November 7, 2019
From Mayor Leonard Desiderio...

What a wonderful autumn season we are having here in Sea Isle City! For the most part the weather has been beautiful, plus we have had terrific festivals and other seasonal gatherings that have delighted countless people. Case-in-point, the City’s Recreation Office hosted a very successful Trunk-or-Treat event on Halloween Night that was attended by over 15 local families and organizations, who distributed candy from their vehicles to nearly 150 trick-or-treaters.

A “behind the scenes” event that occurs each autumn in our community is the excavation of the Diamondback Terrapin Turtle nesting sites that were created several years ago behind the Sea Isle City Library at 48 th Street and the Bay. Led by Steve and Sue Ahern, of Sea Isle Terrapin Rescue, this year’s excavation of the “Turtle Gardens” involved a small army of volunteers who carefully and meticulously dug through the sand in each nesting site and unearthed dozens of live hatchling turtles.  READ MORE

From The Members of City Council...

In recent months, the concept of constructing an indoor municipal swimming pool at 4501 Park Road (the former public school facility) has been a popular topic of discussion for the people of Sea Isle City. From the start, it was very clear that many individuals have strong opinions about the construction of a swimming pool – both for and against the idea.

In order to help City officials determine whether or not to build a swimming pool, a decision was made to add a non-binding referendum to the November 5 election ballot and also to create an online survey – both of which would ask the simple question: “Do you want a pool or not?” READ MORE

Promenade Lighting
Fishing Pier & Kayak Launch
Storm Water Pump Station
Milling and Paving
Roadway Reconstruction
Utility Improvements

"Pool?" or "No Pool?"

In an effort to help City officials determine whether or not to build a municipal indoor swimming pool at 4501 Park Road (the former public school property), the City created an online survey that asked property owners to vote “Yes” (build a pool) or “No” (do not build a pool). During the survey, which was available to Sea Isle City property owners from October 23 to November 5 (Election Day), 2,552 respondents voiced their opinions (including 33 who did not have access to the internet and submitted paper versions of the survey). 79.3% of survey-takers indicated that they use their Sea Isle City properties seasonally or rent-out their properties; and 20.7% indicated that they are year-round residents of Sea Isle City.

The results of the survey are as follows: 

·         76.2% = “No” (do not build a pool)
·         23.8% = “Yes” (build a pool) 

In addition to the online survey, the City also placed a non-binding referendum on the November 5 election ballot that asked the same question regarding the possible construction of a swimming pool. Initial tallies from the voting machines along with the initial mail-in ballot count from the Cape May County Election Board indicate that 489 voters said “No” to a swimming pool and 386 voters said “Yes” to a pool. These election figures reflect the unofficial General Election Results for November 5, 2019 (still pending the final vote by mail and provisional vote count).

The Sea Isle City Police Department
is an Accredited Agency with
The New Jersey State Association
of Chiefs of Police

Sign-Up and Stay Aware...

The Sea Isle City Police Department wants to keep you aware of important community information such as Hazardous Weather Alerts, Public Safety Alerts, Traffic Congestion, Police Activity and other relevant information. Anyone can sign-up to receive urgent emails, phone calls and text message from the S.I.C.P.D. – and the service is secure and reliable, with no-charge to users! You can sign-up at the Police Home Page on the City’s Municipal Website or by clicking the link below…

Curbside Trash & Recycling Collections Will Be One-Day Later Than Usual Next Week

Due to the Veterans Day holiday, there will be no curbside trash or recycling collections on Monday, November 11, and all curbside collections will take place one day later than usual next week (Monday’s collections will take place on Tuesday; Tuesday’s collections will take place on Wednesday; etc.).
The City’s Trash & Recycling Drop-Off Depot (located adjacent to the Sea Isle Bridge) will be open on Monday, November 11, from 7:15 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. For more information about Sea Isle City’s trash and recycling regulations, please phone 609-263-6000 or go to http://seaislecitynj.us/public-works.aspx .

New Recycling Guidelines : D ue to limited end-markets and increased contamination potential, the Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority has announced that their Recycling Program is changing. The following items are no longer accepted for recycling and should be disposed of as trash:
·         Shredded Paper
·         All Bulky Mixed Rigid Plastics (all hard plastics regardless of size and color, examples include plastic laundry baskets, plastic toys and playhouses, plastic lawn furniture, empty plastic trashcans and plastic coolers)

Honoring Those Who Served on November 11

Sea Isle City’s annual Veterans Day Ceremony takes place at 11:00 a.m. on Monday, November 11, at Veterans Park, JFK Boulevard and Landis Avenue, where Mayor Desiderio and other dignitaries will honor America’s veterans and thank them for their service. The ceremony will include the laying of wreaths at the base of the fountain at Veterans Park, the singing of patriotic melodies, and a presentation by representatives from South Jersey Quilts of Valor, who will wrap four local veterans in handmade quilts. The rain location for this event is inside the Municipal Gymnasium at 4501 Park Road (in the former public school). For more info, please phone 609-263-4461, ext. 1245.

Volunteers Excavated Local "Turtle Gardens"
and Discovered Many Baby Terrapins

On October 26, volunteers working in harmony with the Sea Isle City Environmental Commission and The Wetlands Institute carefully excavated the two Turtle Gardens (nesting sanctuaries) located behind the Sea Isle City Library at 48th Street and the Bay. The Turtle Gardens, which were created four years ago, serve as nesting sites for Diamondback Terrapin Turtles – and they give turtles the opportunity to lay their eggs without crossing Sea Isle City’s roads during the busy summer months. The Turtle Gardens have continued to evolve during the past few years and now have net-covered boxes that make the spaces completely predator-proof. READ MORE

Don't Miss The Fun November 22-24

The Sea Isle City Chamber of Commerce and Revitalization will host their annual Autumn Girls Weekend from Friday, November 22, through Sunday, November 24, featuring great offers at nearly 40 participating businesses throughout Sea Isle City – such as discounts on retail merchandise, food and drink specials, deals on salon and spa treatments, and much more. For more information or a list of Girls Weekend specials, please phone 609-263-9090 or visit www.seaislechamber.com .

Professions and Services
in Early Sea Isle City

In 1881, about 12 seconds after Charles Keith Landis threw open the doors to Sea Isle City, its first business was launched – that of selling land to whomever he could coax to invest in his new island utopia. Landis established the initial infrastructure for Sea Isle. In effect, along with the ever-present ocean and the newbie railroad, he himself was the infrastructure. But he needed lots of help to build a self-sustaining city. READ MORE

Regular Maintenance Ensures Reliability

During the month of November, Sea Isle City's Water Department will flush-out the water distribution system through the fire hydrants and exercise water valves throughout town. Semi-annual hydrant flushing is required to ensure that hydrants and the water distribution systems are functioning properly and can provide the proper drinking water quality (thus providing adequate water flow when needed). This is also a requirement for the Water Quality Accountability Act.   If a hydrant is being flushed near your home or business, we encourage you to avoid using washing machines, dishwashers or other water using devices during flushing operations. Residents can expect very little disruption in their water service - if any. However, low water pressure and possible water discoloration may occur. In the event of discoloration, simply allow water to run from the tap for a short while until clear. These conditions are not harmful and are usually short term. For additional info, phone 609-263-6000 (ext. 11) or email: dteefyjr@seaislecitynj.us .
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Do You Wish to Speak With a City Official?

If you have questions or concerns, there is no need to wait for an upcoming City Council meeting to express your thoughts. You can contact the head of any City Department to obtain the answers you need. For a complete list of contact information, visit our Municipal Website, www.seaislecitynj.us , or phone City Hall at 609-263-4461.