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April 22, 2021  Emmanuel's E-News

Christian Formation at Emmanuel

We will be continuing our formation programs this coming Sunday. We will spend 3-4 weeks on the following questions: Did Jesus have to die? Why? What happened on the cross? What difference does it make for us? We will be using a video series by David Lose, the author of Making Sense of the Cross. You're invited to join us in person or via Zoom.

These programs will be conducted in-person after the service or over Zoom at approximately 10:15am. Click on the graphic above to participate via Zoom.
All Emmanuel HS Seniors!
Last Chance to Apply for a Scholarship Award from the George and Annie Christian Memorial Scholarship Fund

If you or your child will be graduating from high school this year and wish to apply for a scholarship award from the George and Annie Christian Memorial Scholarship Fund, please let Rev. Dave (revdave@eeclg.org) or Marc O'Brien (neirbocram51@gmail.com) know and you will be sent an application by email. The due date for submitting the application is Friday, April 23, 2021.

The fund was established in 1972 by Evelyn and Kickhapoo Johnson in memory of her parents. Evelyn's father was a longtime warden of this church. The scholarships are funded by dividends received on Consolidated Edison stock.

Consideration is given to the candidate's academics, extracurriculars, and their service to our Emmanuel family. Once the award has been announced, we notify the high school's communications department so that the information can be included in the graduation program. The application must be turned in by the due date in order to be considered by the members of the Scholarship Fund Committee.
Emmanuel Pipe Organ Project 

Music Notes

Our Casavant 3062 is finally complete.

Our Casavant 3062 organ repair is finally complete! It sounded so beautiful during Holy Week; we hope that everyone has had a chance to hear it, either in-person or via live-streaming.

POP “Show & Tell” Celebration 
June 6th, 2021 2- 4pm.

Please plan on attending the POP “Show & Tell” Celebration.

We will have light refreshments in the garden, weather permitting, some fun trivia games and socially distanced fellowship. Party planning is underway; we will be asking for volunteers to donate food, help with plating, set-up and clean-up. 

George is preparing a demonstration program that will last 20-25 minutes and we will provide appetizers and beverages. If anyone has any other input or ideas or would like to volunteer, please contact Sue Jasiak at (708)267-2547 or suzannej17@comcast.net.
Sounds in the Sanctuary Series 2021-22 Concert Schedule: 
  • Clive Driskell-Smith - Saturday, 9/25
  • Jay Warren (the silent movie guy) – Friday, 10/29
  • Patricia Barber (Jazz trio) plus LT Big Band - Friday, 1/21/22
  • Kaia string quartet plus LT Chamber Group – Friday, 3/11/22

Please click on the photo to the right to view the full list of concerts on our website. 
Thank you
Thank you again for your generosity and for making this project possible!
We do now owe money to the bank so donations are still very much needed.

The Pipe Organ Project has earned hundreds of dollars from your Amazon Smile purchases!

Thank you to all who have made these purchases with Friends of Casavant 3062 nominated - literally every penny helps! Don't forget to continue to use Amazon Smile and add Friends of Casavant 3062 as your chosen charity.
Diocese of Chicago header
Consecration To Be Rescheduled,
Presiding Bishop to Attend

A Letter from Standing Committee President Anne Jolly

April 17, 2021

Dear People of God in the Diocese of Chicago,

Our diocese and people around the church have been united in prayer for our bishop-elect, the Rev. Paula Clark, this week as she underwent surgery to remove an arteriovenous malformation from her brain. I am happy to report that the surgery was a success, and her recovery is proceeding smoothly. To give her ample time to regain her strength, the Standing Committee and Bishop-elect Clark, in consultation with the Presiding Bishop’s Office, have decided to postpone her ordination, consecration and seating, which were scheduled for next Saturday, April 24.

While we have not yet rescheduled this much-anticipated event, we are hoping for a date in mid-June. I am delighted to say this will allow Presiding Bishop Michael Curry to attend the consecration in person and serve as our new bishop’s chief consecrator. I know that all of us, especially our bishop-elect, will look forward to welcoming him to the Diocese of Chicago. It is also possible that by mid-June COVID-19 prevention protocols will have loosened and more people will be able to attend the consecration in person.

