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December 19, 2019
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Griffin Lab

Calling all Griffins! 
After school homework help is available! 
If you need a little extra help with homework, or a quiet place to study, come by the Media Center after school from 2:37-4:00pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays! Our awesome and highly qualified LAHS teachers are available to answer questions and lend some help during this time. 

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the College and Career Center 
E-Newsletters are available here.
What's Going on in the 
College and Career Center? 
Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! Here are a few things to keep in mind...  
  • Community Service, Job Openings, On and Off Campus events will continue to be updated in the College and Career Center E-Newsletter and bulletin boards in the College and Career Center

  • Seniors should be on the lookout for scholarships, and complete their FAFSA for financial aid!

Senior Scholarships & 
Financial Aid

As we approach scholarship season, 
here are some recent scholarships that we wanted to feature! 
Please note the deadlines, as well 
as where to find the applications, 
and where they will be turned in. 
1. Alert1 Scholarship
Open to students interested or involved in senior care, or hoping to provide care for seniors in their future.
This scholarship application is available at
Deadline is: January 10, 2020
2. Rossmoor Women's Club 2019-2020 Scholarship Grant
Open to all students.
A paper application is required, along with a short essay and letters of recommendation.
This application is available to download and print on Naviance ('Colleges', 'Scholarships and Money', then 'Scholarship List'), or hard copies are available in the College and Career Center.
Deadline is: January 16, 2020. Must be turned in to the Counseling Office to Mrs. Ford-Patterson by 3:00pm.
3. National Charity League Scholarship
Open to high school senior girls who have a genuine desire to continue their education.
Applicants must:
-Demonstrate proof of financial need
-Have a GPA of 2.5 or higher
-Submit a completedNational Charity League, South Coast Chapter Application
-Interview with NCL South Coast Chapter's Scholarship Committee
*Please Note: All eligibility requirements must be met. 
This application is available to download and print on Naviance ('Colleges', 'Scholarships and Money', then 'Scholarship List'), or hard copies are available in the College and Career Center. 
Deadline is: January 22, 2020. Must be turned in to the College and Career Center by 3:00pm on 1/22/20.

4. Life Reimagined Ventures
This organization is offering the following scholarships aimed at students with certain backgrounds or abilities
-Life Reimagined First-Gen Scholarship, due December 31, 2019
-Elevate Women in Technology Scholarship, due April 1, 2020
-Elevate Mental Health Awareness Scholarship, due April 1, 2020
These scholarships will all be available online at Please visit the site for more information and application.
5. Golden West College Scholarships 
Open to any students that will be attending Golden West College in Fall 2020.
A paper application is required. There are several scholarships available through this one application; please read the descriptions carefully while choosing which scholarships you would like to be considered form.
This application is available to download and print on Naviance ('Colleges', 'Scholarships and Money', then 'Scholarship List'), or hard copies are available in the College and Career Center. 
Deadline is: April 3, 2020

Regardless of what type of school you are attending after graduation, you should complete the FAFSA as soon as possible! The deadline is March 2nd, but the sooner it gets done, the better! 
Create an FSA ID number (both the student and one parent need to sign up for an ID number), 
and you and your parents can complete the FAFSA in no time! 
Make sure you only visit (no other websites will be authentic).

Rotary Student of the Month
Congratulations to our 
November Student of the Month, 
Joshua Garcia-Kimble!
This outstanding student 
participates in our ROP/CTE programs, and 
was recognized by the 
Los Alamitos/Seal Beach Rotary Club.

Joshua is a senior in our engineering program. Mr. Valenzuela says, "Joshua demonstrates that he is a dedicated learner as he applies himself to learn and apply new engineering concepts daily. Although he is new to the engineering pathway, he makes himself available to take on activities and projects that challenge his thinking, which is why I enjoy having him in my class."

Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines

*Scholarships for Seniors are available mostly in the Spring. We will be making announcements when they become available.

All applications and more information can be found on Naviance under the 'Colleges' tab

Available now:
Alert1 Scholarship 
Due: January 10, 2020

Rossmoor Women's Club Scholarship 
Due: January 16, 2020

National Charity League Scholarship 
Due: January 23, 2020

Life Reimagined Ventures Scholarship 
Due: various dates

Golden West College Scholarship
Due: April 3, 2020

Visit these sites for free resources on college and scholarship searches: 

Employment & Internships
Here are some ongoing job opportunities:  

Current Job Listings are available on the Job Board in the College and Career Center, come pick up a flyer 
today  for more information!

Internship Available: 
Digital Marketing firm is looking for students interested in servicing a variety of local and national businesses with their marketing and advertising. We are seeking highly motivated students who are interested in learning about the world of marketing/advertising agency.
To apply or to get more information contact Christine Teng at or call (310) 384-2951.

fo r more information on job permits, and entertainment permits.

On Campus Student Events
Winter Break
December 23-January 6
Happy Holidays
See you back on January 7, 2020! 

Off Campus Events
Please support our athletics teams and performing arts programs at their fall events!


College Planning Calendar for Seniors
  • Continue working on essays/applications for any private colleges and out of state colleges with Winter/Spring deadlines. 
  • Check email (and junk/spam folder) for important emails from colleges 
  • Complete all testing (SAT/ACT); this is the last test date for some colleges
  • Complete your FAFSA application! Deadline is March 2
  • Send thank you notes to teachers and counselor for recommendation letters they wrote and sent for you.
  • Start or continue your search for community and college scholarships.
  • If you were admitted somewhere by early decision, you must formally withdraw all other applications; this opens up spaces for other qualified students.
  • Check all email accounts for requirements and deadlines; check your spam folder to ensure an important email is not stuck there! Respond quickly to any requests for information regarding an incomplete application!
  • Check to make sure all applications were received (email receipts) 
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