Electronic Chapter Newsletter Update
April 2015 Issue

Welcome to the NEW Electronic Version of the Desert Cities Mitchell Paige MOH Chapter of the 1st Marine Division Association Chapter Newsletter, " SCUTTLEBUTT"
Save the Date: April 8th MCAGCC BASE TOUR

7th Marines have arranged for a special tour of training facilities at 29 Palms.  We will meet at the Visitors Center, outside of the main gate, and be picked up by bus for breakfast at the Chow Hall.  Then we will head out to Camp Wilson for the live fire range.  There will be a static display of various weapons.  Then we will put on our flak jackets and helmets and take a turn firing a M-4Carbine or M-16 on the range.


We will then head to a Combat Town to watch the 1st Battalion 7th Marines do a live assault.  Last month, LtCol David Hart was our Guest of Honor and talked about their training and preparations for their deployment to the Middle East in September.


Lunch will be MRE's.  (Much better than the C-Rations I experienced).  We will end our visit at the 7th Marine Regimental Headquarters for a tour and social with the command.  We should wind up and be ready to saddle up and head for home by 1400. 


We will car pool from here.  We have volunteers to drive so we will work out who is riding with who, etc.

Executive Board
George Stettler
Vice President 
Richard Partee
James E. Sullivan
Sergeant At Arms  
Bruce Takacs
Michael Holquin
Robert Shepard
Quit Villanueva
Past Presidents
Bill Ping, 1998-2002
Joseph A. Daily, 2002-06
James E. Sullivan, 2006-09
Quintin Villanueva, 2009-12
Richard Partee. 2012-14


Eric Floyd has joined the Chapter.  He served 1967 - 1972 with several Air Wings.

He is employed as a Geologist and resides with his wife Pamela in Palm Desert. 

Nick Walz recruited Floyd.


The City of Palm Desert is planning a barbecue for the Marine families of the 3rd Battalion 7th Marine Regiment who are deploying soon for the Middle East.  The City has brought in a lot of support from suppliers and others.  The event will be held at 29 Palms for the convenience of the families living there.

Circle Friday, June 26th and plan to be there to support the first City of Palm Desert event for the 7th Marines.  More information coming.

Colonel Mike Walker Visits Palm Desert
Mike Walker, who last summer relocated to the Boise area, returned to speak to home owners at Indian Ridge Country Club. Walker talked to them about the Global Threats to the United States.

We received over $6,000 in donations from home owners supporting the event. Thanks again to Bob Shepard for organizing and promoting the event to his fellow home owners.
March Luncheon Meeting Report

We hosted Col Bargeron, LtCol Spurlock and SgtMaj Lane and Mayor Susan Webb, Immediate Past Mayor Van Turner and Ryan Stendell, Senior Planning Analyst for the luncheon.

Col Bargeron briefed us on their April deployment and where they will be positioned in the Middle East.  He will have Osprey's with him and F-18's to support the

Regimental Combat Team that he will have available.

Jensen's Easter Fundraiser Event
Matt Zack has invited us back to raise money at their Palm Springs and Palm Desert Stores.  We plan to do this on Friday April 3rd and April 4th.  Thank you Mike Bales, Charlie Knickerbocker, Jim Larsh, Howard Lehman, Vince Mast, Jack Mennis. George Moffatt, Gene McClendon, Dave Mourhess, George Moffatt, Jim Olson, Dick Partee, Bill Ross, George Stettler, Jim Sullivan and Bruno Takacs for volunteering to man the shifts at the two stores.  We anticipate heavy store traffic as shoppers do their Easter Weekend buying.
Save the Date: April 16th Monthly Luncheon
The Guest of Honor will be Lt.Col. Jared Spurlock, Executive Officer, 7th Marine Regiment. He will report on how the Regiment Combat Team is doing on their deployment.
Plan to join us. Make your reservation now (760) 901-5494 or contact Bruno Takacs via email at  bvi@yahoo.com
Save the Dates: May Events
MAY 6TH:   Annual DHSHS MCJROTC Promotion and Awards Ceremony. Annual event is held at the high school gym building. Cadets will receive their promotions. Top graduating cadets will receive awards for their outstanding  leadership. Our Chapter will present the SEMPER FI Award to Cadet Spandler.  Spangler will graduate in June and has enlisted into the Marine Corps.   Since we have become a major financial donor for the MCJROTC program, please plan to join us. Well be running the ceremony. Plan to be there by 1900. Program will run a little over an hour.

MAY 20TH. May Luncheon Meeting, Classic Club. LtCol Carl Lewke, USMC (Ret.), Senior Instructor, DHSHS MCJROTC will be the Guest of Honor. We are planning on a special presentation so please plan to be there.
Thank You, hope you enjoyed this month's new E-Scuttlebutt Newsletter.