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July 5, 2018   Emmanuel's E-News
Greetings from
Emmanuel Episcopal Church!

This Sunday is the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost.
Rev. Ellen will celebrate and Deacon Bill will preach.

We look forward to seeing you in church! 

togetherll Together Under the Son

Sunday, August 5 th , 2018
10.30am in Gordon Park, La Grange

NOW- Listen to Emmanuel Sunday Sermons Online!

If you were truly inspired by any of the sermons you hear, don't forget you can listen again to the sermons from Emmanuel. They are normally available on our website within a day or two of the Sundayservice.  Click HERE for the full list, or click on the graphic above for last Sunday's sermon.


Thank you to all who contributed to the David E. Weaver IV Memorial Outreach Fund offering on June 10. The fund continues to grow and positively impact the lives of area youth. We are thrilled to announce that this year, a disbursement of $5000 was divided according to program needs and awarded to the following recipients:
  • The Elizabeth Rimkus Scholarship - $1,000.
  • Challenger Baseball League - $1,000.
  • Western Springs Children's Theater - $500.
  • Diocese of Chicago Camp Chicago - $1,500.
  • Helping Hand Center - $1,000.
Our committee is so grateful for the blessing of the congregation's on-going generosity in memory of David E. Weaver IV. We thank you for your support and dedication to his passion of providing opportunities for youth, and spreading love and happiness.

Rachel Weaver Rivera, MFA, LPC

Stewardship Header
2nd Quarter Giving Statements
The 2nd   quarter giving statements will be emailed (and mailed to some) next week. You should receive yours by next weekend (July 8th ).  If you do not, please contact the office, (708) 352-1275. Thank you.

RetreatYearly Retreat with Rev. Ellen Ekevag 

The theme this year is Spirituality and Leadership

This retreat is about 3 things: Deepening our Prayer Life and Increasing Self-Awareness and Discerning God's will in your life. 

We will be using both religious and secular lenses. Our main secular lens will come from the Book "Mastering Leadership" by Bob Anderson. 

My hope is that you walk away with a better sense of how you operate in the world, a plan to deepen your own prayer practice, and some idea about what God might be up to in your life. After all, we are all leaders in our own lives. 

The Retreat is September 14th-16th (we will start at 7pm on Friday) Cost: $200 (including stay, meals, and materials for the weekend) at the Sienna Retreat Center in Racine, Wisconsin. (If $200 is a hardship let me know. The retreat accommodations are "hotel style" meaning you have your own room and bathroom) 

I have 7 spots available. Please email me rector@eeclg.org if you are interested in attending.
Altar Guild Wish List

You might notice our clergy and church looking super smart (and cool!) in matching regalia for this season of hope, life, regeneration, immortality, nature, peace, and universality. With permission from the vestry, we have recently purchased new and all matching green vestments for our clergy and altar adornment.

We have been making do with mismatching and heavy vestments for a number of years now. Green is the longest season in our liturgical calendar and we know that Rev. Ellen and David will appreciate the difference. We are hoping for donations to partially cover the cost of these to the amount to $600.

Thank you, from the Altar Guild.
The Pipe Organ Restoration Project is now Registered with Amazon Smile!

Next time you make a purchase through Amazon, please consider using Smile.amazon.com and link to our Pipe Organ Restoration Project, Friends of Casavant 3062, a registered charity. 
Our organ restoration project will receive .5% of the value of your purchase from Amazon - a tiny amount but every donation helps. 
Thank you for your consideration!

Pledging to The Emmanuel Episcopal Church Pipe Organ Project

By now, you should have received our letter and pledge card for the Capital Campaign.  Please let us know if you have not received them and we will make sure that you do.  

Consider what you might be able to give to this important campaign and please turn in your pledge cards as soon as possible.  Any questions, please contact Sue or Stan Jasiak: suzannej17@comcast.net or (708) 267-2547.

Prayer for the Pipe Organ Project
We humbly ask you to send your Spirit upon our parish community during this crucial time as we embark upon the Pipe Organ Project Capital Campaign and to uphold and maintain the gifts and foundation laid by our forebears in faith.  We know there is much to do.  We believe our goals are rooted in Your Word and in Your work.  Please guide us, strengthen us, and bless us with your Presence. May our gifts manifest our gratitude and glorify you, the one God who lives and reigns forever and ever. 

