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July 15, 2021  Emmanuel's E-News
Emmanuel COVID-19 Policy
We have decided that the Parish Re-Entry Plan is entirely superseded by the following brief policies, effective immediately:
  • Masks are no longer required for fully vaccinated individuals.
  • Socially-distanced seating will be maintained in the rear one-third of the church, but the front two-thirds will be returned to normal and the ropes removed.
  • People may share the Peace in whatever way is comfortable for them.
  • The distribution of Communion will continue for now as it is currently being practiced: at stations with disposable cups.

Please click HERE for full details of the new COVID-19 policy.
Tuesday and Thursday mornings- Contemplative Prayer (a time of Scripture and quiet prayer)
  • Beginning at 7:30am. Please join us for a time of centering. Click HERE to join us on Zoom on your computer or tablet.
Thursday Evenings: Compline (night-time calming prayer)
  • Fellowship and check-in time begins at 7:30pm and prayer begins at 8:00pm. Click HERE to join us on Zoom on your computer or tablet.
Bishop Anderson House Backpack Outreach Appeal: Backpacks for Burn Patients 
Chaplain Michael Smith provides spiritual support for patients recovering from serious injuries in the Burn Unit at Stroger Hospital of Cook County. During the harshest weather months the Burn Unit experiences a significant increase in patients, including a large number of housing and food-insecure patients. Many homeless patients are immediately faced with the challenge of securing food after discharge, for some even when he or she is being discharged to a shelter.
Recognizing this essential need, Michael partnered with Burn Unit nurses, social workers and staff dietitians to create “Samaritan” backpacks with non- perishable items to ensure that no one goes hungry after leaving the hospital. 

Members of St. Chrysostom’s Episcopal Church have donated the first 10 backpacks with cheese crackers, beef jerky, applesauce, pudding cereal bars, nuts and dried fruit, Vienna sausages, protein drinks, plastic flatware and hand wipes. Thanks, St. Chrys! Would you like to sponsor a month? 

We answered the call for August! Thank you Stacy Jackson! We are asking for donations. Please bring any items or give checks to Stacy made out to Emmanuel with 'backpacks' in the memo line (for this Sunday), but if you are unable to bring on Sunday, please take or mail in to the office. We are taking money donations in the amount of $10 for backpacks. 

Food donation requested items are: 

  • Cheese/peanut butter crackers Beef jerky
  • Applesauce
  • Pudding cups & Cereal bars
  • Packaged nuts/fruit
  • Vienna sausages (with pull top lids)
  • Protein drink
  • Individual packets of flatware
  • Hand wipes/hand sanitizer

For more information please see Stacy Jackson on Sunday, or visit Backpacks for Burn Patients – Bishop Anderson House 
Pastoral Care
Pastoral Note

We will be hosting a memorial service for Carolyn Wilson, who passed away last year during Covid, on Saturday July 24th at 11:00am.

Emmanuel Pipe Organ Project 

Music Notes

Our Casavant 3062 is finally complete.

Organ Fundraising Continues!

Our Casavant 3062 organ was originally designed and built in 1970 for our space and acoustics. Our fundraising will continue when we embark on a new season of fundraising concerts beginning in the fall with our official re-dedication event featuring renowned organist Clive Driskill-Smith. Please visit our websitefor full details of our upcoming programs, or click on the photo for the Concert Flyer.
POP Dedications

Please click on the plaque at left to review the POP recognition plaque arrangement/wording. If we have misspelled your name, or omitted your dedication or if you have any suggestions please call Judy in the office (708) 352-1275 or email admin@eeclg.org Once finalized, we will have the plaques engraved and in situ ready for unveiling at our September re-dedication Clive Driskill-Smith event. We also have the dedicated David Clark plaque which we are in consultation with Diane. Paper versions are on the hall table for you also.

Thank you!
Garage Sale
Garage Sale

We are pleased to announce that Emmanuel will again be having our garage sale on Friday and Saturday August 27th & 28th. We will need volunteers to work the sale, help with set up and packing up afterwards. The garage sale has always been a great contributor to the parish budget and a fun time to work together as a community.

We are now accepting donations which can be brought to the church and put in the classroom off of Memorial Hall. All large donations need to be discussed and approved by Penny Longo ((708) 275-5028) before dropping off.

We encourage the following donations: Furniture in good condition, good quality housewares, working appliances, yard tools, rugs, puzzles, games, books, jewelry, linens, bikes, toys, tools, crafts and holiday decorations.

