We continue to be told there are still folks who have not gotten the message.

The Lake will be lowered by 3-8 feet between November 17th and February 23rd, as follows:

  • Valve fully opened 11/17/2017

  • The lake level will do what the lake/weather wants, eventually dropping to around -8 feet. Gut feel is it will occur over 2-3 weeks.

  • We will then attempt to regulate the lake level at -5 to -8 feet thru January. Weather rules...

  • During early to mid February we will try to regulate at -3 to -6 feet...

  • Valve fully closed 2/23/2018

The Marina has asked Council to support their efforts to get boats, lifts and docks off the Lake in a timely manner. Click below for a copy of a note from Brandon Mick, GM at the Marina.