New Councilman, Shaun Nemeth
After 8 years, Bob Marhefka has retired from Council. We should all thank Bob for his service. Shaun Nemeth was elected to a 4-year term in November and was sworn in on Tuesday. Shaun can be reached at
New Solicitor, Michael Barbera
After nearly 12 years as our Solicitor, Dan Rullo was elected as a Judge of the Somerset County Court of Common Pleas. Michael Barbera was appointed as our new Solicitor on Tuesday. Michael is well known to Council and has been Dan's back-up for most of 2017.
New Auditor
Joseph Scansaroli, our auditor for about as long as most of us can remember [at least 20+years], resigned earlier this past year. Council has appointed Wessel and Associates of Johnstown as our Auditor for our upcoming CY2017 audit. Wessel was instrumental over the past year reformulating our accounts/books and taking advantage of the full breadth of capabilities that our software (QuickBooks Pro) now offers, integrating payroll, electronic banking, direct deposit and our new e-Pay processes. They also have been requested to help us resolve nagging oversight issues inherent in a one-person office using new technology and best-practices from similar operations they serve.
e-Pay Boat Licenses, Service Corp, Water and Sewage Bills
More than 100 boat licenses have been processed via our new on-line system. The new 2-year licenses are popular with 2/3 of the licenses processed so far being for 2 years. What we have learned so far with our online/electronic processing is that the time savings and accuracy improvements are significant. The improved accuracy is due to transcriptions from handwritten paper forms being virtually eliminated. Immediate receipts, and not requiring copies/proof of insurance policies, have also gotten favorable comment. Feel free to send us your comments.

Dozens of folks have pre-paid their Water, Sewerage and Service Corp bills on-line as well, saving postage and handling costs; a win-win option. Paper bills will be mailed in the coming month for those who have not yet paid in advance. It's not too late to e-Pay in advance, and you can still e-Pay after you get your paper bill in the mail... e-Pay is voluntary.
Anglers' Club
The Anglers' Club is kicking off their 2018 Membership and Dues Campaign. Attached are a 2018 Application and a flyer showing some highlights from 2017. There are sure some nice looking fish in our lake, and we added even more this fall.