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September 5, 2019   Emmanuel's E-News
Greetings from
Emmanuel Episcopal Church!

This Sunday is the Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost.
This is the longest season of the church year, lasting from Pentecost Day until Advent. The year following Epiphany and Pentecost is called Ordinary Time, and includes no major feasts. But it is a time for learning and reflection. The color of the season is green, symbolizing the life and growth of the church.

We look forward to seeing you in church! 

September 8 is the Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost

The liturgy changes in an important way after the Day of Pentecost. Rather than taking place within specific seasons, each with its own theme, this period does not have one overall theme. Each Sunday takes its theme from the Gospel reading for that day and from the biblical and liturgical meaning of Sunday as the Lord's Day.

RockWhat are you doing Friday night?
Rock in the Sanctuary returns
TOMORROW, September 6th, at 7:30!

A second band, Twin Jones , will join us at the Rock concert!

What are you doing Friday Night? How about attending this season's first Rock in the Sanctuary show at Emmanuel? Please support the fundraising efforts of the concert committee. 
Bring a friend, and put on your EEC name tag! This is a great networking opportunity to meet and greet many area residents who have never set foot in Emmanuel and brag about YOUR church! We are family friendly.  

Doors open at 7, Sept 6th, tomorrow- Friday!   
"A splendid time is guaranteed for all!"

With this concert, we are unofficially kicking off the 2019/2020 Music in The Sanctuary series, and we will share the details of the other concerts soon.

The really BIG NEWS is...
The series concludes on April 19th, 2020 with the Notre Dame Choir, direct from Paris! They will not be performing anywhere else in the Midwest, and Emmanuel Episcopal Church was chosen as the first stop on their USA tour.

Pipe Organ Project Ask Dan or George for more info.


Queen of Hearts Raffle coming soon!!!

Watch for details and dates of ticket sales and first drawing!

All Committee Night

This is just a gentle reminder that we have All Committee Night next Monday evening, Sept 9th, at 7pm. Come early if you want to chat and bring your own snacks to share (or not!). 
We will be preparing for the Fall and Christmas Season and of course the budget is just around the corner if you want to propose a project or venture. It is an opportunity for fun, fellowship and ideas.
Pastoral Care
Parishioner Interment Sunday, September 15th 

Many of you will remember that Hank Power sadly passed away in February this year. Eleanor will be joining us at the 10am service on Sunday, September 15 th , when we will be interring Hank in the columbarium shortly after the service. 
We will be hosting a special coffee hour to welcome Eleanor back to her Emmanuel family. We know she will be happy to see many old friends. 

It is that time of year again to consider participating in the liturgical ministries of the church. Below is a brief description of each and who to contact if you are interested in getting involved.  
Ushers - Matt Longo  mattlongo132@gmail.com 708-261-3147
Ushers greet people as they enter the church, and perform simple duties during the service, such as collecting the offering and directing the flow of parishioners to communion. Two ushers serve at the 8am service and the 10am service. Schedules are sent out by email, and individual ushers are responsible for switching Sundays with other ushers if a conflict arises on their assigned dates. This is a great way to practice the ministry of hospitality and connect with fellow parishioners. 
Lectors - Deacon Bill  williamrimkus@yahoo.com 708-705-5385
A lector is a member of the congregation who reads the lessons during the Sunday service. Lectors do not robe and usually read the lessons, psalm, and Prayers of the People from the lectern. Any adult or older youth may be a lector. Readings are mailed to the scheduled lector. Training is provided to anyone interested in this ministry to help them feel comfortable in their roles. Monthly Schedules are sent out to accommodate everyone's schedule.  
Chalice Bearers - Deacon Bill  williamrimkus@yahoo.com 708-705-5385
Chalice bearers robe in a cassock and surplice and serve the wine at communion. Chalice bearers participate in the procession and the recession and sit on the chancel near the altar. Training is provided to anyone interested in this ministry to help them feel comfortable in these roles.  
Acolytes - Andrew Dolliff  adolliff@gmail.com 773-350-1780 
The acolyte program at Emmanuel Church gives our children and youth the opportunity to become active participants in our worship services. Acolytes assist at each service in many ways such as helping prepare for the Eucharist, leading the procession into church and out into the world, and praying and singing along with the rest of the congregation. Many find that participating and sitting in up front gives the service a deeper meaning. Acolytes learn more about the church and also have fun!
Acolytes can be any interested young person grades 6 years old and up. When creating the schedule, we try to work around individual conflicts and if acolytes need to take some time off, we can arrange the schedule accordingly.
Altar Guild - Kathy Lampert  chumlampert@gmail.com 708-624-0021
The Emmanuel Church Altar Guild is a vital and important ministry of the church, preparing the chancel and sanctuary for all Sunday and weekday services, including baptisms, weddings and funerals. It includes care of the Eucharistic vessels and linens. There are four teams that rotate service for a week at a time throughout the year. The Altar Guild welcomes and needs new members, both men and women.
Choir - George Tarasuk  gwtarasuk@gmail.com  312-835-2526
The Choir is made up of men, women, and high school students. The Choir sings for most Sunday morning 10 a.m. services, in addition to a full range of festival services throughout the liturgical year. The Parish Choir rehearses every Sunday morning at 8:30-9:45 a.m. and Wednesdays 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at committee nights. 
We are looking for people to serve on formation, outreach, and parish life! 
If you are interested in being part of the planning committee please contact Rev. Ellen+ revellen@eeclg.org!
7pm Monday, September 9th (Fall Planning)  
The Benefits of Choral Singing

La Grange Home and History Tour  

We are excited to announce that Emmanuel is part of the 2019 Home and History Tour on Saturday, September 14th from 12:00 - 5:00.  