8am Coffee Hour

Please note that after listening to feedback and by popular demand coffee hour after the 8am service only - will revert back to Beaudway Hall. 

Emmanuel Garage Sale

The Emmanuel garage sale is planned for Friday, August 24th  Garage Saleand Saturday, August 25th.  We began accepting donations the week after Memorial Day.

We will be looking again for any donated items; if you have a neighbor who is moving, please pass on our information. 

We are using the nursery for the first part of the summer to store any donations, except for children's toys, clothes and small sports equipment, which we ask that you take downstairs to the swamp. The nursery will not be in use for the summer. 
We are looking forward to another successful sale this year, so please start saving items that you think will sell well. If you need help bringing large items or other donations to the church, please contact the office to arrange a pick up. 
We do not want large sports equipment, adult clothes, or TVs, as they do not sell. 

Thanks in advance for your donations!

MeetingsUpcoming Meetings at-a-glance
Vestry Meeting            August 21 st

         All Committee Night    August 30th 

Short Takes Short Takes logo

Send us your news!  We would like to celebrate your and your family's achievements.  Did your child get into the college he/she wanted?  Did they make the honor roll?  Are they performing in a concert or play?  How about a work promotion or achievement for you or your spouse?   Let us know so your church family can celebrate with you.
Vestry Minutes  
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Emmanuel Weekly Schedule

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7:15 am- Contemplation & Meditation

9:00 am- Bible Study
Worship Schedule

8:00 am- Said Mass Rite II
10:00 am- Choral Mass Rite II

Planning an Event? Calendar


All event dates MUST be sent to the Parish Administrator so that they can be entered on the website calendar.  This is the master calendar.  If you are planning an event, click on the calendar graphic to find out if your event conflicts with other activities.   

Memorable Christians of the Past: 
J an Hus, Priest and Martyr
c. 1372 - 6 July 1415
Often referred to in English as John Hus or John HussJan Hus was a Czech priest, philosopher, early Christian reformer and Master at Charles University in Prague. After John Wycliffe, the theorist of ecclesiastical Reformation, Hus is considered the first Church reformer, as he lived before Luther, Calvin and Zwingli.
Hus was a key predecessor to Protestantism, and his teachings had a strong influence on the states of Western Europe, most immediately in the approval of a reformist Bohemian religious denomination, and, more than a century later, on Martin Luther himself. He was burned at the stake for heresy against the doctrines of the Catholic Church, including those on ecclesiology, the Eucharist, and other theological topics.
After Hus was executed in 1415, the followers of his religious teachings (known as Hussites) rebelled against their Roman Catholic rulers and defeated five consecutive papal crusades between 1420 and 1431, in what became known as the Hussite Wars. A century later, as many as 90% of inhabitants of the Czech lands were non-Catholic and some still followed the teachings of Hus and his successors.  
 Source: Wikipedia.com

Pillars Community Health Seeking New Volunteers 

Pillars Community Health is training new volunteers to work in its domestic violence and grief support programs. Pillars Community Health is a nonprofit provider of health, educational, and social programs; the organization is the result of a recent merger between Pillars and Community Nurse Health Center. Learn more at www.PillarsCommunityHealth.org.
The domestic violence team is offering a 40-hour training on domestic violence crisis intervention to prepare volunteers to serve on the 24-hour hotline, assist with tasks at the domestic violence shelter Constance Morris House, etc. Trainings will be held July 9-July 30 in La Grange Park. Training is free with a 6-month volunteer commitment. To learn more or register, contact Jacki Robertson at (708) 995-3805 or  jarobertson@pchcares.org
Buddy's Place, a grief support program for children ages 4-18 and their families, is training volunteers to serve as greeters or group facilitators at future gatherings with families.  Trainings will be held July 23-August 14 in Western Springs. Training is free with a one-year volunteer commitment. To learn more or register, contact Michelle Halm at (708) 995-3750 or buddysplace@pchcares.org.

Diocese of Chicago header
Peace in Israel and Palestine Debate

General Convention to consider resolutions from Chicago

News from the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago

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News from the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago.

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