April 3, 2020
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St. Bede's Announcements

Upcoming Virtual Worship Opportunities

Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday
(This year it will be "Branch" Sunday)

This Sunday (April 5) we will have 
Morning Prayer live on Facebook & Zoom (jointly) at 10 am
(We are going to experiment with streaming 
a live participatory Zoom gathering onto Facebook at the same time.)
Please cut blooming branches or branches with green leaves 
from your yard for 
the Liturgy of the "Branches"
and bring them to the virtual gathering.
We will also offer Compline on Zoom at 8 pm.

Instructions on joining both offerings will be posted 
on the St. Bede's website by Saturday afternoon.

Holy Week Schedule at St. Bede's

Palm Sunday - April 5
Morning Prayer with Passion Gospel
10 a.m. Live on St. Bede's Facebook & Zoom
Compline at 8 pm on Zoom

Maundy Thursday - April 9
Compline with Maundy Thursday Lessons
7:00 p.m. on ZOOM

Good Friday - April 10
Good Friday Liturgy
 with Meditations from Members of the Parish
Noon on Facebook Live

Easter Day - April 11
Morning Prayer 
10:00 a.m. on St. Bede's Facebook
Compline at 8 pm on Zoom

Links for you to connect to the St. Bede's services on St. Bede's Facebook & ZOOM
will be sent next week

If you would like to join the Easter Day service 
at the Cathedral of St. Philip,  a link will be provided.


Lent Madness Update

Molly Graves and Alyssa Sali 
are tied for first place  after the first round!

See Photos from Bishop Wright's 
March 8 visit  to St. Bede's 
shared with us 
by roving Diocese of Atlanta Photographer 
Bill Monk.


Sermons online

We have an archive of Sunday sermons on our website.  Check out the list of available sermons.  Each sermon lists the Gospel reading for that Sunday and many have a public domain painting that relates to the reading.  Filters on the right side of the page allow you to see all of the sermons for a particular speaker.

You can locate " SERMONS" under the "Connect with Us" heading on the website. 


In Our Prayers
John Pye, friend of Terry Cannon
Maddie Cannon, niece of Terry and Beth Cannon
Brooke Cannon, niece of Terry and Beth Cannon
Father Nick Cesaro, friend of Connie Coralli
Betty Russell, cousin of Suzanne Shapiro
Rick, Tammy & Katlyn Buck, friends of Nina Daniel
Junior Abraham
Craig Sturken, grandson of Dee Weems
Eliza Hamilton, friend of Sam Cameron
Peggy Allen , mother of Lisa Main
Dixie Snider
Ray Lampros
Suzanne Shapiro
Gwen Cordner
Arlene Means, sister of Larry Bing
Maggie Williams
Jim Sease
Mary Rodriguez
Hollis Pickett
Dixie Snider
Beth Cannon
Margie Klein, mother of Jody Klein
Ed Bennett , brother-in-law of Laura Martin
Anita Maloof
Lynn Edgar, mother of Beth Cannon
Nancy Waring
John Branan
Kerry Penney
Patrick Newberry, son of David Newberry, 
            stepson of Gretchen Berggren
Connie Aylor
Mark Ahlfinger, son of Jean Ahlfinger  
Carolyn Branan, mother of John Branan
Andy Matia and Darryl Schwartz, friends of Ann Foote
Brooke & Taylor Harty, granddaughters of Nancy Waring
Jim Ohl
Bill Stegall , friend of Jan & Jeff Swoope
Frances Bowen
Max Carpenter , grandson of Sarra David
Andrea Abelman , friend of Junior Abraham
Judy Penney , sister-in-law of Kerry Penney
Sydney Lund
Ann Foote
Helen Abraham
Cameron Maddox

For those who have died
Gordon Russell, cousin of Suzanne Shapiro

We give thanks for those celebrating birthdays this week
      4/6:  John Whitt
   4/10:  Rob Townes
   4/10:  Corlin Warlick
   4/10:  April Whitt
   4/11:  German Munguia
   4/11:  Jasmin Valenciano

Let's Stay Connected

In the season ahead, we would love for any of our members to share any personal reflections, poetry, or stories of hope that will keep us connected and lift our spirits. You can send them to:  connect@stbedes.org and we will offer these in the weekly e-newsletter or on Facebook.

This week we received the following offerings:

Jim Handsfield reflects on "A Different Kind of Lent":

Before Lent started, I, like so many others, thought about my Lenten discipline.  After an EfM discussion of systematic theology, I decided that's what I would give up.  One way or another we made our plans.

SARS-CoV-2 had other ideas.

Who of us dreamt that we would all be giving up close physical contact with one another?  Who dreamt that we would give up church for Lent? Who dreamt that Easter would find us staying home for our own protection and that of others?  I certainly didn't.

But that's what did happen.  It has been hard in so many ways.  Thank God I'm an introvert!

I still get out a bit.  I go shopping for groceries and other things I need about once a week.  I get out a couple of times a week to go to meetings when there aren't too many people in attendance, and we can keep our distance from each other.  Most days I take Petey out for a long walk.

While this discipline has been more or less forced on me, it is a force for good, particularly the exercise part.  I have time to reflect, to pray, to meditate, and to contemplate (occasionally disrupted by Petey jumping into my lap!).