This year we are not accepting: Plush animals, clothes, shoes, sets of china, dolls, ice skates, sports shoes of any kind, helmets, skis, entertainment centers, TVs, stereo equipment, and large bookcases.

Thank you, in advance, for your support of this important Emmanuel Ministry. Please contact Penny Longo with any questions.

Thank you!
office hours
Summer 2021

The administration and church office will be closed from Saturday, July 24th until Tuesday, August 10th.

If you need pastoral care please use the telephone numbers below:

Deacon Bill Rimkus (708) 705-5383
The Rev. David Jackson (810) 357-1019

If you need to deliver items for the Garage Sale, Clarence's hours are Mon, Wed, Fri 8 am-12 pm and Saturdays 8 am-4 pm.

Wishing the following a 
very Happy Birthday 
for this week in July: 

Alex P, Casey W, Ben N.

We wish Dorren & Hrolfr G-B a very Happy Wedding Anniversary!

And Congratulations to Molly Ogren & Adam Woods, who are to be married here on Saturday, July 17th at 3:00pm

Saints of the Week: 

Olga and Vladimir, First Christian Rulers of Russia

15 July 1015

Olga (or Helga), born in about 890, was the wife of Prince Igor of Russia, and after his death in 945 she was regent for their son. She appears to have ruled well by secular standards. In 957 she visited Constantinople and, either then or earlier, became a Christian. She did not succeed in converting her son, or a significant number of their countrymen. She died in 969, probably on 11 July.

Vladimir, great-grandson of Rurik (the traditional founder of the Russian state), grandson of Olga, and youngest of the three sons of Sviatoslav of Kiev, was born in 956 and was made Prince of Novgorod in 970. In 972 his father died, and the three sons fought for the crown. Yaropolk killed Oled, and Vladimir fled to his Viking kinsmen in Scandinavia. In 980 he returned with Viking support, killed Yaropolk, and took the throne.

He expanded his empire by a series of conquests. In 988, he proposed a military alliance with the Byzantine emperor Basil II, and a marriage to the emperor's sister Anna. In return, he agreed to convert to Christianity. The agreement was made, Vladimir was baptized, and when the emperor reneged on the marriage, Vladimir invaded the Crimea. The marriage duly took place and the alliance prospered.

Vladimir took his Christian commitment seriously, and under his rule the Christianization of Russia proceeded rapidly. He put away his former collection of pagan wives and mistresses, destroyed idols and pagan temples, built churches and monasteries and schools, brought in Greek missionaries to educate his people, abolished or greatly restricted capital punishment, and gave lavish alms to the poor.

In converting his people, however, he was willing to resort to military methods (all his life he had survived by fighting), and some of his former pagan wives and their sons raised an armed rebellion against him, in the course of which he was killed near Kiev, 15 July 1015. He and his grandmother Olga are honored as the founders of Russian Christianity.

Source: Justus.anglican.org

Regular Vestry Meeting August 17th

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If you were truly inspired by any of the sermons you hear, don't forget you can listen again to the sermons from Emmanuel. They are normally available on our website within a few days of the Sunday service. 
Short Takes

Send us your news! We would like to celebrate your and your family's achievements. Did your child get into the college he/she wanted? Did they make the honor roll? Are they performing in a concert or play? How about a work promotion or achievement for you or your spouse?  Let us know so your church family can celebrate with you.
Vestry Minutes
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7:30 Tuesday and Thursday mornings on Zoom.
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Emmanuel Weekly Schedule



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Planning an Event? 

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Compline takes place on Zoom at 8:00pm Thursday. Why not click on the candles and join us tonight for this brief lovely service?
Dog Training

Deborah Plowman of Dog Training by Deborah, will be using the church lawn on Saturdays for the upcoming dog obedience classes.

Please contact Deborah directly for her next session availability. Proof of current (dog) vaccinations are required. Social distancing may be required. Cost for the 4-week course is $150.00. (*$125.00 for Emmanuel Episcopal Church members) 4 dogs max per class. 

Deborah Plowman 
Dog Training by Deborah 
Positive reinforcement trainer  

  • All classes are on-leash and proof of vaccinations are required. 
  • Social distancing may be required.
  • No prong or choker collars and no retractable leashes in class, please
  • Discount available for Emmanuel Church members 

Contact the trainer (Deborah Plowman) with any questions or to register for a class or workshop. Call or text (630) 828-6773 or email DTbyDeborah@gmail.com
The Last Word
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Bishop-elect Clark, Chicago Deputies Appointed to General Convention Committees

Bishop-elect Paula Clark was appointed to serve as vice chair of the House of Bishops Legislative Committee


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