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November 14, 2019
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College Application Help

College Application Help
Every Tuesday in November 
at lunch & after school in the 
College and Career Center
Great opportunity to work 
on your application or essay. 
Counselors will also be 
available to answer questions.

Griffin Lab

Calling all Griffins! 
After school homework help is available! 
If you need a little extra help with homework, or a quiet place to study, come by the Media Center after school from 2:37-4:00pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays! Our awesome and highly qualified LAHS teachers are available to answer questions and lend some help during this time. 

Archives of the Catching Up with 
the College and Career Center 
E-Newsletters are available here.
What's Going on in the 
College and Career Center? 
Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! Here are a few things to keep in mind...
  • College Applications- Apps are due soon! Make sure you are keeping up with the deadlines, and get things submitted early!  

  • Community Service, Job Openings, On and Off Campus events will continue to be updated in the College and Career Center E-Newsletter and bulletin boards in the College and Career Center

Skilled Trades Fair
On October 30th, we hosted the first-ever 
Skilled Trades Fair here at 
LAHS and it was a huge success!  

This event gave students the chance  to talk to 
apprenticeship programs, as well as 
community college certificate programs,
 and  learn about different options for 
students after graduating high school. 
These conversations will allowed students to
 successfully research and connect to  the 
ever-growing, lucrative skilled trades workforce.

Industries included: 
- Electrical  -Medical Assisting  
-Automotive Technology   -Sheet Metal 
  -Operating Engineers (heavy equipment)    
-Automotive Collision Repair   -Fire Science    
-Welding   -Dental Assisting   
-Plumbing/Pipe Fitting -Carpentry

A big "thank you!" to our presenters, and to our awesome students!   

Cypress College Senior Fieldtrip
Last week, a group of 45 senior students were able to attend Connect2Cypress- a free event at Cypress College to showcase all the the college has to offer. Students began with an introduction to the Majors 2 Careers walk, where students had the opportunity to learn about different career paths and majors. Students also heard presentations on the Cypress College Charger Experience, How to Finance Your Education, and How to Apply, as well as information at the Resource Community Fair. 

Thank you Cypress College for this 
great experience!

More Community College fieldtrips will be  
available to Seniors in the Spring!

Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines

*Scholarships for Seniors are available mostly in the Spring. We will be making announcements when they become available.

Available now:
- Rossmoor Women's Club Scholarship: Due January 16, 2020. Applications available on Naviance, or in the College and Career Center.
Visit these sites for free resources on college and scholarship searches: 

Here are some ongoing job opportunities:  

Current Job Listings are available on the Job Board in the College and Career Center, come pick up a flyer 
today  for more information!

fo r more information on job permits, and entertainment permits.

On Campus Student Events
Saturday, November 16th- 7:30am

Off Campus Events
Please support our athletics teams and performing arts programs at their fall events!


Need a Letter of Recommendation? 
Seniors, do you need a letter of recommendation for your college or scholarship applications? Here's the best way to get one!
1. Log on to Naviance, and fill out the 2019-2020 Senior Brag Sheet under the 'About Me' section, under 'My Surveys', and then 'Surveys Not Started'. 
2. Take a printed copy of your Brag Sheet to any teacher/coach/counselor that you are asking a letter from, along with any addressed envelopes that might be needed for that person to mail in your letter (some may be electronic, it depends on the school's requirements). 
3. Don't forget to give the letter writer plenty of notice, and say "Please" and "Thank you!". 
4. It's always a good idea to follow up with a 'Thank You' note- remember that these letters take time and thought when being written!

U.S. Naval Academy- Midshipman Night
What Does It Take To Become A Midshipman? What is it really like at the Academy? 
The Naval Academy Information ("Blue & Gold") Officers 
of Orange County cordially 
invite you to the annual: 
USNA MIDSHIPMAN NIGHT 2019 For Candidates and Parents 

WHERE: ARGYROS FORUM, Second Floor; Room 208 386 N. Center Street, Chapman University, Orange, CA

RSVP is required. 
College Planning Calendar for Seniors
  • Online submission opens for UCs on Nov. 1st and closes on Nov. 30th. Complete UC application early- do not wait until end of Nov, and keep a hard copy of your application!
  • Remember the CSU application deadline is also Nov. 30th.
  • Continue working on all applications/essays.
  • Register for CSS profile if any of the colleges you are applying to require it.
  • Begin working on your FAFSA
  • Send SAT or ACT test scores to all schools to which you are applying that need them.
  • Finalize and send any early decision or early action application that is due this month. It's a good idea to have a parent, teacher, counselor, or other adult review the application before it's submitted.
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