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Pentecost no bkgrnd

October 4, 2018   Emmanuel's E-News
Greetings from
Emmanuel Episcopal Church!

This Sunday is the Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost.
Rev. David Jackson will celebrate and Rev. Ellen will preach.

We look forward to seeing you in church! 

The Sundays after Pentecost
The season after Pentecost, according to the calendar of the church year, begins on the Monday following Pentecost, and continues through most of the summer and autumn. It may include as many as twenty-eight Sundays, depending on the date of Easter. This includes Trinity Sunday which is the First Sunday after Pentecost. 
The Book of Common Prayer provides proper collects and readings for the other Sundays of the season. These propers are numbered and designated for use on the Sundays which are closest to specific days in the monthly calendar, whether before or after. For example, Proper 3 is designated for use, if needed, on the Sunday closest to May 25. Proper 29 is designated for use on the Sunday closest to Nov. 23. 
Prior to the 1979 BCP, Sundays in this long period of the church year were identified and counted in terms of the number of Sundays after Trinity Sunday instead of the number of Sundays after Pentecost. This period is also understood by some as "ordinary time," a period of the church year not dedicated to a particular season or observance.


Get your chance to grab a goodie from the "Awesome Bucket of Candy!"

The Meal Train: All Aboard!
The vestry of Emmanuel Episcopal Church has invited you to join the meal train for Jean Owen who is now recovering from surgery. We are only doing 2 days per week to help her as she recovers.

We appreciate your helping out if you are able.
What is a meal train?
There are times in our lives when friends and family ask, "What can I do to help out?" The answer is usually to help them with a meal. When many friends give a meal, this is a meal train.
MealTrain.com is a free meal calendar tool that makes planning meals among a wide group easy and less stressful.
Please click on the logo above to access the Meal Train for Jean Owen.
On behalf of Jean Owen, Thank You!

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Friends of Casavant 3062 Launching Queen of Hearts Fundraiser 
The Friends of Casavant 3062 committee is busy Organizing a Queen of Hearts Raffle beginning mid-October, and is waiting for village final approval. There will be weekly chances to win continuing until we uncover the Queen of Hearts.    
Keep an eye out for details on how you can buy your tickets, support the restoration project and maybe be a winner!  

We are
partnering with Barrel House Social to bring the excitement to our local community with drawings at their location (Burlington Ave. west of La Grange Rd.) every Tuesday.

The Brick Testament

The Brick Testament is for kids of all ages, and for those who like to play with Lego.  We will have a story from the bible played out in Lego Animation and then build Legos ourselves in response to the story.  As you might be aware my husband, Per, is a collector of Lego so we will have many pieces and figures to play with!!!

On November 30, Emmanuel will celebrate the designation of our church on the National Register of Historic Places with a dinner and program (and presentation of the plaque) in our sanctuary.  We will be co-hosting this celebration with the La Grange Area Historical Society.  
The celebration will be catered, but we are looking for volunteers to help with decorations, publicity, set-up and clean-up.  

Please contact Susan Cox at susanecox@msn.com if you are interested in helping with this celebration.  

Adult Formation-  Fall 2018

All classes meet at 9am on Sunday in Beaudway Hall, unless otherwise noted.

We will be following a video-based series called Animate to learn more about the Bible. This is a really great program which includes a number of fun-filled and easy to digest talks by leading voices in today's church. Optional journals are available for $15, so please let Revs. Ellen or Dave know if you want to buy one.  
  • October 7, 2018 - Canon: Mining for the Word, with Eric Elnes
  • October 14, 2018 - History: Parchment to Pixel, with Phyllis Tickle
  • October 21, 2018 - Testaments: One Story, Two Parts, with Rachel Held Evans
  • October 28, 2018 - Gospels: Unexpected Good News, with Nadia Bolz-Weber
  • November 4, 2018 - Genre: Rhythm of the Text, with Jose Morales
  • November 11, 2018 - Interpretation: Scripture Reads Us, with Will Willimon
  • November 18, 2018 - Grace: Love is the Bottom Line, with Jay Bakker
We will take a break for Thanksgiving weekend on November 25, 2018 and then begin our Advent program on December 2nd. Stay tuned for details!
Blessing of the Backpacks
Vestry Meeting                                            Oct 9th

Vestry Meeting                                            Nov 13th

Upcoming Children's Art Programs
Hello Art Friends!
Hope you have had a peaceful and relaxing summer with your families. Check out our upcoming classes for young artists, ages 6 and up, at The Kensington Arts Center. http://www.kensingtonartscenter.org
As always at the KAC, kids will create with an amazing variety of art materials including acrylic and watercolor paint, oil pastels, colored inks, recycled materials, natural items, wire, decorative papers, and more. Kids will be encouraged to develop their unique style in a real art studio environment.
In addition to private lessons and classes, please keep our Kensington Arts Center Studio in mind for hands-on art programming for educator in-service workshops, birthday parties, and scout badge events. Click on the flyer for more information, and/or like us on Facebook to stay connected. 
Thank you for your on-going support of our children's art programs. 
Art-Making-Mini-Series Saturday Classes
Click on the flyer for more information

Listen to Emmanuel Sunday Sermons Online

If you were truly inspired by any of the sermons you hear, don't forget you can listen again to the sermons from Emmanuel. They are normally available on our website within a few days of the Sunday service.  
Short Takes Short Takes logo

Send us your news!  We would like to celebrate your and your family's achievements.  Did your child get into the college he/she wanted?  Did they make the honor roll?  Are they performing in a concert or play?  How about a work promotion or achievement for you or your spouse?   Let us know so your church family can celebrate with you.
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Emmanuel Weekly Schedule

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10:15 am (after service) Bible Study

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8:00 am- Said Mass Rite II
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All event dates MUST be sent to the Parish Administrator so that they can be entered on the website calendar.  This is the master calendar.  If you are planning an event, click on the calendar graphic to find out if your event conflicts with other activities.   

