PARISH NEWS for Wednesday, July 10, 2019
St. John's announces two new staff members - St. John's has recently hired Alphonso Dawson as a third sexton. He will work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings. He joins Kristen Tucker, who works Thursday and Sunday evenings, and Russell Jacobs who works Saturday and Sundays. With the addition of the day care center, more sexton help was needed. Alphonso has worked as a custodian for many years and he lives in Centreville. David Thompson has just started as our new Ministry Partner Administrator. As we now have 14 Ministry Partners, we have needed someone to oversee the groups and respond to their needs. David will be the contact person for our Ministry Partners. He will be in the office on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10 - 1, and Wednesdays from 5 - 8 PM. David has had a long career as a land developer and he lives in Gainesville. Please welcome Alphonso and David when you see them.

Parents of young the date!!! On Sunday, July 21, we will be having a picnic for the parents of young children, and their children, at St. John's, starting at 5:00 PM. Bring a picnic dinner for you and your children, and a blanket or chair to sit on. While the children play on the playground (which belongs to Elim Academy) by the back parking lot, we will talk about our Sunday School program. We need your ideas, thoughts and suggestions so we can meet the needs of your children. Please let Carol know if you will be able to come. If other parishioners would like to join us, please do!!!

Backpacks needed for WFCM - Again this summer, we have been asked to collect 25 large, new backpacks for Western Fairfax Christian Ministries. Many students are not financially able to buy school backpacks so churches and organizations around the area are asked to donate them. Students in need do not get a new backpack every year so they are encouraged to take care of them. Our backpacks will be going to Centreville High School, so they need to be large and sturdy. (Costco has the "High Sierra" backpacks on sale for $16.) Backpacks will be collected at the church during July and delivered to the school in early August. We have 11 backpacks so far.

Coffee Hour - As this Sunday is the second Sunday of the month, the choir will be donating the snacks for coffee hour.

Bricks - If you would like to have an engraved brick in thanksgiving or in memory of someone and put in our "Walkway of Saints", we are taking orders through July and they will be ordered in early August. The bricks are $75 and the order forms are on the back table in the church and in the church office.

Volunteer Needed - We are in need of a new treasurer to start in January 2020, but we would like to find a treasurer now so that he/she can shadow our current treasurer, Tom McDermott, and learn the ropes before Tom retires. Tom has served as treasurer for the past four years. Not only does he need and deserve a break, but the diocesan canons require that a treasurer step aside for at least a year after serving for four years. The treasurer signs the checks, makes sure the financial books are in good order, and sees that expenses come out of the right account. If you interested, you can talk to Tom to get a further description of the job. We really need to get someone in place this summer in order to have a few months to work with Tom. Please let Carol or Penny Parker know if you might be willing to serve in this capacity.

Come help us build the Washington National Cathedral in LEGO® bricks! Now’s your chance to watch the Washington National Cathedral rise again.
When completed, an estimated 500,000 LEGO® bricks will form a 1:40 scale replica of the Cathedral that’s more than 13 feet long, 8 feet tall and bigger than a minivan. It will be the WORLD’S LARGEST Cathedral to be built from LEGO® bricks! Every brick added helps build the LEGO® brick replica AND restore the real Cathedral! At $2 per brick, all proceeds will help fund the remaining $19 million in repairs still needed to fix damage from the 2011 earthquake. In celebration of St. John’s 169th birthday on July 14 , we are donating 169 Lego blocks to support the National Cathedral goal. We need your hands to help place the blocks/bricks in the model. On Saturday, July 20, at about 11:30 am, we will gather at the Cathedral model to place our bricks. Bring your family and friends. Parking is available at the Cathedral, tours of the Cathedral are available (tickets are $12/adult, $8 students & seniors and can be purchased on-site or ahead of time on-line), you can even have tea and sandwiches on the grounds. If anyone is interested in carpooling from the church, let Carol know. If you are planning to go and driving yourself, let Carol know so we can coordinate our plans.

The Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande , under the leadership of Bishop Michael Hunn, is on the front lines of the crisis at our southern border. Bishop Hunn has written several articles and done several videos about the conditions in the detention centers for adults and children. Churches throughout his diocese have collected money and supplies to help those seeking asylum who are being detained. When they tried to deliver the supplies they were turned away. Now many asylum seekers are being held on the Mexican side of the border until they have their day in court, which may be 6-8 months away. I invite you to read his articles and watch the videos on their diocesan website: . As Bishop Hunn states, this is not a partisan issue or a political issue, but a moral issue. He talks about our Christian responsibility to take care of our neighbor, whoever our neighbor might be. Our gospel lesson this Sunday is the story of the Good Samaritan, which Jesus tells to answer the question of "who is my neighbor." Join us on Sunday as we struggle with what it means to take care of our neighbors.

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The Fifth Sunday After Pentecost

July 14, 2019

9:30 AM

 The First Reading: Deuteronomy 30:9-14
The commands of the Lord are easy and light, in so far as the deepest rhythms and longings of our souls are in line with God’s desires. He wants good and blessing for all his creation, and provides the way as we submit our hearts.

The Psalm: 25:1-9, page 614, BCP

The Second Lesson: Colossians 1:1-14
Encouraged by the witness of the church at Colossae, Paul and Timothy continue in their prayers for their brothers and sisters in faith; would that our prayers be so consistent and powerful for our own fellow believers!

The Gospel: Luke 10:25-37
Jesus places uncomfortable boundaries around the definition of “neighbor.” May we be challenged by his words today and always.

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(Rm. 205) 
During the Service

 Each week, St. John's children join with our Ministry Partners: 
Wellspring UCC & Grace Baptist Church
Room 207/208

St. John's Sunday School class for ages 2-4, Room 215
Meets the first Sunday of each month from 10:50 - 11:30 
(will not meet in June, July or August)


  FROM 10:50 - 11:50 AM

Forum Discussion:

Argula von Grumbach née von Stauff (1492-c. 1554) was a Bavarian writer and noblewoman who became involved in the initial Protestant Reformation controversy. She became the first Protestant female writer, publishing letters and poems that promoted and defended Martin Luther, his co-worker Philip Melanchthon, and other Church reform advocates. She is best known for directly challenging the University of Ingolstadt's faculty when she wrote a letter protesting the arrest of a Lutheran student. As one of the few women at the time who openly expressed her views, Argula's writings sparked intense controversy and, to the chagrin of Catholic Church leaders, often became bestsellers, with thousands of copies of her letters and poems circulating within just years of publication. Unable to control the spread of her ideas, theologians wanted her punished, and her husband lost his position at Dietfurt over the controversy. Undeterred by critics’ offensive epithets, Argula wrote poems in response to the slander and continued her dialogues with Luther and other Reformers. Although Argula was highly controversial, even shunned by some of her own family, her writings intellectual circles of her day and drew many admirers. While her challenges to the university were largely ignored and her efforts to promote her Protestant beliefs appeared to be unsuccessful at the time, she continued to write pamphlets and speak out. Very much ahead of her time, this courageous woman engaged in other exceptional activities for her faith, at one time traveling Nuremberg alone — unheard of for women in those days — to encourage German princes to accept Reformation principles.


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"We know that food can be one of the most expensive items on a household budget list. Our hope is that in allowing our clients to visit once per month they will save enough money to pay for other expenses such as rent or utility bills."
I tems are collected weekly in the baskets at the front door of St. John's Church. For food list:
Every Wednesday evening, we have a service of Holy Eucharist and healing at 6:00 PM. The service is about 30 minutes. It is a perfect alternative for those who cannot come to church on Sunday mornings, as well as a good spiritual boost in the middle of the week. Come join us!

The Way of Jesus is one of inclusion and of tearing down dividing walls. As followers of Jesus’ Way we’re called to practice the profound Truth of our essential unity, our shared humanity with all people, through which we all participate in Divinity and are all embraced by the Holy One.
-Br. Nicholas Bartoli

My email address is,
and the office number is 703-803-7500. 

May our ministry together spread God's love to all whom we encounter.
      - Carol

        The Rev. Carol Hancock, Rector
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