February 28, 2015

What's Happened at SpiritualityandPractice.com

A robot with heart. Big Hero 6, winner of the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature is now available on DVD. It about a robot who models love, compassion, and gentleness. More DVDs.


Deep listening. A Contemplative Approach to Understanding Other Religions by Blake Burleson contains wisdom on the practice of hospitality. More books.


Out-of-the-box ideas. The Hot Belly Diet by Suhas Kshirsagar & Kristin Loberg explains Ayurvedic approaches to dieting and renewing energy.


A sobering expose. Crucified People by John Neafsey examines the invisible wounds and trauma suffered by victims of torture around the world.


A disturbing documentary. The Hunting Ground is a documentary about two heroic young women who have led a crusade against the indifference of American universities to women who have been raped on campuses. More films.


A radiant new CD. Soul Feathers, Sandi Kimmel's fourth studio album, is a gem with 12 spiritual ballads. More music.


Blending action and contemplation. Healing Day by Day by Marci Alborghetti is a daybook with meditations and prayers for those who yearn for Divine healing and help.


Caregiving crisis. The Age of Dignity by Ai-Jen Poo and Ariane Conrad offers solutions to some of the major challenges facing those who look after elders.


Compassion for Self. Through the Flames: Overcoming Disaster Through Compassion, Patience, and Determination by Allan Lokos is the true story of a meditation teacher who used Buddhist practices as he was recovering from a plane crash that left him with burns over 33% of his body.


Idealism in action. Code Black is a riveting documentary, now on DVD, where doctors are calling for more emergency room "mercy medicine."


Cross-generational caring. Cyber-Seniors is a uplifting Canadian documentary now on DVD that shows teenagers teaching elders how to use computers and the Internet.


Living in peace. Peace Is an Offering by Annette LeBox is a children's picture book in which children identify definitions and signs of peace. More children's books.


Academy Award-winning performance. Eddie Redmayne gives an amazing and empathetic performance as physicist Steven Hawking in The Theory of Everything, now on DVD. Our review focuses on the partnership model of marriage exemplified by Steven and his wife Jane.


Not our pick for Best Film of the Year. Oscar winner Birdman, now on DVD, was not one of our favorites this year, but it does present a few fresh takes on middle-age, the popularity of social media, and celebrities in America.


Looking for a place to call home. McFarland USA is a feature film, now in theaters, that focuses on a middle-aged cross-country coach who finds fulfillment in an unexpected way and place.


Making the most of solitude. One of our recent "Spiritual Readings of the Day" was an excerpt from Seeds of Faith by Jeremy Langford.


The spiritual benefits of silence. Thich Nhat Hanh offers elegant Zen insights into this spiritual practice.


Jesuits in training. The Jesuit Post edited by Patrick Gilger presents essays by young priests on the presence of God in all things.


Indian devotional practices. Sacred Sound by Alanna Kaivala delves into the meaning of mantras and kirtan chanting.


A listening ministry. Wanted: A Spiritual Pursuit Through Jail, Among Outlaws, and Across Borders by Chris Hoke presents many creative ways to be with others.


Things with extraordinary powers. Enchanted Objects by David Rose charts future changes in our interdependence with objects that have been augmented and enhanced through the use of emerging technologies.


The latest hot topic - mortality. In our "Civility and Spirituality" blog, we review the history of the death cafes movement. More blog posts.


A personal monster. That's what a little girl seeks in Marilyn's Monster; it will be her friend and playmate.


Children transforming anger. Peace, Bugs, and Understanding: An Adventure in Sibling Harmony by Gail Silver teaches Buddhist practices for dealing with common emotions.

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Recommended from Our Wisdom Archive

The shadow side of politics. House of Cards is back for its third season streaming from Netflix. Kevin Spacey stars as Frank Underwood, who has clawed his way into the U.S. Presidency. His equally manipulative wife, Claire, is played by Robin Wright. This series is a meditation on Henry Hurwitz's observation: "The heart declines when power mounts to the head." Catch up with the themes of this addictive TV series with our review of Season 1. More coverage will come.


The 12s Galleries. Darren's been so busy reformatting our content for the new site's design that he hasn't been able to do a new 12s gallery. So this is a good time for you to visit the ones that are done. There are galleries on the 37 practices in the Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy, plus some extra ones.



Resources for Your Spiritual Journey to Carry You

Through the Week

A Proverb to Ponder
"The reputation of a thousand years may be determined by the conduct of one hour."
- Japanese Proverb


A Pearl of Wisdom
"I am a string in the concert of God's joy."
- Jacob Boehme


A Short Prayer
"Play in this universe. Tend
all these shining things around you:
The smallest plant, the creatures and
objects in your care.
Be gentle and nurture.
- Anne Hillman in WomenPrayers by Mary Ford-Grabowsky


A Quotation to Inspire
"In all things in nature there is something of the marvelous."
- Aristotle


A Blessing from Us to You
"May God give us light to guide us,
Courage to support us,
And love to unite us,
Now and evermore."
- from "God At Every Gate" by Brendan O'Malley