Vol. 23 - 2018
April 5, 2018

Saturday, April 14, 2018

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KIA Flag Raising Ceremony
At Historic Courthouse, April 16, 3pm
The Hunterdon County Freeholder Board will hold an official Killed In Action (KIA) flag raising ceremony at the Historic Courthouse on Main Street, in Flemington, on April 16 th at 3 pm, Freeholder John W. King has announced.

Freeholder King said, “April 16 th is recognized this year as Patriot’s Day – commemorating the battles at Lexington and Concord in 1775, which are remembered as the start of the American Revolution. I believe it is a fitting day to officially raise the KIA flag, as at the battle of Lexington, eight colonial minutemen were the first American soldiers killed in action in defense of our liberty, freedom and independence.

The KIA flag serves to honor the hundreds of thousands of American service members that have been killed in action in defense of our nation. That sacrifice deserves recognition.” 

Freeholders Award Open Space Grants
That Preserve 230 Acres In Municipalities
The Hunterdon County Freeholders, at the April 3 rd Board meeting, approved the preservation of 230 acres of open space in four communities, through municipal and cooperative open space grants, as recommended by the County’s Parks and Open Space Advisory Committee.

Freeholder Director Matt Holt noted, “One of the purposes of the open space fund approved by the voters is to provide our municipalities and non-profit conservation groups with financial assistance in their efforts to preserve land. The mission is to work collectively to preserve the appropriate farmland acreage and to enhance our open space parklands.”

‘Text To 9-1-1’ Feature Available
For Emergencies When
A Call Cannot Be Made

“Call when you can, text when you can’t”
The statewide text to 9-1-1, an alternative method of reaching out for help in critical or dangerous situations, is available to everyone in Hunterdon County, Freeholder John E. Lanza reminded residents, at a recent Freeholder Board’s meeting.

Freeholder Lanza, the Board’s Public Safety liaison, said, “There are circumstances in which people witnessing suspicious activity, people in danger, or people desperately in need of medical help cannot talk – but are able to text. When citizens find it unsafe to talk, or for those with hearing impairment, texting is a 9-1-1 option in Hunterdon County and the entire state.

With the recent events at the Parkland High School in Florida, where students and teachers were trapped in the school, weighing heavily on our minds, this is a timely reminder that all residents should be aware of the text 9-1-1 emergency contact option.”

Hunterdon Employees Join Freeholder Deputy Director Suzanne Lagay, Surrogate Susan Hoffman And The
Healthy Hunterdon Workforce Initiative At The
'National Move More Day'
i nformation corner
Hunterdon County Parks and Recreation Department has many opportunities for everyone to be involved during the month of April.


April 26
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J. Matthew Holt  
Suzanne Lagay 
Deputy Director
John E. Lanza
John W. King 
Shaun Van Doren

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Anthony P. Kearns III
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