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Sunday, February 13, 2022
The Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany


Worship in the Nave
in English at 10 am

We will also be streaming this liturgy live
but we hope you can join us on Zoom
for the interactive community experience.

Worship in the Nave
in Spanish at 5 pm

Register for 5 pm Worship by emailing Fabio Sotelo

Links for how to join these
worship offerings
will be emailed out on Saturday

(please read)

Welcome back to worship in the Nave at St. Bede's!

The Gathering Going Forward Group has met and affirmed our return to in-person worship together in the Nave. The group has made the following updates to our existing pandemic safety protocols and guidelines to ensure the best experience for the times that we gather for worship:

  • For your safety and the safety of those around you, we strongly suggest that those attending in-person worship be fully vaccinated and boosted.

  • We will require tight-fitting masks, preferably N95, KF94, KN95 rated masks or else surgical masks, at all times in the building. Cloth masks alone appear to no longer adequately protect you or us as a community.  A cloth mask can be used on top of a surgical mask to help make it fit better (but not the other way around).  You should also make sure that your mask fits well (adjust the nose wire and twist the straps, if necessary) You should also make sure that your mask does not have a “vent” as those vents allow for droplets to be expelled from the mask.  Your mask needs to fully cover your mouth and nose at all times. If needed, surgical masks will be available from the greeters.

  • We will continue the practice of good ventilation at St. Bede’s. This means we will continue to leave open the exterior doors in the Commons and in the Nave, to encourage the flow of clean, fresh air. This will be done regardless of the outside temperature. This could mean that the interior of the church building could be cold. On cold days, please bundle up! 

  • Fellowship before and after worship is best conducted outside.

  • Try to allow for at least two seats between you and others not in your family.

  • If you are sick or in any way concerned for your health and safety, we encourage you to worship from home. Please remember that will be streaming worship live on the St. Bede’s YouTube Channel every Sunday.  

  • If you have been sick, please keep up to date with the latest recommendations about isolation and quarantining guidance from the CDC.  If you develop symptoms of COVID or test positive after attending worship, please let us know. We will keep your identity anonymous. Thank you.

We are thankful for your understanding, and we look forward to the day when we can gather again without the concerns and inconveniences of the pandemic.

Sunday, February 13
1:00 pm on Zoom
See the Saturday E-news for the Zoom link
or go the Zoom Together announcement
on our website

It's party time this Sunday! Let's celebrate the First Day/Fiesta de Absalom Jones together.

Come as you are! Eat your lunch! Sing loudly on mute! This all-ages, intergenerational, kid-centered time is for all of us. Join your wisdom with that of our littlest members for a rich formational experience you can unpack all month. 

Craft supplies (available in the bin by the front doors): plastic easter egg, two spoons, tape; paper towel or toilet paper roll, waxed or parchment paper, rubber band. 

St. Bede's New Vestry 2022

Thank you to everyone who voted
in the vestry election last week.
Please welcome our new vestry members.

The 2022 New Vestry Members are:

Jennie Couture
Fred Murphy
Kim Padgett
Orisha Parsons

Calling all visionaries!

As we look forward to what Children's and family ministries will be in the coming year, we'd love to hear what God might be calling you to create with us. 

Maybe you would like to help curate or manage a lending library to help parents build faith at home?

Maybe you would like to be trained as a Godly Play teacher in preparation for the time when we will rebuild those circles? (training coming up Feb 25, 26, and March 5)

Maybe you would like to join the planning team or VBS team, supporting parents and teachers with curriculum, events, and resources?

Reach out to Alyssa at asali@stbedes.org to ask questions or get involved!

Family Ministries Micropractice 

Join our households with
birth through elementary aged children
in this simple intentional practice
as we bring our learning from the lectionary
into our everyday lives.

Stop by the front doors of the Church
to participate in this meditative Epiphany exercise:

“We saw his star when it rose
and have come to honor him.”
Matthew 2:2

Friends and neighbors:

Take a moment. Breathe. Listen to the birds, the wind.

Then let your eyes read these guiding-star words as you continue breathing deeply.

