7 years in a row! Way to go Cottleville! Sts. Joachim & Ann and Five Acres Animal Shelter are really the big winners here with amazing donations and contributions. In addition to all these amazing donations, Cottleville residents also stepped up with $6,200.00 in cash donations. WOW!! Thank you again Cottleville Residents! 

2022 Holiday Light Contest Winners Announced!!

Large Lots:

1st place

5280 Hwy N-The Hampshire's

2nd place

54 Fox Hollow Dr. -The Keppel's

Small Lots:

1st place 224 Madison Park- The Tesdall's

2nd place

71 Scotsdale Court-Caudle's

Most Spirited Neighborhood:

Legacy at Patriots Ridge

Congratulations! Happy New Year! Hope you had a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Coming Soon: Reduced Speed Limit with New Signage Erected- Including the Old Town Historic Area of Cottleville along Highway N

The Board of Aldermen recently reduced the speed limit of various roads and streets within Cottleville. New signage has been ordered and will be erected soon. The changes include:

Lohmar Lane, from Weiss Road to 30 miles per hour

Cottleville Parkway, in both directions.

Motherhead Road, between Gutermuth 25 miles per hour

Road and Highway N, in both directions.

Motherhead Road, between Gutermuth 20 miles per hour

Road and Highway N on weekdays between

7:30 A.M. and 9:00 A.M. and between 2:30

P.M. and 4:00 P.M., in both directions. (School Zone)

All streets within the Old Town Historic 20 miles per hour

District, unless otherwise described herein.

Highway N – the portion of Highway N 25 miles per hour

between Weiss Road and the entrance of

Legacy Park, in both directions.

Highway N – the portion of Highway N 20 miles per hour

between the entrance of Legacy Park, and

the intersection of Highway N and

Motherhead Road, in both directions.

Weiss Road, north of the intersection of 25 miles per hour

Weiss Road and Cottleville Parkway, in both directions.

Ohmes Road, between Mid Rivers Mall 30 miles per hour

Drive and St. Peters-Cottleville Road.

Madison Park Drive 20 miles per hour

Madison Park Court 20 miles per hour

Lake Side View Lane 20 miles per hour

Scenic Pass Drive 20 miles per hour

Do you do business in the Cottleville and or Weldon Spring area? Join the Chamber! Membership rates are substantially lower than other area chambers and networking groups! Visit their office at 5342 Highway N, or call  (636) 336-2979   or visit their website

Cottleville Begins Uniformed Commemorative Tree and Bench Program

Cottleville now offers a way to commemorate loved ones through the gift of a tree or bench. Each gift is also an enduring way to support, beautify and enhance Cottleville Parks by participating in the Cottleville Tree and Bench Commemorative Program.

Parks and Recreation Commemorative Tree or Bench Program

Installation for two electric vehicle charging stations is now underway along Highway N in the old town Cottleville area

Installation for two electric vehicle charging stations is now underway along Highway N in the old town Cottleville area which was at the request of the Old Town Community Improvement District. The project is fully funded by AmerenUE and the Old Town Community Improvement District with NO costs to the City of Cottleville. The consumer will pay for their electric service at the EV station.

New Public Parking Construction Projects Continue

Construction continues, weather permitting, adding approximately 40 additional parking spaces on the northwest side of City Hall. A sidewalk will also be connected to the existing sidewalk running along Highway N that goes up to the crosswalk. Construction also continues in the rear of Legacy Park adding additional paved parking spaces at Kochanski Multi Sports Fields which was newly irrigated and top dressed field last year. Construction also continues adding approximately 65 additional paved parking spaces in and around City Hall and Legacy Park bringing the total number of new spaces serving Legacy Park and surrounding areas to approximately 200. Design work is underway to also add 11 parking spaces on Chestnut Street behind the Cottleville Post Office. 

Street Slab Repairs Continue in Madison Park & Rosedale Subdivisions!

