COVID-19 Update
Mayor Sandy Cox gave an update on the latest with COVID-19 and answered resident questions in yesterday's Facebook Live update. Click here to watch that video. The number of new cases in the county has risen slightly since last week, while hospitalizations has dropped slightly. With an average of around 36 daily hospitalizations over a seven-day period in the region (compared to around 40 this time last week), Travis County is now at the higher end of what could initiate Stage 3 restrictions (or loosened restrictions). However, the county remains in Stage 4 for the time being to ensure hospitalizations continue to decline and there are not a sudden uptick in cases. There are currently 313 individuals hospitalized with COVID-19 in our five-county area, down from 355 last week. Click here to review the latest information on hospitalizations.

Due to the pandemic, the Movies In The Park showing of Peanut Butter Falcon has been cancelled for this evening. Please continue to check back on our website for the latest updates on closures and cancellations.

There have now been a total of 22,256 cumulative COVID-19 cases in Travis County. That number is up by 1,791 compared to this same time last week, 1,526 the week before that, and 1,956 the week before that one. It's estimated there are around 1,519 active COVID-19 positive cases in the county. For the three zip codes associated with Lakeway (78734, 78738, 78669), there have been 421 cases identified to date, which is up by 29 compared to the same time last week, and up by 36 comparing with the week before that. Click here for more details and to view the tracking tool, which includes an interactive map to see cases by your zip code.

Please continue to wash your hands regularly, practice physical/social distancing, and wear a proper face covering in public. Thank you for helping keep our community safe during this difficult and unusual time.

620 Median Project Begins Monday
The RM 620 median project is scheduled to start on Monday, with crews creating new raised medians and turning options on the middle section from Bella Montagna Circle to Lohman's Crossing Road. According to TxDOT, the project will mainly take place during the overnight hours from around 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. It may require some lane closures and detours, but portable message signs should be on site to help guide vehicles. Once complete, the safety improvement project will create new turning options and raised medians similar to those currently in front of the Wendy's on RM 620 and Lohman's Crossing Road. The project itself is fully funded by TxDOT. If you have any questions, email the project's transportation engineer at
Taking A Trip? 'House Watch' Can Help Put You At Ease
It's the middle of Summer and typically a time when many families decide to take a vacation and spend time away from home. With COVID-19, the pandemic has changed the way many have been planning summer trips. However, if you do plan to leave your household for an extended period of time, the Lakeway Police Department has a free program available to help keep an eye on your property while you're away. Officers will do checks on your house for unusual or suspicious activity. If something suspicious is uncovered, the police department will attempt to reach the homeowner. The department's House Watch program is a free service for residents. Click here for more details, including an online form you can fill out.
NEW: Fishing Derby Winners

Thank you for everyone who participated in the Parks & Recreation Department Virtual Fishing Derby. We received more than a dozen submissions, which included photos and even videos of some pretty amazing and unique catches the past few weeks. The winner for Biggest Catch went to Cooper Webb with a 20" fish; Smallest Catch went to Dane Miley for his 3.75" catch; and Most Unique Catch went to Preston Greenwood for a video of a quick small catch. Winners were presented at the Activity Center with special gift baskets. Click here to see the winners and their catches. Nice work!
NEW: Reading Challenge Success!

The Lake Travis Community Library (LTCL) Summer Reading Challenge ended the last day of July with the community surpassing the 100,000 minute reading goal. Overall, the community read more than 160,000 minutes in the past two months during the challenge. Since the reading challenge goal was surpassed, Friends of the Library donated $500 to two local charities, including Lake Travis Crisis Ministries. Way to go! LTCL also wants your input on a survey about their virtual programming and other input. Click here to take the survey, available in both English and Spanish.
THIS WEEK IN HISTORY (August 2 - 8):
  • 1100: Henry I crowned King of England
  • 1492: Christopher Columbus sets sail from Spain
  • 1693: Dom Perignon credited with invention of champagne
  • 1776: Signing of the U.S. Declaration of Independence
  • 1782: George Washington orders badge to honor wounded soldiers; Purple Heart
  • 1789: U.S. Department of War established
  • 1790: First United States Census Conducted
  • 1861: U.S. levies first income tax to help pay for Civil War efforts
  • 1870: First underground tube railway (subway) opens in London
  • 1873: First cable car begins operations in San Francisco
  • 1908: Wright Brothers make first public flight in France
  • 1914: First electric traffic light installed in Ohio
  • 1923: V.P Calvin Coolidge becomes President after death of President Harding
  • 1926: Harry Houdini spends 91 minutes underwater in magic trick
  • 1934: Adolf Hitler becomes Fuhrer of Germany after death of Pres. Hindenburg
  • 1944: Diarist Anne Frank and family arrested in Amsterdam
  • 1945: Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, killing tens of thousands
  • 1965: President Johnson signs Voting Rights Act of 1965 into law
  • 1974: President Nixon announces resignation from office of the President
  • 1977: U.S. Department of Energy created through law by President Carter
  • 1990: Iraq invades Kuwait, eventually leading to Gulf War
  • 2007: Barry Bonds breaks record with 756th career home run
  • 2012: NASA "Curiosity" rover lands on the surface of Mars
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