I am grateful for the prayers you have showered on our bishop-elect and her family this week, and I know that she is, too. I was able to talk with her by phone this afternoon, and I conveyed the diocese’s ardent wishes for her recovery.

Please keep up your prayers for Bishop-elect Clark’s continued recovery, as we look forward to the joyful day when our presiding bishop will consecrate her as the 13th Bishop of the Diocese of Chicago.

God’s Peace,
The Rev. Anne B Jolly

Wishing the following a 
very Happy Birthday 
for this week in April: 

Peter G, Annie B, Charles G, Christopher Z, Mary Z, Steve B, Isabel N

Saint of the Week: 
George, Soldier and Martyr

23 April 303

George was a soldier and martyr who suffered around 303 at Lydda in Palestine. The earliest surviving record of him is a church inscription in Syria, dated about 346. Commemorations of him are numerous, early, and widespread. However, no details of his life are known. In 495 his name appears on a list of "good men, justly remembered, whose good deeds are known only to God."

The best-known story about him is that he rescued a beautiful princess in Libya by killing a dragon. It should be noted that this story is unknown before the appearance in 1265 of a romance called the Golden Legend, translated into English in 1483.

When the soldiers of the First Crusade were besieging Antioch in 1098, they had a vision of George and Demetrius (a deacon of Sirmium in Serbia, martyred under Maximian, and referred to as a "soldier of Christ," from which he was often understood to be a literal soldier) encouraging them to maintain the siege, which ultimately proved successful. Richard I ("the Lion-Heart") of England, who fought in the Holy Land in 1191-1192, placed himself and his army under George's protection, and with the return home of the Crusaders, the popularity of George in England increased greatly.

Edward III founded the Order of the Garter in 1348 under his patronage, his banner (a red cross on a white field) began to be used as the English national flag in 1284, and in 1415 Henry V spoke of him to rally the troops before the battle of Agincourt ("Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more, or close the wall up with our English dead. ... cry God for Harry, England, and St George!"), and in the years following George was regarded as the special patron of England, of soldiers, and of the Boy Scouts, as well as of Venice, Genoa, Portugal and Catalonia.

He is also remembered with enthusiasm in many parts of the East Orthodox Church. He is a principal character in Edmund Spenser's allegorical poem The Faerie Queene, written in the late 1500's.
Source: Justus.anglican.org

Regular Vestry Meeting           May 11
Voting Vestry Members Ministry Pre-Review Meeting May 18th
Ministry Review Meeting June 1st
Regular Vestry Meeting June 22nd

Listen to Emmanuel Sunday Sermons Online 

If you were truly inspired by any of the sermons you hear, don't forget you can listen again to the sermons from Emmanuel. They are normally available on our website within a few days of the Sunday service. 
Short Takes

Send us your news! We would like to celebrate your and your family's achievements. Did your child get into the college he/she wanted? Did they make the honor roll? Are they performing in a concert or play? How about a work promotion or achievement for you or your spouse?  Let us know so your church family can celebrate with you.
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Compline takes place on Zoom at 8:00pm Thursday. Why not click on the candles and join us tonight for this brief lovely service?
Dog Training is Back! 

Deborah Plowman of Dog Training by Deborah, will be using the church lawn for the upcoming dog obedience classes. Classes are scheduled to start again on Saturday, May 1st.

Deborah Plowman 
Dog Training by Deborah 
Positive reinforcement trainer  

  • All classes are on-leash and proof of vaccinations are required. 
  • Social distancing required.
  • No prong or choker collars and no retractable leashes in class, please
  • Discount available for Emmanuel Church members 

Contact the trainer (Deborah Plowman) with any questions or to register for a class or workshop. Call or text (630) 828-6773 or email DTbyDeborah@gmail.com

Click HERE for Spring Session information
The Last Word
 St. Swithin's by the Rev Jay Sidebotham © The Church Pension Fund
Bishop-elect Clark's Consecration Rescheduled for June 12

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry will attend in person and serve as the chief consecrator.


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