Street slab repairs and replacements are wrapping up in Madison Park and Rosedale subdivisions. Once the concrete reaches a certain strength they will reopen and or remove the cones. This could happen possibly late next week.

Cottleville street slab replacement and repairs were completed in

Timberwood Farms subdivision this past summer.

In 2022, the City of Cottleville entered into an agreement with St. Charles County to take advantage of additional funding for local municipalities to perform more street slab replacement projects.

Dunmore, Columbus Pointe and various other locations have been selected for slab repairs and replacements in 2023. The 2022 and 2023 street slab replacement projects are funded by the City of Cottleville and the St. Charles County Government.

*The City does projects throughout the City and in Cottleville subdivisions each year. Repairs continue throughout each year by using City staff, contractors, and the St. Charles County Highway Department. For inquiries and to report street slab(s), curb(s) pothole(s), or sidewalk(s) in need of repair online at: Street Slab Request

**Please note, if you have already reported any of these items previously this year via phone or email, they are already on the list. There is no need to report again online.

Pledge to Recycle & Learn How to get More Blue Bag....

In 2020, Cottleville switched to a recycling enrollment program called the "Blue Bag Crew". By enrolling in the Blue Bag Crew, you pledge not to use Blue Bags for any other purpose other than recycling. Once you receive your blue crew sticker on your green solid waste container, you are enrolled. Please use the Blue Bags to recycle by placing all of your paper items in one Blue Bag and all your recyclable containers in another Blue Bag. Place your recycling Blue Bags filled with recyclables into your cart along with your trash bags. To request more Blue Bags, tie a Blue Bag (or any plastic grocery bag) onto the handle of your trash can. If you have the Blue Bag Crew sticker on your trash cart, the driver will drop off a new roll of Blue Bags when they see you’ve tied a bag on your cart.

**If you live within a multi-family complex, such as an apartment or condominium, you can sign up for the Blue Bag Crew program and receive a one-year supply of Blue Bags delivered to your home. When your Blue Bag is full, place the Blue Bag in one of the dumpsters at your complex along with your trash bags. When the driver picks up the trash and Blue Bags from the dumpster, the load will be taken to Recycle City for sorting and the Blue Bag items will be recycled.

Multi-family units need to enroll annually in the blue bag crew.

Pledge to Recycle here: Blue Bag Crew Sign Up

Online Request Forms Available:

Report Cottleville street light outages, traffic signal outages, down or missing street or stop signs online at:

Street Light Out

The City provides Code Enforcement services for things such as: tall grass and weeds, peeling paint, missing windows or siding, broken fencing and other property maintenance items. Please report any code enforcement requests online at: Code Enforcement

The City does projects throughout the City and in Cottleville subdivisions each year. Every winter thaw causes potholes and erosion. Adding salt to the roadways compounds the problem and requires spring road maintenance. Repairs continue throughout each year by using City staff, contractors, and the St. Charles County Highway Department. Please report street slab(s), curb(s) pothole(s), or sidewalk(s) in need of repair online at: Street Requests

**Please note if you have already reported any of these items previously this year via phone or email, they are already on the list. There is no need to report again online.


Cottleville snow plow services are provided by City staff and the St. Charles County Highway Department. Please be patient while crews treat and plow streets and roadways throughout the City.

Also, REMINDER please move vehicles OFF the street and into driveways in order for the plows to get through when needed. Use caution when traveling on snow or ice covered roads.

Please report snow plowing comments or concerns online at: Snow Removal Requests

Do you have a Cottleville Resident ID Card?

The card(s) are obtained at St. Peters City Hall, the Rec-Plex, or the St. Peters Recycle City. The documents needed are: a photo ID and a piece of mail with a current date and address. If the address on the photo ID is not current, then two (2) pieces of mail are required. Cottleville Resident ID Cards are free of charge.

Residents need the Cottleville Resident ID Card to receive reduced rates at the Rec-Plex and for yard waste privileges at the Earth Centre. 