I wonder which one of these words is yours?
Which one might the Holy Spirit use to guide you to see and honor Christ this year? Christ, divine and human.

Then choose your star.
Take a star or stars home with you.
Keep them in sight--on your fridge, your desk, your mirror, the inside of your bedroom door.

Let them guide you to the one who is called Love this year.

English Classes at St. Bede's

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) will resume on Tuesday, February 15. We will continue to require vaccinations and masks and unfortunately we are not yet able to resume the children's program or the nursery.

Potential students should contact Claudia Fedarko at 703.819.4127 to register.

This is one of the wonderful ministries we provide at St. Bede's and the students are so grateful. It is a blessing to all who work with this program as much as it is to the students.  

Claudia Fedarko & Connie Coralli

Welcome Postulant for the Diaconate
Florence Mitchell

We welcome Florence Mitchell who will be joining us for a season as she continues on her journey toward being ordained a Deacon. Florence comes to St. Bede's from her home parish of the Church of the Incarnation in southwest Atlanta. Florence will be with us to observe and join in ministry with us and we will learn from her and be blessed by her as well. It is a privilege that the Bishop's office and the Commission on Ministry continues to place folks in the ordination process at St. Bede's to journey with us and to teach us, learn from us, and grow with us. Welcome Florence!

A note of greeting from Florence to St. Bede's:

Greetings St. Bede’s,

I come to you as one learning the role of a deacon in the Episcopal Church. My sponsoring congregation, The Episcopal Church of the Incarnation in southwest Atlanta, is where I am involved in several ministries: outreach, liturgy planning and active in its Daughter of the King chapter where I serve as president. I grew up in South Georgia, reared by my grandparents, wherein my village had people but my mother, aunt and uncle were key players in supervision and teachers of life expectations. I graduated from Books County High School, earned a BS degree in chemistry from Fort Valley State University and extended the concept of service to the community through my sorority (Zeta Phi Beta, Inc.). I am one who enjoys learning; consequently, I earned a Master’s degree in Biology education and an Educational Specialists degree in leadership and administration from Albany State University. In order to meet the needs of those who chose to complete their teacher’s training with me, I secured training from the University of Georgia to be a Student Teacher Support Specialist. Students assigned to me were recipients of high quality instructions regardless of their learning styles or disabilities. Consequently, I worked to become endorsed as a teacher of the gifted and reading endorsement to help those who needed a little extra help.

There were people who crossed my path that reached out to help me when I needed it. I believe God placed them there to prevent me from falling because of the love He has for all of us. Now it is my time to be present for people who are hurting in whatever way the Lord requires of me. This is the reason I am in deacon formation to be the eyes and servant of the people and make it known that they are not alone.

I want to thank Chad and the St. Bede’s community for opening your doors to me to be an observer of your ministries.


Florence Mitchell

Take 2 on 2/2/22

The Invite-Welcome-Connect Team of St. Bede's invites you to engage in a special set of practices for a special upcoming date on the calendar - 2/22/22. Please consider, slowing down for a few moments on that day and giving these a try - and please share this "Take 2" opportunity with others you know (copy and paste to share on social media).

The 2022 Annual Pledge Campaign
for St. Bede's


Thank you to all who have already 
prayerfully considered and returned 
your 2022 pledge of financial support to St. Bede's.

As of February 10, we have received pledges 
from eighty-four folks/families totaling $413,000.

If you have not already made a financial pledge 
to support St. Bede's for 2022,
we would love to hear from you. 
We hope that you will prayerfully consider
your pledge to St. Bede's
and return your pledge card
or use the link below to pledge online.

If your pledge packet never arrived in the mail, 
please call or email the church office
and we will get one sent out to you as soon as possible.

Thank You!

Gathering Going Forward
Guidance for the Parish

The Gathering Going Forward Group continues to encourage all eligible St. Bede’s parishioners to get vaccinated and keep up-to-date with 3rd doses (for the immunocompromised) and boosters - which have now been authorized for all adults. We would love to be a parish that models Christ’s call to love our neighbors and the most vulnerable among us by being a community that is as fully vaccinated as it can be.

