August 2, 2019
Recycling for Monday, August 5th: Cans, Bottles, Plastics, Other
 Please place trash and recyclables in an easily accessible location by 7:00 AM. Contact the hauler directly at 442-8390 with questions or concerns. Please note: the trucks used are dual functioning. Trash and recyclables are collected together but placed in separate compartments within the truck.
The new 2019-20 Recycling Schedule is here!
The new schedule begins with July 1st. Stop into Town Hall for a color copy, or you can print one HERE.
Upcoming Meetings
Tues., August 6, 2019 - Board of Health Mtg. - 5:00 PM
Fri., August 9, 2019 - Municipal Bldg. Cte. Mtg. - 5:30 PM
Emergency Alarm System to be Tested Regularly
Emergency System Alarms will be tested to be sure that the Emergency Weather Alarm is functioning,
What's New in Richmond?
The Richmond Fire Department's Annual Chicken Barbeque
Coming on August 8th at 6:00 PM at the Fire House. Tickets have been selling very quickly, so be sure to get yours before they are all gone. Tickets are $18.00 each and are available at the Fire House on Monday nights.Fire Dept. Reps. are also going door-to-door so be on the lookout.
Berkshire Botanical Garden Presents
Dog Days of Summer on Sunday August 18th from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Families and the family dog can enjoy a canine-friendly day at the Garden with interactive activities, workshops, demos, swimming pools, dog ice cream, vendors, food, and more!

Please observe the following:
1 dog per adult - no retractable leases - all dogs must be licensed and properly immunized, attended and supervised at all times by a person 18 years of age or older. A waiver of liability must be completed before dogs are admitted to the Garden

General Admission to the Garden will be charged (members free)
Dogs $5.00 admission (will benefit the Humane Society)

More information, rules and regulations visit
Richmond Land Trust 2019 Photo Contest

Get Out Your Cameras!

The Richmond Land Trust’s annual photo contest celebrates the beauty of our community. Besides the incredible views, the wildlife and fauna make us stop and enjoy the moment. 

The deadline for submissions is August 8, 2019. Entry forms will be available at Town Hall, the Richmond Post Office, the Richmond Library, and Bartlett’s or are now available on the Richmond Land Trust website at <> Forms can also be requested by sending an email to: <> .

The winners will be announced at the RLT Pie Social in September.

The Richmond Town Beach
Town Beach opened this year (with Lifeguards) on Saturday, June 15 th. Hours remain Tuesday – Sunday 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Gate closes at 7:00 PM. Weather permitting. 
Richmond School Council Members Needed 
The school council consists of the school principal, parents of students attending the school, teachers, and community members. The school council  meets a few times throughout the year to assist principals in the following areas:

  • Adopting educational goals for the school that are consistent with local educational policies and statewide student performance standards
  • Identifying the educational needs of students attending the school
  • Reviewing the annual school building budget
  • Formulating a school improvement plan

If you have any questions or are interested in serving on the school council please contact Jill Pompi at or 413-698-2207.
Tech Talks with Candy at Richmond Library

The library is hosting a new monthly program called "Tech Talks with Candy". This half hour program will explore different aspects of technology available today. It is our hope that this new service will aid our patrons in navigating the digital world.

Schedule of Dates / Subjects

August 29th: Your Apple phone (Submit specific questions in advance.)

September 26th: Your iPod Touch

October 31st: How to digitize your old cassette tapes

November 21st: Genealogy searching on the internet

December 26th: How to take a “selfie”

January 30th: How to use a flash drive

February 27th: Keyboard shortcuts

March 26th: How to download and use iTunes

April 25th: Those YouTube videos
Film Discussion Group at the Library
Film Club meets the second Thursday of every month for discussion. Watch the featured movie of the month on your own and any other suggested movies with the same subject or theme.

Richmond Library will have some copies available through inter-library loan. Most can be found on Netflix or Prime Video.

For the Thursday, August 8 th Meeting at 2:00 PM: 

“Heaven Help the Working Girl” is the theme 
The featured movie is “Molly’s Game” and the
other movies to view are “Baby Face”, “His Girl Friday”, “Working Girl” and “9 to 5”.
Richmond Library's Annual Seasonal Basket Drawing
Any patron who visits the Richmond Library may enter a ticket and have a chance to win a seasonal basket! Our current basket theme is “The 50 th Anniversary of Woodstock” and the drawing will be Saturday, August 31.  
Free Delivery of Library Materials to the Homebound
The Richmond Free Public Library is pleased to offer delivery of library materials to our Richmond patrons who are home-bound. Arrangements to have items delivered to and picked up from your home can be made with staff members. (Please note this does not include items that have been Inter-Library loaned from other libraries)