Click here for application:  Resident ID Card

Are You a New Cottleville Resident?

Have You Notified St. Charles County Election Authority of Your New Cottleville Address?

IF NOT: You can register to vote, make name or address changes online at: Voter Registration OR in person during normal business hours at Cottleville City Hall (appointment recommended) OR in person at the St. Charles County Election Authority located at 397 Turner Blvd St. Peters, Mo. 63376. 

In addition, when you update your drivers license at the DMV with your new Cottleville address at your local license office, you can also request they update your voter registration information.

For more St. Charles County voter information: Election Authority

Now You Know – Curbside Blue Bag Recycling

Blue bags are how Cottleville residents enrolled in the recycling program, recycle curbside. Paper items go into one blue bag, and containers go into a separate blue bag.

Those blue bags are then placed into your city solid waste container along with your regular trash bags. Recycled materials in the blue bags are sorted at St. Peters’ Recycle City facility on Ecology Drive, and then they are sold on the open market to offset trash costs.

Cottleville uses blue bags for an effective “dual-stream recycling” system that separates containers from paper items. Separating containers from paper makes Cottleville’s recycled items marketable because of a very low contamination rate.

The term “dual-stream” is used because both trash and recyclables are collected in the same cart and sorted later. This is different from single-stream recycling, which is when all recycled items are placed together in the same container. Single-stream recycling causes contamination due to the mingling of containers with paper.

Enroll here: Blue Bag Crew Enrollment

CPD Communique 

CPD October Calls for Service Summary

The Cottleville Police Department took 22 reports in conjunction with an

arrest and/or incident investigation as well as responding to 172 other incidents from dispatch

during the month of November 2022.

The calls for service include but are not limited too:

Arrests- 6

   Business Alarms - 7

   Residential Alarms - 7

Animal complaints-3


Drug Offenses-1

Assisting other Law enforcement Agencies-12

Business checks & Person Wellbeing Checks-0

Driving While Suspended/Revoked-2

Driving While Intoxicated-0

Failure to Appear & Fugitive Arrests-2

Ordinance Violations/Complaints-3

Sick Cases-8

Property Damage-1

Special Events-0


Suspicious Incident Investigations (Circumstances, Persons, Vehicles)-13

  Accident Crash Investigations / Assisting Motorists / Traffic Hazards-0



994-998 Knaust Road 

(314) 721-5611

Imagine your business in Cottleville?!? We Rich Francis at for available Cottleville locations. Cottleville offers great locations for: boutiques, retail shops, architects, attorneys, insurance offices, cafes, accountants, real estate offices, sandwich shops, book stores, coffee houses, bakeries, restaurants and more...with GREAT visibility. 

Check out these available locations on Knaust Road in the busy Fastlane complex. It's a great, high traffic location in a high visibility area. Check them out today!


*If you would like to feature your space available for sale or lease in our enews please email

52d705bc-4de4-4454-a3d5-f6676ff770bd image

Vetta Woodlands St. Charles Indoor Sports

2 Woodlands Parkway & 1425 St. Peters Cottleville Rd

Looking for somewhere to play some sports during the winter? Vetta Woodlands has 2 great sports complexes right here in Cottleville! There is even space to have a birthday or school party at Vetta Sports! Organize a team, sign up or just have fun playing with your friends!

Do you own or operate a business in Cottleville from your home, office or retail space?

A Cottleville business license is required annually.

They expire at the end of each year on 12/31. Apply anytime at: General Business License

Do you wish to vend, sell or advertise items for sale from a mobile location such as a truck, trailer, tent or temporary stand of some kind at

Frankie Martin's Garden or at various locations, events or

pop markets located within Cottleville?  

A Cottleville vendor license is required annually. Rules and limitations apply.

They expire at the end of each year on 12/31. Apply anytime at:

Mobile Business Vendor Application