Update to Ordinance Pertaining to Pets
At Monday night’s City Council Meeting (September 16, 2019), Councilmembers voted unanimously to approve updates to Chapter 4 of the city’s Code of Ordinances, which pertains to your pets and animal protection in the City of Lakeway. Updates to the ordinance reflect legislative changes and methods to further protect the health and safety of animals and the public. 

Some of the updates include:
  • Licensing an animal is no longer a requirement in the City of Lakeway. The updated ordinance requires having traceable identification for the animal, which can include microchips, tags and tattoos. 

  • Updated information on the regulation of acceptable restraints of animals, including acceptable leash and stationary tether conditions. This includes a revision prohibiting an animal to be tied or staked in close proximity to public sidewalks, passageways or commercial building.

  • Updated fees to include a general impoundment fee of $50 ($100 for repeat offense) per day for a first offense.

  • There is a permit fee for kennels, breeders and commercial vendors of $250 per year. 

For more information on changes to the Code of Ordinances pertaining to animal protection, visit our website Lakeway-tx.gov .
Tips for Keeping Your Trees Healthy in Dry Weather
While parts of Southeast Texas are experiencing devastating flooding as a result of the most recent tropical system, Lakeway still remains relatively dry after months of very little rainfall - less than half an inch so far this month according to the LCRA. A few showers were reported recently, but that has not quenched the thirst of plant life. Unfortunately, more high temperatures and low rain chances are expected the next week.

Here are three tips from the City Forester on keeping your trees hydrated in dry weather:

  • Mature trees should be watered every 10-15 days until the dry spell breaks. Young or stressed trees should be watered every 5-10 days. After an inch of rain, the dry spell is broken (for the trees). 

  • Newly planted trees need to be watered more frequently than established trees. They should receive water once a week, every week for the first two years, with or without drought. If there is more than an inch of rain, there is no need to water that week.

  • A screwdriver can be used as a soil probe to help determine when it’s time to water. Typically, a screwdriver will not penetrate dry soil. If you can sink the screwdriver 6-8 inches into the ground, the soil has enough moisture to sustain the tree.  

Visit the Tree Care page for links to detailed watering instructions.
Councilmember Donates Infrared Thermal Camera to Police Department
At Monday evening’s City Council meeting (September 16, 2019), City Council voted unanimously to accept a donation by Councilmember Louis Mastrangelo of a handheld infrared thermal camera valued at $3,586 for the Lakeway Police Department’s Animal Protection Services. It measures the variance of temperatures in several different fields. Lakeway Police Chief Todd Radford mentioned the hope is to not only use it for the animal protection officer, but also officers at night in heavily wooded and vegetative areas to look for animals and people. 
NEW: Heritage Donations Added to Leibelt Cabin

Gwendolyn Wunneberger, now in her late 80s, recently made a generous donation of historical items from her time living in and around the Lakeway area. She lived with her husband in the Liebelt Cabin at one time, which is now a historical landmark in the city. She had the chance to meet Mayor Cox and City Staff as they prepared the cabin for the Heritage Trail Tours happening today (Friday, September 20).

Some of those items include a farm house wood stove, sickle-bar mover and planter from a goat farm once here in Lakeway.

Follow this link to read more about the Liebelt Cabin. F ollow our Facebook page ( facebook.com/cityoflakeway ) and Instagram account (cityoflakeway) for some great pictures of the items.
NEW: Restroom Facility Added to City Park

Last week crews began installation of a new permanent restroom facility on the lower level of City Park. It is stone masonry with metal arches and matches other similar restrooms throughout the park. The new facility also includes a water fountain system with a bottle refill option that has a cooling system.

The new facility should be officially open to the public soon!

Visit the City Park page of our website to read about other amenities.
Saturday, Sept 21 @ 8:00 a.m.
Sunday, Sept 22 @ 4:00 p.m.
Thursday, Sept 26 @ 9:00 a.m.