Please remember that the Delta and Omicron variants of the COVID-19 virus spread more aggressively and can be spread by both unvaccinated and vaccinated people (even if they do not know that they are transmitting the virus and have no symptoms themselves). Vaccination is the best and most effective mitigation strategy and even it should still be combined with secondary layers of protection such as masking when indoors or keeping appropriate distance when outdoors.


(as you are eligible and able)

(even if you are vaccinated)
SUCH AS N95, KF94, or KN95 MASKS
(cloth masks do not seem to offer
sufficient protection for you or for others
against the latest variants)


Healing Our Racism
Book Discussion Group
Monday, February 28.

Meeting Time:
4th Monday of each month at 2:00 pm 

See No Stranger: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love by Valarie Kaur

How do we love in a time of rage? How do we fix a broken world while not breaking ourselves? Valarie Kaur—renowned Sikh activist, filmmaker, and civil rights lawyer—describes revolutionary love as the call of our time, a radical, joyful practice that extends in three directions: to others, to our opponents, and to ourselves. It enjoins us to see no stranger but instead look at others and say: You are part of me I do not yet know. Starting from that place of wonder, the world begins to change: It is a practice that can transform a relationship, a community, a culture, even a nation.

Please join Muriel Diguette and other members/friends of St. Bede's to discuss current books pertaining to the issues of racism and white privilege.

Email Muriel for the Zoom link to join the discussion.

We will meet the 4th Monday of each month at 2:00 pm.

If you want to go ahead and order books for future discussions:
The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison
The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin
A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry
Race Matters by Cornell West
Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

Mostly Mysteries Book Group
February 28th at 7pm on Zoom
Meeting Time:
4th Monday of each month at 7:00 pm 

The Mostly Mysteries Book Group is continuing to meet on Zoom. If you would like to take part, please contact Connie Coralli and she will send you the link.

The February selection is The Coroner's Lunch by Colin Cotterill.

Laos, 1978: Dr. Siri Paiboun, a 72-year-old medical doctor, has unwillingly been appointed the national coroner of the new socialist Laos. His lab is underfunded, his boss is incompetent, and his support staff is quirky, to say the least. But Siri’s sense of humor gets him through his often frustrating days. When the body of the wife of a prominent politician comes through his morgue, Siri has reason to suspect the woman has been murdered. To get to the truth, Siri and his team face government secrets, spying neighbors, victim hauntings, Hmong shamans, botched romances, and other deadly dangers. Somehow, Siri must figure out a way to balance the will of the party and the will of the dead.

If you are interested in receiving the Zoom link, please email Connie Coralli

St. Bede's Prayer List

Prayers have been requested for:

Barbara Kendrick, friend of Loretta Vail
Pauline Salcido, friend of Tony & Laura Sellers
Mac Pitts and his family, friends of the Cannon family
Callie Thessen, cousin of Lynnsay Buehler
Joy Sims, daughter of Nina Daniel
Jack Raymer & Ginnie Ferrell
Brian Couch, friend of Lisa Main
Myles Metcalf, nephew of Susan Reef
Carmen Graciaa, friend of Laura Martin
Jim Poulos, husband of Carol Kempker
Helen Abraham
Mac Thigpen
Fay Key
Lisa Maloof, daughter in law of Anita Maloof
Kevin Maloof, son of Anita Maloof
Donareen Oakley
Bill Edgar, father of Beth Cannon
Sarra David
Rosalene Larson, mother-in-law of Michael Daniel
Aree Bancroft
Laura Ribas
Jane Wiggins
Hilda Bell
Willie Diaz
Tim Waring
Ray Lampros
Maggie Williams
Mary Rodriguez
Hollis Pickett
Margie Klein, mother of Jody Klein
Lynn Edgar, mother of Beth Cannon
Nancy Waring
Kerry Penney
Andy Matia, friend of Ann Foote
Jim Ohl
Frances Bowen
Max Carpenter, grandson of Sarra David
Judy Penney, sister-in-law of Kerry Penney
Sydney Lund
Ann Foote
Cameron Maddox


For those who have died:

