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February 18, 2021  Emmanuel's E-News
Christian Formation at Emmanuel

We will be continuing our formation programs this coming Sunday. We will talk about Christian virtues through the dual lenses of Scripture and the Desert Mothers and Fathers from A Spring in the Desert by Frank & Victoria Logue.

These programs will be conducted in-person after the service or over Zoom at approximately 10am. Click on the graphic above for full information.
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Emmanuel Pipe Organ Project

Our Casavant 3062 is currently being refitted by Jeff Weiler of Chicago.

UPDATE: The pipe organ is now playable! George first played it on Ash Wednesday and will continue on Sundays beyond. ‘Voicing’ is still happening so the sound will improve every day. 

We have rescheduled the Clive Driskell-Smith concert for Saturday, 9/25, but in the meantime we are planning a Show and tell party for some time in June, where we can hear the organ (with thanks to George), get together and celebrate all that is Emmanuel. More details will be available as soon as possible. Please let Sue Jasiak know if you would like to be involved in the planning or running of the event. 
Thank you again for your generosity and for making this project possible. We do now owe money to the bank so fundraising and donations are still very much needed.

The Pipe Organ Project has earned a total of $268.96 from Amazon Smile!

Thank you to all who have made these purchases with Friends of Casavant 3062 nominated - literally every penny helps! As we count down to our Organ completion don't forget to use Amazon Smile and add Friends of Casavant 3062 as your chosen charity.
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Donations may also be made online at: https://emmanuel-lagrange.org/donate_77078

Wishing the following a 
very Happy Birthday 
for this week in February: 

Colin M, Greg R, Carol A, Joshua H, Jane M, Gabriel B

Saint of the Week: 
Brother Martin of Erfurt, Educator, Translator

18 February 1546
Martin of Erfurt, born in 1483 of German peasant stock, was a monk of the Order of Saint Augustine, and a Doctor of Theology. In his day, the Church was at a spiritual low. Church offices were openly sold to the highest bidder, and not nearly enough was being done to combat the notion that forgiveness of sins was likewise for sale. Indeed, many Christians, both clergy and laity, were most inadequately instructed in Christian doctrine. Startling as it seems to us today, there were then no seminaries for the education of the clergy. There were monastic schools, but they concentrated on the education of their own monks. Parish priests, ordinarily having no monastic background, were in need of instruction themselves, and in no way prepared to instruct their congregations.

Brother Martin set out to remedy this. He wrote a simple catechism for the instruction of the laity, which is still in use today, as is his translation of the Scriptures into the common tongue. His energy as a writer was prodigious. From 1517, when he first began to write for the public, until his death, he wrote on the average one book a fortnight. Today, his criticisms of the laxness and frequent abuses of his day are generally recognized on all sides as a response to very real problems. It was perhaps inevitable, however, that they should arouse resentment in his own day, and he spent much of his life in conflict with the ecclesiastical authorities. Brother Martin, for example, was most ardent in maintaining that salvation was a free gift of God, and that all attempts to earn or deserve it are worse than useless. But he was not alone in holding this. 

When his followers met in 1540 with Cardinal Contarini, the Papal delegate, in an effort to arrive at an understanding, there was complete agreement on this point. The Cardinal, by a study of the Epistle to the Romans, had arrived in 1511 at the same position as Brother Martin in 1517. So had Cardinal Pole, the Archbishop of Canterbury (who had, ironically, been appointed to combat Brother Martin's influence). So had the Archbishop of Cologne, and so had many other highly placed Church officials. In Brother Martin's own judgment, his greatest achievement was his catechism, by the use of which all Christians without exception might be instructed in at least the rudiments of the Faith. Some of his admirers, however, would insist that his greatest achievement was the Council of Trent, which he did not live to see, but which he was arguably the greatest single factor in bringing about. 

While the Council's doctrinal pronouncements were not all that Brother Martin would have wished, it did take very much to heart his strictures on financial abuses, and undertook considerable reforms in those areas. It banned the sale of indulgences and of church offices, and took steps to provide for the systematic education of the clergy. And this is, under God, due in some measure to Brother Martin's making himself a nuisance. Thanks be to God for an occasional nuisance at the right time and place.

Behold, Lord
An empty vessel that needs
To be filled.
   My Lord, fill it
   I am weak in the faith;
   Strengthen me.
   I am cold in love;
   Warm me and make me fervent,
   That my love may go out
To my neighbor...
   O Lord, help me.
   Strengthen my faith and
Trust in you...
   With me, there is an
Abundance of sin;
   In You is the fullness of
   Therefore I will remain
With You,
   O whom I can receive,
   But to Whom I may not give.
-Brother Martin Luther of Erfurt (1483-1546)

Condensed from Justus.anglican.org

Vestry Meeting             March 16, 2021

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If you were truly inspired by any of the sermons you hear, don't forget you can listen again to the sermons from Emmanuel. They are normally available on our website within a few days of the Sunday service. 
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