Call for eligibility requirements: 413-698-3834
Protecting Perry’s Peak
That’s the campaign to raise Richmond Land Trust’s share of the cost of adding 340 acres of land at Hollow Fields, the preserve off Perry’s Peak Road. The Land Trust has already raised almost half of its share – $125,000 – and the Conservation Commission has provided $125,000 from its land conservation fund. Berkshire Natural Resources Council is also providing $125,000.
This extra protection for the western slopes of Richmond – a range of hills we all enjoy – is being purchased from Berkshire Farm Center in Canaan, NY. Richmond Land Trust is seeking donations, large and small, and hopes a maximum number of residents will sign on to the project. The area will be accessible to the public free of charge and will provide trails to the Taconic Crest Range.
Donations may be made on the Land Trust web site at or by sending a check to Richmond Land Trust, P. O. Box 21, Richmond, MA 01254. All gifts are tax deductible. Brochures with additional information are available at Town Hall and the Richmond Free Public Library.
June 22, 2019
TO: Town of Richmond Taxpayers
FROM: Paul A. Lisi, Jr. - Treasurer/C011ector
RE: I st Preliminary Tax Installment Due on August 1.2019

The Preliminary Tax Bill(s) for Fiscal Year 2020 real estate, personal property, and sewer betterment were mailed on June 28, 2019. The Preliminary Tax Bill(s) for real estate and personal property cover the period July l , through September 30, 2019 and October l , through December 3 1, 2019. The Sewer Betterment Bill(s) cover the period July l , through September 30, 2019.

The due dates for these bill(s) are August 1, 2019 and November 1, 2019. If payment is received after the bill due date, interest will accrue from the due date until the date payment is received at the rate of 14%.
A bright orange sheet of paper was included with the mailing which included useful information in regard to the receipt of the tax bill and how it may be paid.
If you have already paid the installment due for August l , 2019 please disregard this notice.

Paul A. Lisi, Jr.

This Sign Could Save Your Life...!!!
Every minute counts in an emergency, so please help us find your house quickly. Custom 911 signs can be purchased by calling Chief Traver at 413-329-7153. The cost is now $20.00 for a custom sign. You can also install your own numbers if you would prefer, but please make sure they are at least 3" in height and in a prominent place. Please help us help you!!!

There are a number of 911 Emergency Plaques in Town Hall that were ordered many months ago and never picked up. If you ordered one of these and your house number is: 1834, 105, or 604 please arrange to have it picked up and paid for.


The Community Health Association
offers Blood Pressure Screenings every Thursday from 9:00 - 10:00 AM at the Congregational Church. No appointment needed. For more information about additional free skilled nursing services, such as home visits for residents, contact Emilie Jarrett, RN, at 413.232.0122, email: website:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Flu Clinics will start the week of October 7 th

The Community Health Association of Richmond and West Stockbridge is offering free flu shots for eligible residents over the age of 19 years in both communities. For information about influenza, visit: the Center for Disease Control’s web site: .

Mondays and Wednesdays 9-10 am
except major holidays


Monday, October 7 th 5:00-7:00 pm
                                       Monday, October 21 th 12:00-2:00 pm

          Every Thursday: 9:00 am 10:00 am (except major holidays)
                            Wednesday, October 9 th 12:00-2:00 pm
                            Tuesday, October 15 th      5:00-7:00 pm


Tuesday, October 29 th 5:00-7:00 pm

For more information, contact Emilie Jarrett, RN., BSN.

Community Health Association of Richmond and West Stockbridge
21 State Line Rd. - PO Box 368
West Stockbridge, MA 01266
Tel: 413.232.0122
Helpful Resources
Office Hours

Board of Assessors: Tuesdays 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Wednesdays 1:00 - 4:00 PM

Conservation Commission Agent: Wednesdays 9:30 - 12:00 N
Always call for an appointment - 413-298-0044

Board of Health: Wednesdays 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Building & Zoning: 1st, 2nd, 4th Wednesdays 9:30 - 11:00 AM

Board of Assessors: Tuesdays 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Wednesdays 1:00 - 4:00 PM

Council on Aging: Mon -Thurs, 10:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Town Clerk: Mon - Wed 8:00 - 3:00 PM, Fri 8:00 - 12:00 PM
Useful Links

  • Info about Burning Permits can be found HERE.

  • Town of Richmond taxes can be paid online HERE.

  • Apply for building, gas or plumbing permits HERE.

