Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!
Trash Pickup Delayed, by one day
Waste Management advises that with the Holiday, Monday trash service is delayed by one day, until Tuesday. Further, they will be starting earlier than normal on Tuesday to play catch-up and have asked that all trash be placed for pick-up Monday night. For details you can log in and read for yourself via the link box, below.
The first Weed Treatment is tentatively scheduled for June 18th and/or 19th, depending on weather. We need to stay off the Lake for the day, maybe 2. We are mentioning it now so you may plan accordingly.
Golf Course
At a Council Meeting on May 23rd, Council approved tendering an offer to purchase the ILGC. Details are still being hammered out.

There is also a plan in the works to keep it as a Golf Course, though public and not private. Details on that plan are being finalized as well.
Boat Licenses
As of Wednesday, all boat licenses were issued and either mailed or available for pick up. With the new on-line process 90-95% of the registrations and payments were done on-line and spread out pretty well from December through now. Feedback has been good. The single biggest nuisance was the 2 separate and discrete registration and payment processes. We have a solution to that (we think...) for next year and will be testing it out later this summer. The 2-year registration was popular and should ease the task even further next year, as well.
Borough Debt Restructuring
With enticement, encouragement and cooperation of 3 local banks, Somerset Trust, 1st Summit and First National, the Borough has embarked on a plan to combine cash in accounts to consolidate and pay off our higher interest dam debt and pay down others. Our residual debt should be around $2M, a far cry from where we thought we could be and from where we started.

The resulting interest payments will be less than half what we have been paying and budgeting. This should make possible paying the debt down completely in a few years, or continuing to lower taxes further and giving current taxpayers a bit more of a break, or maybe a little of both. The picture and strategy will be far clearer later in the Summer and into next year's budgeting cycle beginning in October.

Our sincerest thanks to 1st Summit, STC, and FNB, and to Council members, past and present, for putting us in this enviable position.
Route 30 Cafe Re-opened
Linda and Randy Musser have re-opened Route 30 Cafe for the Summer [on the way to/from Stoystown]. They are offering wines from Glades Pike Winery, sandwich fare, and foods/goods and gift baskets from a variety of local merchants. Click below for more info, or just stop by.