COVID-19 Update
This week, Travis County moved from Stage 4 to Stage 3 of Austin Public Health's (APH) Risk-Based Guidelines. Hospitalizations have continued to drop, along with the positivity rate, which according to the last set of data was at 7.6%. The lower number of individuals on ventilators and in ICU with COVID-19 also contributed to the decision to lower the stage level. While the lower stage does offer guidelines that shopping/dining could be less restrictive and those in higher risk groups should not gather in groups greater than 10, APH still encourages individuals to continue to practice the appropriate safety protocols related to social/physical distancing, and wearing proper face coverings. The County and State Orders related to gatherings not to exceed 10 individuals and face coverings for instance still remain in effect. Click here for more information.

The number of new reported cases in Travis County dropped by close to half over the past week, while hospitalizations in Central Texas have also declined. There is an average of around 19 daily hospitalizations over a seven-day period in the region (compared to around 27 this time last week). There are currently 172 individuals hospitalized with COVID-19 in our five-county area, down from 227 last week. Click here to review the latest information on hospitalizations.

There have now been a total of 26,239 cumulative COVID-19 cases reported in Travis County. That number is up by 886 compared to this same time last week, 1,635 the week before that, and 1,462 the week before that one. It's estimated there are around 724 active COVID-19 positive cases in the county according to the state dashboard. For the three zip codes associated with Lakeway (78734, 78738, 78669), there have been 500 cases identified to date, which is up by 24 compared to the same time last week, and up by 25 comparing with the week before that. Click here for more details and to view the tracking tool, which includes an interactive map to see cases by your zip code.

Please continue to wash your hands regularly, practice physical/social distancing, and wear a proper face covering in public. Thank you for helping keep our community safe during this difficult and unusual time.

Alphabet Game Enters Final Weekend
The virtual Alphabet Hide and Seek Game is coming to a close this weekend. The city's parks and recreation department has placed several letters throughout our parks and city property with a number attached. If you're able to use the numbers and letters to unlock the secret phrase on our website, you could win a prize! Last week we revealed a clue here in our newsletter on where one of those letters is currently placed, and we have another clue included in the picture to the left. The last day to enter the contest is Sunday, August 30. Please submit your unlocked phrase to and we will announce a winner and/or winners next week. Click here to learn more, and to download maps and the entry form. Good luck!
Available Activity Programs To Join
There are several adult and youth activities available to sign up for and participate in now and coming up in September at the Activity Center. For youths, there are several sports programs, yoga inversion classes for pre-teens, baby sitter's training, and even a new Kidventure remote learning circles class to help students accomplish their academic curriculum in a camp-like atmosphere. For adults, there are Chair Yoga classes, along with Yoga for Well Being, Outdoor Tai Chi, Adult Tae Kwon Do and Pickleball. Classes are performed with the proper social/physical distancing guidelines in place. For more information, please visit our programs page or click here.
NEW: WWII Veteran Honors

The 75th Anniversary of the end of World War II is Wednesday, September 2. Before the pandemic, the Fourth of July theme was going to pay tribute to those who fought in World War II. Archivist Mike Boston has researched those still living and/or veterans families living in Lakeway and was able to identify 52 who served in World War II. Many of those individuals are part of the nearly 500 WWII veterans memorialized in Heritage Park on the Freedom of Spirit Monument, which was dedicated in 1995 on the 50th anniversary of the ending of WWII. Of those 52 veterans, 14 are still with us today. Two have also served in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. One is 104 years old this year. The City is preparing special certificates signed by the Mayor that will be safely delivered to homes of these veterans and/or their families Wednesday. We'll have more information next week as we proudly honor these brave veterans. We thank you for your service!
NEW: Art Installations Refurbished

The City of Lakeway has several wonderful sculptures and art installations put in place and maintained by our Arts Committee as part of the city's Art in Public Spaces. Committee Chair Janet Wright, who was also Volunteer of the Year in 2019, has been busy during the pandemic making sure those sculptures and installations are in great shape for our residents and guests. The Gateway Sculptures at the North and South entrance to the City on RM 620 were recently refurbished by Janet. Additionally, other art installations like "The Game" statue (pictured above) donated late last year near the Municipal Court recently had a touch-up, even with some proper face coverings added to the two figures. There are many other wonderful art installations along Lakeway Drive and Lakeway Boulevard, along with at the Activity Center and sculpture garden near the Municipal Court building to stroll by and view. Click here to learn more.
THIS WEEK IN HISTORY (August 23 - 29):
  • 708: Copper coins minted in Japan for the first time
  • 1609: Galileo Galilei demonstrates first telescope to Venetian lawmakers
  • 1775: King George III delivers rebellion proclamation; American Revolution
  • 1791: John Fitch granted U.S. patent for the steamboat
  • 1814: British troops invade Washington D.C., many gov't buildings set ablaze
  • 1845: First issue of Scientific American magazine published
  • 1859: Petroleum discovered, leading to first commercially successful oil well
  • 1859: Geomagnetic storm disrupts electrical telegraph service; Carrington Event
  • 1898: "Brad's Drink" re-branded Pepsi-Cola
  • 1904: The automobile tire chain is patented
  • 1914: Japan & Italy declares war on Germany in World War I
  • 1916: U.S. National Park Service is created
  • 1932: Amelia Earhart becomes first woman to fly across U.S. non-stop
  • 1944: Paris is liberated by the allies in World War II
  • 1949: Treaty creating North Atlantic Treaty Organization goes into effect
  • 1958: U.S. Air Force Academy opens in Colorado
  • 1963: Reverend Martin Luther Kind, Jr. gives "I Have A Dream" speech
  • 1966: Lunar Orbiter 1 takes first photo of Earth from orbit around Moon
  • 1991: The World Wide Web is opened to the public
  • 1992: Hurricane Andrew hits Florida, causing $25 billion in damages
  • 1997: Netflix launched as an internet DVD rental space
  • 2003: Mars makes closest approach to Earth in nearly 60,000 years
  • 2006: Pluto now considered dwarf planet by International Astronomical Union
  • 2012: Voyager 1 becomes first man-made object to enter interstellar space
  • 2017: Cat 4 Hurricane Harvey makes landfall in Texas, causing $125 in damages
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