Saint of the Week: 
Saint Francis of Assisi, Friar and Founder of the Franciscan Order
4 October 1226

Saint Francis was born in late 1181 to a wealthy Italian silk merchant and his wife, who came from a noble Provençal family.Instead of Giovanni, his baptismal name, his father called him "Francesco," which means "French." Francesco, or Francis, grew up with every advantage, and as a young man, lived a high-spirited, carefree existence. But in his early twenties, he experienced a change of heart and decided to live a life of poverty, accompanied by a group of like-minded disciples as he traveled from place to place preaching the Gospel. 
With the approval of the Pope, he founded the Franciscan Order of friars. He also founded a religious order for women, the Poor Clares, and a Third Order  of Brothers and Sisters of Penance, a lay fraternity that lived according to Franciscan principles, without withdrawing from the world or taking religious vows. The Franciscans eventually became one of the largest religious orders.
Francis wanted to go to Spain and to the Holy Land to preach to Muslims there, but was long deterred by a shipwreck and by illness. Eventually he did manage to go to Egypt and Syria. His reverence for all of God's creation extended to birds and other animals, and even the sun and moon, whom he called his "brothers" and "sisters." 
Francis's years of poverty and wandering eventually ruined his health .and his eyesight. He died in 1226, at the age of 45, and was canonized only two years later. He is revered as the patron saint of animals and ecology, and also one of the two patron saints of Italy.

Source: The Epistle Saint Monica and Saint James Episcopal Church

Chicago Model Engineers Model Show
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New Comma Baroque Presents:
Fundraisers for Emmanuel Episcopal Church of LaGrange
Telemann's 'Lost' 12 Fantasias for Solo Viol, 1735

Located in 2014 by Thomas Fritzsch, a copy of Telemann's self-published 1735 fantasias for viola da gamba survived near Hanover at Ledenburg Palace in the collection of Eleonore von Münster (née von Grothaus, 1734-1794).

Dedicated to musical subscriber Mr. Pierre Chaunell (1703-1789), Telemann's fantasias encompass a variety of forms spanning fugal writing to elements of the rondo and concerto while straddling the Polish and Moravian music of his early career to the High Baroque and the galant. 

Join  New CommaBaroque's  Phillip Serna in honoring the music of Telemann - all while fundraising to restore the 
Casavant Organ at Emmanuel Episcopal Church of LaGrange.

Pipe Organ Project New Comma Baroque at Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Emmanuel Episcopal Church, La Grange, IL
Sunday, October 7, 2018 3:00PM
$20 General Admission,             $15 Seniors, $10 Students, Free Under 18  
Phantom of the Opera
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Click HERE to purchase tickets online.
ScholaSchola Antiqua

Directed by Michael Alan Anderson, the early music ensemble Schola Antiqua honors the quincentennial of the death of Pierre de la Rue, prized composer of the early sixteenth century.
Sunday, October 21, 4:00pm
Emmanuel Episcopal Church of La Grange
203 S. Kensington Avenue, La Grange
$25 General Admission / $10 Seniors and students with ID
This program is sponsored in part by the Lumen Christi Institute 
and by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council

Pillars Community Health Seeking Volunteers for Domestic Violence Advocacy 

Did you know that as many as 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will experience domestic violence in their lifetimes? You can help! Attend this 40-hour training on domestic violence crisis intervention.
Training Dates:
Sat., Nov 3: 8am-4pm
Mon., Nov 5: 5:30pm-9pm
Wed., Nov 7: 6pm-9pm
Sat., Nov 10: 8am-4pm
Mon., Nov 12: 6pm-9pm
Tues., Nov 13: 6pm-9pm
Wed., Nov 14: 6pm-9pm
Mon., Nov 19: 6pm-9pm
Tues., Nov 20: 6pm-9pm
Mon., Nov 26: 6pm-6pm
Wed., Nov 28: 6pm-9pm
Location of Training: Pillars Community Health (Dental Center) 27 Calendar Avenue, La Grange, IL 60525
Cost: Free with 6 month volunteer commitment; free for Pillars Community Health employees/current Sexual Assault volunteers; $250 without volunteer commitment
For More Information: Contact Jacki Robertson at jarobertson@pchcares.org or (708) 995-3805

The Last Word

Diocese of Chicago header
Ray Suarez to Keynote Convention 

Journalist, author to discuss what demographic shifts mean for the church 

News from the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago

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News from the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago.

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St. Francis of Assisi
This Sunday is the Twentieth Sunday after
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