May / 2017
One Step At A Time
Rachel Michelin, Executive Director/CEO
I am sometimes asked why the work of California Women Lead is important and, honestly, I sometimes find myself asking the same question. California Women Lead has been around for over forty years, yes FORTY years (previously as CEWAER) and we are still focused on the fundamental reason we were founded - to increase the number of women in elected and appointed office.

In This Issue
California Women Lead's  LEADership Academy has hit Orange County and Sacramento,  and if it hasn't yet, is coming to a city near you!  Our  LEADership Academy   is about giving women skills, practical action items, and a statewide network to increase representation in the public arena through elected and appointed office.  Four carefully curated modules have been created that focus on the areas of Professional, Personal, Political and Policy. Stay tuned for more information on our  LEADership Academy sessions coming in the fall!

CLICK HERE for a recap of the Sacramento session held on May 5th! 

CLICK HERE to hear Executive Director/CEO Rachel Michelin discuss the Academy on KFBK! 
Run Like A Girl
Fiona Ma
Fiona Ma, Chairwoman of the State Board of Equalization
Immediate Past President, CA Women Lead

Why is run like a girl , scream like a girl, or cry like a girl one of the most insulting things you can say on the school yard? Why in movies do we see girls relegated to the damsel in distress, the absurd scientist running through the forest in high heels, or the romantic sidekick? Society has instilled in all of us that women are the weaker gender - to be compared to a woman has been an insult since before I can remember.

Member Spotlight
Alicia Berhow Vice President of Workforce Development and Advocacy,  Orange County Business Council 
President, California Board of Accountancy 

What does leadership mean to you?
Leadership to me means learning new things, taking opportunities and experiences and using them to solve problems or advance the cause, either in our community or in our profession. 

Women In Politics Symposium Inspires 
Recently, California Women Lead teamed up with the North Orange County Community College District to host our first "Women in Politics Symposium." It was a great success! We hosted a day-long event filled with powerful women leaders serving in elected and appointed office.  The day opened on a high note as  Mona Pasquil , Appointments Secretary for Governor Brown, challenged young women to take risks and get involved. 

UnitedAg Legislative Days
California Women Lead is proud to partner with UnitedAg on their inaugural women's leadership academy.  Mirrored after our own statewide LEADership Academy, our partners
hip with UnitedAg includes modules focusing on leadership  
development, advocacy, personal leadership journey and the State Budget.  Women meet throughout the year at sessions moderated by California Women Lead.

If you are a member and have an accomplishment to share, email admin@cawomenlead.org
and we will include it in an upcoming newsletter!

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Membership with California  Women Lead starts at just $75 per year and provides you with significant  discounts to all CA Women Lead events, exclusive resources to help you run for office, apply for an appointment, or develop your leadership skills, and access to The Insider e-newsletter. 
It is because of our members - who support us financially, and inspire us mentally - that we are able to ENGAGE - EMPOWER - ELECT more women into office! 

Thank You To Our Statewide Corporate Partners

Thank you to our statewide corporate partners. These organizations share our passion to engage women in elected and appointed office and share our nonpartisan mission to ENGAGE EMPOWER ELECT.  We would not be successful without their continued partnership. 
If you are interested in joining California Women Lead as a statewide partner, please contact Rachel Michelin at rachel@cawomenlead.org.

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