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May 29, 2019
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What's Going on in the 
College and Career Center? 
As we near the end of the school year, here are a few things to keep in mind...
  • Seniors- Congratulations! We are so proud of you and can't wait for you to come back next year and tell us all about the amazing things you are doing! Don't forget, you will always be a Griffin! 
  • Work Permits are required for any high school student to work, both during the school year and the summer break. During the summer break, work permits can be processed through the LAHS front office, which will be located at Oak Middle School. 
  • SAT/ACT tests are recommended for students in the spring of their junior year, and fall of their senior year. Signs ups are only available at (SAT) and (ACT)
To all students- have a wonderful summer! 
We look forward to seeing you for the 
2019-2020 school year!
North Orange County ROP Awards
On May 15, North Orange County ROP and the Career Education Foundation honored students at the 46th Annual Celebration of Success Award Ceremony. Instructors and Career Guidance Specialists nominated students who demonstrated outstanding achievement in their ROP classes. These students completed an online application and a select number of finalists were interviewed by industry partners, award sponsors, and support staff. Out of the 16,000 students that NOCROP serves, 34 exceptional students were chosen to be honored at the intimate ceremony.

From Los Alamitos High School, 
two outstanding students were selected:
-Kaylee Serb (pictured below with Mr. Erickson and members of the NOCROP board) for the ROP Career Pathway Award- Emergency Response &            
ROP Student of the Year
      -Kameron Kohlwey for the Altrusa International of Anaheim High School Award.

Congratulations Kaylee and Kameron!

ROP Careers with Children
Our LAHS students created a slideshow as part of the end-of-the-year celebration for our preschool students. This showcases the awesome work that our students do with these young preschoolers and their passion to impact the next generation! 

OCTA Teen Council Opportunity
If you are a student who would like to:  
* Gain leadership and professional development skills
* Enhance your knowledge of transportation-related topics
* Engage in discussions, exchange ideas, and take part in projects
* Participate in community service and build your resume
* Share insights on emerging trends
* Build leadership and teamwork skills
* Enhance critical thinking and communications skills
* Engage in discussions, exchange ideas, and take part in projects
* Enhance their professional development and leadership skills
* Participate in community service
Apply today for the Orange County Transportation Authority's Teen Council! Visit www.oct  for more information!

Internships & Enrichment Programs
*Check Naviance under the 'Colleges' tab, 
'Research Colleges', 
then in the 'Enrichment 
Programs' section. 

Students can also come to the College and Career Center to look over materials from other programs throughout the country. 

Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines
For details and scholarship application information, check Naviance under 'Scholarships'- 
New scholarships added weekly!
Information and some copies 
also available in the      
College and Career Center

Scholarship                   Deadline
-BigSun Athlete 
 Scholarship                        6/19/19

-Orange Coast College       8/21/19

You can also visit ,, and for free 
resources on college and 
scholarship searches 

Here are some ongoing job opportunities:  

fo r more information on job permits, and entertainment permits.

A note to Sophomores and Juniors:
You made it through another year of high school- congratulations! While we hope that you take time this summer to rest and relax, don't forget to use this as an opportunity to get a jump on your future plans! 
Here are a few ways you can prepare for the 2019-2020 school year, and beyond!

-Volunteer! (make sure to keep track of your hours and keep the supervisor's contact information)
-Research colleges that you may want to visit over Winter or Spring Breaks. Pick a few of your top schools, see what is required for admission and start a checklist to stay on track!
-Look into SAT or ACT practice work to prepare for the exams! (Khan Academy through College Board has free SAT prep! Khan Academy Link)
-If you are working, make sure to get a work permit processed. This can be done through the LAHS front office staff (who fro the summer break will be located at Oak Middle school).
-Prepare a resume and practice interview skills with a parent or mentor. This is great if you're looking for a job, or preparing for college or internship interviews!
--Have fun!-- We look forward to working with you in the 2019-2020 school year!
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