Guests will visit five unique homes as well as two historic buildings that are not residences and learn about the history and interesting stories behind these properties.  The tour offers a rare opportunity to enter some of the La Grange area's finest private homes and experience the architecture, design and collections that are treasured by families but rarely shared with the public.

Advance ticket prices are $30 for Historical Society members and $40 for non-members. Ticket prices increase by $5 on the day of the tour. Your printed receipt will be exchanged for your program guide at check-in locations, which are the at the Historical Society and Emmanuel Episcopal Church. Guests can then proceed through the tour in any order they choose.  

  • All Committee Night on Monday September 9th at 7pm; bring your own snacks
  • Vestry Meeting on Tuesday, September 24th
Short Takes Short Takes logo

Send us your news!  We would like to celebrate your and your family's achievements.  Did your child get into the college he/she wanted?  Did they make the honor roll?  Are they performing in a concert or play?  How about a work promotion or achievement for you or your spouse?   Let us know so your church family can celebrate with you.
Vestry Minutes  
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Emmanuel Weekly Schedule

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7:15 am- Contemplation & Meditation
Worship Schedule

8:00 am- Said Mass Rite II
10:00 am- Choral Mass Rite II

Planning an Event? Calendar


All event dates MUST be sent to the Parish Administrator so that they can be entered on the website calendar.  This is the master calendar.  If you are planning an event, click on the calendar graphic to find out if your event conflicts with other activities.   

Memorable Christians of the Past:  
Albert Schweitzer, Missionary

4 September 1965

Albert Schweitzer, theologian, philosopher, organist, authority on Bach, physician, and missionary, was born in 1875, son of a Lutheran pastor, in Alsace, then German but now French. (Alsace and Lorraine are two provinces lying between France and Germany, and for centuries they have belonged to whoever won the last war.) He studied at Strasbourg and at Paris, and around 1900 he became a doctor of philosophy and a doctor of theology, and was ordained to the Lutheran ministry and became a preacher and a lecturer in philosophy.

He became an outstanding organist, and in 1905 published a study of Johann Sebastian Bach. He simultaneously wrote a book called The Quest of the Historical Jesus, in which he argued that, of all the sayings attributed to Jesus in the Gospels, the ones that are most certainly His are the ones that give the impression that the end of the world is at hand. (Interestingly, the well-known group called the Jesus Seminar, which likewise sets out to rate the sayings attributed to Jesus with different degrees of certainty, has drawn the opposite conclusion, and rejects all the so-called apocalyptic sayings of Jesus as unauthentic.) Schweitzer himself drew the conclusion that Jesus believed in the imminent end of the world, that he was wrong, and that therefore he was not infallible or inspired or divine.

In 1905 he announced his intention of becoming a missionary doctor, and resigned his positions, giving up a brilliant career, to go to medical school. In 1913 he and his wife set out for Lambarene in Gabon (then part of French Equatorial Africa), where they built a hospital. His work there was interrupted by World War I. Since he was a German citizen, he was interned by the French as an enemy alien, and spent his prison time writing. He published his Philosophy of Civilization, in which he urged "reverence for life," a philosophy of compassion for all living things. (A visitor to Lambarene saw a mosquito on his arm and was about to swat it. Schweitzer saw it and said: "Think twice. Remember that you are a guest in its country.") After the war, Schweitzer returned to Lambarene and rebuilt his hospital, adding a leper colony. His autobiography, Out of My Life and Thought, was published in 1933. In 1952 he received the Nobel Peace Prize. He died 4 September 1965.

Source: justus.anglican.org
Remember This?

Painted by Deacon Bill, this game table will be auctioned during the Arts Festival (see below). Wouldn't it be wonderful if an Emmanuel Parishioner owned it? Parts of the proceeds come back to Emmanuel. 

It will be a fun event- last year Hadley Rivera-Weaver sang on one of the stages! Let's show our Emmanuel Spirit and join the fun!
Volunteers needed for West End Arts Festival

This is a promote Green volunteer opportunity, if anyone is interested,Please contact Dorren ASAP for details.
Diversity Days in La Grange
click image to enlarge

Amy Black Charity Concert @ City Winery

Nashville-based artist Amy Black returns to Chicago on Sunday, Oct. 6th, at 12:30PM to play a special blues and classic R&B brunch show for a powerful cause: Supporting Chicago-area survivors of human trafficking. A portion of the afternoon's ticket and merchandise sales will be donated to the non-profit Magdalene House Chicago to further their work with survivors of sex-trafficking.

Click on the image for more information

Upcoming Concerts at Emmanuel
And: a new way to order tickets!

Grazyna Auguscik & Jarek Bester- Friday, September 27 @ 7:30pm

The Phantom Carriage-  Saturday, October 5 @ 7:30pm

Black Tulip- Sunday, November 3 @ 3:00pm

Pat Mallinger & Co-  Thursday, January 23 @ 7:30pm

Cathedral Choir of Notre Dame, ParisSunday, April 19 @ 3:00pm and 7:00pm

Click HERE for more information or to purchase tickets.

The Last Word 

Diocese of Chicago header
Faith in Action: Walking with Immigrants

A video message from the Episcopal Church


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Volunteers Needed for West End Arts Festival
Diversity Days in La Grange
Amy Black Charity Concert @ City Winery
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News From the Diocese: Faith in Action: Walking with Immigrants
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Albert Schweitzer
Albert Schweitzer

This Sunday is the Thirteenth Sunday after
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