One thing I've noticed is I've been given the grace to keep a good humor about this.  I'm in the high-risk group - diabetic, old, and my doctor tells me all diabetics are heart patients.  A triple whammy!  If I do get infected . . . well, I'll leave it at that. 

But life is life, and it goes blithely along not caring what I think about it.  My life is in God's hands, and I am grateful.  Nothing will befall me that God and I can't handle together.

I miss each of you, and wish God's blessings for you, and for you to stay safe. 
See you soon.

Muriel Diguette offers a piece of music she has found sustaining during this time:

I recently heard this on "NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts" and fell in love with it. I bought the CD "The Blue Notebooks" so I can play this over and over and over again. It's both haunting and redemptive.


QT Cards, Snacks and Vitamins and Analgesics

Thank you so much to all those who contributed QT gift cards and snacks for the Stewart Detention Center.  In the end we were unable to make the trip to Stewart last weekend given that a prison population is extremely high risk because of the close quarters.  However, I delivered the snacks and the QT cards to the program director of El Refugio, and she was so happy to receive them.  She said they are the number one things that families who visit their loved ones need because they often come from far away.  They can easily hand a juice pack and a granola bar or the like to the children in the back seat.  Please remember these families in your prayers as they experience continuing distress.

Thank you also to the amazingly generous congregation of St. Bede's that provided us with vitamins for children as well as adults and many analgesics (aspirin, Tylenol, ibuprofen, etc.)  We collected around 15,000 pills or so, and they are all nicely cataloged and organized, living in my guest bedroom.  We hope to return to Cuba and deliver all the pills late summer or early fall.  Thank you for your open hearts.  You are a gift to so many people!  As the Presiding Bishop said last Sunday in his sermon: "Be contagious in love and healing and help."  You are doing so.



Blessed To Be A Blessing Pledge Campaign

Thank you to all who have so generously responded by returning your Blessed To Be A Blessing pledge card. If you haven't yet returned your completed pledge card, additional pledge cards are available in the Connect Center.


Join with others from St. Bede's to visit detainees at the
Stewart Immigration Detention Center
St. Bede's congregation has the opportunity to visit detainees at the   Stewart Immigration Detention Center in Lumpkin Georgia on the following Saturday dates; we hope to visit three times this year. If you are interested in joining in this ministry for one or more visits, please sign up on the sheet in the commons or email Junior Abraham
     July            11,  2020 
    November   7,  2020 
We will leave St. Bede's at about 7:00 am and return in the afternoon. Orientation is required for first time visitors and will be provided at St. Bede's. English, Spanish, and French languages are spoken, as well as others. Visits are a maximum of one hour. This has been a blessing for those who have visited and we hope you will consider joining us.

Welcome to St. Bede's Episcopal Church

Welcome! We're delighted to have you here. You are invited to visit our Commons Area for coffee and conversation after the 10:00 service. There you will find parish life materials to the right as you exit from the church.
Here are some other ways to get better acquainted with St. Bede's.
  • Visit stbedes.org and sign up for the church's weekly email and learn more about the active life of St. Bede's.   Also visit St. Bede's Facebook page, another way to check out the activities.
  • Fill out a visitor information form located on the Visitor's table located in the commons area. Let us know more about you so we can be in touch.
  • Contact the church office, 770-939-9797, to be placed on the mailing list or learn more about the life of St. Bede's.
The Invite Welcome Connect Committee has dinners for our newcomers with some of our "seasoned" parishioners. These dinners help you connect with the activities and life of St. Bede's. If you are a newcomer watch for an invitation to an "Invite Welcome Connect" dinner.

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Help us be there for communities impacted by COVID-19

Last week the deadly spread of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus 2019) was officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Please know that all of us at Episcopal Relief & Development are praying for you and your loved ones in these difficult and frightening times.

While the full extent of the virus's impact is still not clear, and knowing what actions to take may feel uncertain, one thing we can always do is prepare. Now is a time to hold fast to our faith and continue on with hope. Or, as Luke 12:35-38 says, "Be dressed for action and have your lamps lit."

That is why Episcopal Relief & Development will continue to be that light for our neighbors in need right now. I hope you will join us 
by making a donation to our COVID-19 Pandemic Response efforts today.

COVID-19 is having wide-ranging effects - in our own church communities here at home and in communities around the world. 
Your support  today, will help us:
  • Provide our partners with critical resources to help local communities both immediately and in the long run
  • Ensure the most up-to-date and accurate knowledge about the disease is continuously shared, including training on personal and community preparedness
  • Help partners support high-risk communities who are most vulnerable to COVID-19
  • Adapt and act to meet the changing needs of those we serve as the emergency evolves
As you know, our preparedness and response work are devoted to helping communities recover and emerge stronger from COVID-19 and its devastating impact. Your support is critical in this, so please make a donation to our COVID-19 Pandemic Response efforts today.

Stay healthy and safe, and thank you again for keeping your lamp lit for your neighbors both here at home and around the world.

Yours faithfully,

Robert W. Radtke
President & CEO

P.S. As events surrounding the COVID-19 continue to unfold, we know it will be of the utmost importance to remain a source of hope and support for those who need us most. Please join us in putting our faith into action by  making a gift to our COVID-19 Pandemic Response efforts today.

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