  • We're here to help! Contact Town Hall staff HERE.
Volunteer Opportunities

Current Opportunities
The Board of Registrars is made up of representatives from both major political parties. We are currently in need of a Richmond Democrat to serve in one of these positions. For more information, please contact our Town Clerk, Marie Ryan, at:


The Richmond Recreation Committee has member openings 

The Board of Registrars has an opening for a new member.

The Council on Aging is in need of a new member.

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is looking for two (2) new members to serve as alternates. 
The Affordable Housing Committee is short two members, specifically those with a background in Construction or Law. 
Field Driver and additional volunteers to assist in the occasional round-up of livestock when a local farmer is in need. 
Transportation Rep . This volunteer position would require attendance at quarterly meetings to represent the town's interests and work closely with the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission. 

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the positions listed above, please contact the Town Administrator at 413-698-3882 or via email at
Events & Announcements
Richmond Consolidated School
Follow this link to read about some exciting changes for Richmond Consolidated School. If you are interested in receiving the school's weekly newsletter and other updates please sign up here.
Council on Aging
Click HERE for rate schedule and policies.

Exercise Classes with Christine Faber
Mon.-3:30 PM @ Richmond Cong. Church - Yoga
Wed.-3:30 PM @ Richmond Cons. School - Tai Chi
Thurs.-11:15 AM @ Town Hall - Osteo Exercise
Fri.-3:30 PM @ Town Hall - Line Dance
Want to join? Sign up with Christine at 413-243-2497
Police Department - Firearms Permits
Applications for new and renewals of LTC's and FID's can be accessed on the Richmond Town Website

Your completed application and a check or money order made payable to the Town of Richmond must be submitted at the time of your appointment.

Chief William Bullett will be available for questions at 413-698-2691 or 413-822-5971. Download application here .
Community Health Association
The Community Health Association offers Blood Pressure Screenings every Thursday from 9-10 AM at the Congregational Church. No appointment needed. For more information contact Emilie Jarrett , RN: 232-0122.
Richmond Free Public Library
The Richmond Free Public Library offers many museum passes for around the Berkshire area. The passes admit anywhere from 2-4 people per pass for free or discounted admittance. Learn more here.
From the Tax Collector
 Real estate, personal property, sewer betterment, and sewer operation and maintenance bills for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2019 were due on May 1, 2019. Payments that are not received by that date are subject to late payment interest.
Interest begins to accrue immediately following May 1st and is charged at the annual rate of 14%. Please contact the Tax Collector for the amount that is due after May 1st.
Please ensure any payment made through a third party, such as a bank, clearly shows the bill year (2019), the bill number and the type of bill. If paying the bill directly, please include the “ Remit Copy” with your payment. Payments received without a reference as to the year, tax type or bill number will be returned.   
Please note when you received your tax bill due for 02/01/2019 there were two “Remit Copy” Coupons with this bill. One was clearly marked for the payment due on 02/01/2019 and the other is clearly marked for the payment due on 05/01/2019. The top third of the bill is a summary of taxes, the middle third of the bill is the “Remit Copy” coupon for the 05/01/2019 payment, and the bottom third of the bill was the “Remit Copy” coupon for the 02/01/2019 payment. The next set of bills will not be mailed out until late June of 2019 and will also include two “Remit Copy” Coupons. One will be clearly marked for the payment due on 08/01/2019 and the other will be clearly marked for the payment due on 11/01/2019.
Sewer users, please note that a quarterly bill will continue to be mailed for each quarter due. Sewer operation and maintenance bills will continue to be mailed out in late March of each year being due on May 1 st  of that year.
Initial, demand and warranted motor vehicle excise tax bills have been mailed based on several 'commitments to collect' issued to Richmond by the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Please do not ignore these bills! Significant fees and interest can accumulate on bills not paid by the due date.
Motor vehicle excise tax bills that have been warranted now need to be paid through the Deputy Collector's Office. The Deputy Collector, Arthur P. Jones, can be reached at (413) 527-2388 or online at .  
Around Town
Richmond Reads
A free parent/child playgroup for children up to age 5 meets on Thursdays from 9:30 - 10:30AM in the School Library. Activities include circle time with stories, felt board and songs, and table top time with manipulatives and crafts. For information contact Jessica Maloney , South Berkshire Kids Program Coordinator, at 413-464-5095.
Need Food or Fuel Assistance?
You may be eligible for financial assistance from your friends and neighbors right here in town. Contact the Berkshire Community Action Council (BCAC) at 413-445-4503 or visit their website. All correspondence is strictly confidential.
Please Note: Persons in Richmond eligible for emergency fuel assistance are also eligible for food assistance through the South Congregational Church Food Pantry located at the rear of the building at 110 South Street in Pittsfield. Pantry hours are: Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 - 11AM and Wednesday evenings from 5:30 - 6PM.