Boat Registration
Reminder, get your Boat Registration done and pay on-line. More than 500 registrations are now completed and processed on-line. We thank everyone for the support and encourage others to avoid the Memorial Day Weekend crunch. Registration and payment are two separate and distinct processes and you must complete both. The order in which you do them is not important, but most folks seem to believe it easier to register all your boats first and then e-pay for everything at once.
New Boating Ordinance
Council on Wednesday enacted new Boating Regulations, Ordinance 184. This 'complete' revision and recodification of the boating ordinance is the first comprehensive rewrite in more than 40 years. The regulations with respect to lake use are not that substantially different but there have been changes to improve lake safety and minimize traffic congestion. The complete recodification puts all the rules in one place, so you don’t have to search through the series of amendments to figure out what the rules are. Please familiarize yourself with the changes before the upcoming boating season. Ordinance 184 (12 pages) is available on the web site by navigating to Borough>Info>Ordinances. A direct link is below. As always, the Smoke Signals Forum is a good place to go for discussion and Q&A (all user-driven).  Click Here or the button below to go to the Smoke Signals Forum.
In and around the Lake...
The valve has been closed and the lake level is rising quickly. You may notice some improvements around the Lake this spring. The Boat Launch was inspected in the fall and found to be unsafe and in need of substantial repairs. The repairs look good, are quite sound structurally, and should last for a long time. Sediment ponds across North Shore Trail from the stumps were cleaned out as was the 'swimming/wading' area at Shoshone Park. [We never did get DEP approval of the work we wanted to do to prevent the stormwater overtopping of North Shore Trail that has been occurring once or twice a year since the hiking/biking trail went in, so we did what we could without it.] A number of folks took advantage of the lowered Lake level to do their own dock repairs as well. We feel we need to fix the stormwater overtopping North Shore Trail before we dredge the channel between Shoshone Park and Shoshone lots 31-35 since stormwater is the culprit carrying the sediment there. The road and drainage ditch work will not require a future Lake drawdown but the dredging will.  

The Lodge will re-open by the end of April. Rumors of the Lodge being sold are just that; rumors. We can remain hopeful a deal will still happen, though. In any event count on the Lodge being open for this season.

Northwinds is planning their reopening but certainly not before Easter. More snow is scheduled through all of next week.  

The Indian Lake Golf Club will not be reopening this spring. Last year's sale fell through, no buyers are currently in the picture, and we are looking at creative ways to keep the property viable as a community resource of some sort, rather than it being neglected and becoming overgrown. 

The Marina is gearing up for this year’s boating season so get your boats and dock-work lined up and stop by if you need something new.
Police News
We have a new Police Officer, Gerald Jerome, who is full-time. He and Chief Bellak will give us added coverage this season both on land and water. Chief Bellak, with Officer Jerome’s assistance, has established a Neighborhood Crime Watch program and so far it is having a great impact. Those interested in participating should contact Chief Bellak either by phone at 814-754-3231 or by e-mail at Chief Bellak has also announced plans to conduct a firearms safety course. For those interested, get in contact with Chief Bellak for information and scheduling.
Guest Fishing Permits
Any residents wanting a Guest Fishing Permit for 2018 can call the office or email . They will be available for pick up or to be mailed out in the next couple weeks. Details and requirements for Guest Fishing are outlined in Ordinance 172 (9 pages). A link is provided below.