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June 2021
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5 Stewards of Children Conference for Camp Staff, Greene County Baptist Association Office,
9 am - 12 noon

10 Girls and Boys Camp Early Bird Deadline

13-14 National WMU Missions Celebration/Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN

15-16 Southern Baptist Convention, Nashville, TN

25 Baptist Home Golf Tournament, Rivercut,
8 am


4-10 GCBA VBS Mission Trip to Guadalajara, Mexico

5-9 SoulQuench Youth Camp, Baptist Hill

12-18 GCBA Soccer Mission Trip to Guadalajara, Mexico

17-24 SoulQuench Mission Trip, Omaha, Nebraska

26-30 GCBA Boys Camp, Baptist Hill

28 Pastors' Lunch


2-6 GCBA Girls Camp, Baptist Hill

GCBA Camp Dates 2021

June 5: Stewards of Children Conference for camp leaders, 9 am - 12 noon, Greene County Baptist Association Office. No cost.

All are welcome to attend, but we are specifically asking all camp volunteers and leadership to attend.
To register, please email or call the office at 417-869-2557.

June 10: Girls and Boys Camp Early Bird Deadline

July 5-9: SoulQuench Youth Camp, Baptist Hill

July 26-30: Boys Camp, Baptist Hill
August 2-6: Girls Camp, Baptist Hill
Pastors Wives are Amazing!
Robbi Haynes and Julie Swadley recently conducted a Pastors’ Wives event at South Haven that was a terrific success. It was well attended and the wives who came were encouraged and blessed by the panel discussion led by Ruth Marshall and Marsha Weatherford. The feedback has been strong. Women said the event was very helpful and exactly what they needed.
As this event unfolded, I realized that I’ve addressed the challenges and stress on pastors many times in this column, but I don’t think I’ve ever talked about pastors’ wives. That’s a failure on my part. I am the son of a pastor’s wife, the brother of a pastor’s wife and the husband of a pastor’s wife. I’m fully aware of the challenges pastors’ wives face and I should have addressed this earlier.
Pastors’ Wives are amazing women who face unique opportunities and difficulties. On the one hand, they have the great privilege of assisting their husbands in leading their church and ministering to the congregation. On the other hand, they encounter unrealistic expectations of church members that no woman could fulfill. Everyone in the church has a picture of the ideal pastor’s wife in their mind and they are all different! On the one hand, they have the blessing and responsibility to be a model for people in the church. On the other hand, they live in a fish bowl and feel like they are always on display.
Pastors’ Wives feel they must have the compassion and commitment of Joan of Arc, the toughness of Superwoman and the agility of Wonder Woman. They think they must raise their kids perfectly (with no smudges or dirt on shirts or blouses) and fill any empty role needed in the church (from nursery through senior adults). They imagine they must make the best casseroles ever eaten for all potluck dinners. You may smile, but it’s true!
Pastors’ Wives are a gift of God to their church. Furthermore, He has gifted each of them differently and each pastor’s wife has a unique role in her church only she can fulfill. She needs to be given the space and support appropriate to find that role and do it. Of course, the most important role she has is to stand by her husband’s side and be his greatest support. In fact, if she does that and nothing more, she will be an irreplaceable asset to her church.
When is the last time you did something special for your pastor’s wife or told her how much you appreciate her? When is the last time you specifically prayed for your pastor’s wife and asked the Lord to strengthen her and guide her with the challenges and stress she faces?
Determine to be an advocate for and encourager of your pastor’s wife! She will be overwhelmingly blessed; her husband will be empowered and your church will bear the fruit!
Thank you, Lord, for Pastors’ Wives! May the Pastors’ Wives of Greene County Baptist Association be all you intend for your glory and Kingdom advance.
Church Revitalization

Pastor’s “Lunch With a Purpose” featured a Church Revitalization seminar that took place on Wednesday, May 12th. It was led by Alan Brock, DOM from Shoal Creek Association, and Phillip Shuford, DOM from Tri-County Association.
Alan Brock told the group, “Churches that need revitalization but are not willing to work on being revitalized have one of three problems.

1. Sin - the church is not willing to listen and follow the Lord.

2. Success - thinking ‘we never did it that way before.’

3. Satisfaction - believing ‘we are good enough just like we are.’ ”
Attention Golfers!!!
June 25 | Rivercut
The Baptist Home in Ozark is taking over the GCBA annual golf tournament to be held at Rivercut on June 25 with tee time beginning at 8 am.
Registration information is available from
You may also contact Nick Davis at
Can you provide a scholarship for youth/children for camps?
Cost is:
$110 for Girls/Boys Camp
$165 for Youth, SoulQuench
Please send checks to:
GCBA, 834 W. Battlefield, Springfield, 65807
Stewards of Children Conference
June 5 from 9 am - 12 noon
Greene County Baptist Association Office
No Cost
“Do you know the 5 steps to protect children from child sexual abuse?” “How can I learn more about protecting children?”
All are welcome to attend, but we are specifically asking all camp volunteers and leadership to attend.
To register, please email or call the office at 417-869-2557.
Route 66 Tour
Franklin Graham
God Loves You Tour
Pastors’ Lunch July 28.
More information to come.
Hamlin welcomes Fraser Armstrong and wife, Christina.
New Hope welcomes Michael Johnson and wife, Janice.
Ty Harmon, Pastor,
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