Paul Tretchick, father of Heidi Klein
Raymond Mark Moore, friend of Connie & Ron Aylor
Jodi Reynolds, friend of Loretta Vail
Neville Brown, brother of Claude Oakley
Douglas Bruce, brother of Nancy Bruce
Mauro Prudente, uncle of Itzel Thule

We give thanks for those celebrating birthdays this week: 
2/17:  Jim Helms
2/17:  Hollis Pickett
2/17: Lucy Pettitt-Schieber
2/17:  Milagros Acosta
2/17: Marilyn Gonzalez
2/17: Mark Wirtz
2/18: Austin Guadarrama
2/18: Ramon Omana
2/18: Michelle Leon-Hernandez

Community Emergency 
Assistance Fund

In addition to all of the wonderful ways that the Community Engagement Team is leading us in supporting community ministry partners (locally, churchwide, and globally) during this critical time, the Vestry has established a Community Emergency Assistance Fund to help people within the greater St. Bede's community with food assistance during the current public health crisis. This fund will be administered confidentially by the clergy in a similar way as their normal discretionary funds, but will be used exclusively to help with food assistance during this crisis. 

If you would like to contribute to this fund you may do so through Realm Giving and selecting "Community Emergency Assistance Fund" from the "Fund" drop-down menu. You may also mail a gift to St. Bede's designated for "Community Emergency Assistance Fund".

We have collected around $10,500 and distributed over $8,000 in assistance though food and utility support for individuals and families so far during the current public health crisis. The current balance of the fund stands at around $2,600 and new needs continue to present themselves. A dedicated group of members work with Fabio to help identify need and deliver food. Thank you to all who have contributed!

If you have questions about this offering to the greater St. Bede's community or if you are in need of food assistance or know someone who is, please contact either the Rev'd Caroline Magee or the Rev'd Fabio Sotelo.

Your Amazon purchases can support St. Bede's 
through Amazon Smile
If you shop on Amazon, consider accessing Amazon through 
and designating St. Bede's as your charitable beneficiary.

To find St. Bede's in the beneficiary list,
you must search for "St Bedes Episcopal Church" 
(without the apostrophe) 
and choose the one located in Atlanta.

From around the Diocese
and the wider Church...

the magazine of the Diocese of Atlanta

The new Pathways is now available online! Through original photography, articles, and interviews, Pathways shares inspiring stories from Middle and North Georgia — examples of spiritual growth.

Bishop Wright's Weekly Podcast

Did you know that Bishop Rob Wright has a weekly podcast? You can take a spiritual "deep dive" each week with Bishop Wright and his special guests and grow deeper in faith and understanding as you listen and learn.

Support the Cathedral Book Store.

Episcopal Relief & Development Tornado Relief in
Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, and Tennessee

December 13, 2021

Episcopal Relief & Development is in contact with Episcopal dioceses in Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee in response to the devastating tornadoes that struck this past weekend.

A line of severe weather spread across the central US late Friday evening, December 10 through early Saturday morning, December 11. The storms created over 50 tornadoes, including one with a 200-mile long path through Kentucky. At least four EF-3 and five EF-2 tornadoes had been confirmed in Missouri and Illinois. EF-3 tornadoes are considered severe with estimated wind speeds of 158-206 mph.
Rescue efforts are underway to locate missing people and the full extent of the damage is unknown at this time. As of Monday morning, at least 26,000 homes in Kentucky are without power.

“We are in contact with Episcopal dioceses in the affected areas,” said Katie Mears, Senior Director, US Disaster Program, Episcopal Relief & Development. “Our partners are assessing the needs in their communities created by the storms. We stand ready to assist in the coming days and weeks.”
Please pray for the people impacted by the deadly tornadoes. Donations to the US Disaster Fund will support Episcopal Relief & Development and its partners as they respond.
For over 80 years, Episcopal Relief & Development has been working together with supporters and partners for lasting change around the world. Each year the organization facilitates healthier, more fulfilling lives for more than 3 million people struggling with hunger, poverty, disaster and disease. Inspired by Jesus’ words in Matthew 25, Episcopal Relief & Development leverages the expertise and resources of Anglican and other partners to deliver measurable and sustainable change in three signature program areas: Women, Children and Climate.

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