PARISH NEWS for Wednesday, July 24, 2019
St John's Team
Helps Build a
(Very Tiny) Cathedral 
Original Cathedral
St. John's Team with Lego Model under construction
  Begun this spring, the cathedral has already grown to approximately 37,000 blocks and is expected to take another four-five years to reach the half million block total. 
Eight parishioners from St Johns visited the National Cathedral on July 20 to install 169 bricks representing the 169 years of Saint John's history in Centreville. Cathedral volunteers noted that this was the largest single donation of bricks they had received to date. 
Led by their head builder Rev. Carol Hancock, the team of Mimi Spear, Carissa Ruth Spear (granddaughter of Mimi), Marie McDermott, Val Tucker, Robyn and Tim Ramsey, Patricia McPherson, and Lisa Heller, built what will become the tower to the right side of the main door of the cathedral as well as part of the support of the great Rose Window. Those who wish to follow the progress of the building online can do so here and sign up for email updates of the construction progress.  
Volunteers who wish to build a Lego St Johns are currently being sought. 
Robyn & Tim at work
Lego Rose Window
Lego Layout

Our organist has broken her foot......
and since she cannot get up the stairs to the choir loft, the electronic piano and the choir have moved downstairs. So for the next six weeks, while Mandy is in a "boot", she will use the electronic piano and the choir will sit in the first two pews on the lectern side. Our best wishes go to Mandy for a speedy recovery!

Several parents of young children and their children met last Sunday evening for an "indoor picnic" (due to the oppressive heat outside) to socialize and talk about the coming year of Sunday School for the 2-4 year olds. We decided to stay with the same curriculum (Deep Blue Kids), as it offers lots of options for each session. The class will meet on the first Sunday of the month (except for September when we will meet on September 8 to avoid the Labor Day weekend). The one change that we will make from last year is to have the class overlap with the service. Children will attend the first part of the service with their parents and will then process out after the reading of the gospel, before the sermon. The class will finish at 10:45. Currently, our parent volunteers teach each class, but we would love to have others involved in leading all or part of the class. Please let Carol know if you are interested in leading a class. This class will resume on Sunday, September 8 and will meet in room 215.

Thanks to you, we met our goal!!! We had been asked by Western Fairfax Christian Ministries to provide 25 large backpacks for children who can't afford them. As of today, we have collected 30!!!! If you have already bought one, you can still bring it in. They can always use more! These backpacks will go to students at Centreville High School. Thanks to all who donated! And thanks to Denise McCarthy who has volunteered to deliver them in early August!

At our Vestry meeting last Sunday, the Vestry presented Lisa Heller with a travel size prayer book, signed by the members of the Vestry, to take with her as she moves to Pakistan for a year of service abroad with the State Department. Lisa will leave for Pakistan on August 19. Please remember Lisa in your prayers as she works in a conflicted part of the world, serving our country on our behalf. Lisa will be able to return home a few times during her year away. Jim will remain here, keeping the home fires burning.

Coffee Hour - As this Sunday is the fourth Sunday of the month, those whose last names start with N - Z will provide the snacks for coffee hour.

Bricks - If you would like to have an engraved brick in thanksgiving or in memory of someone and put in our "Walkway of Saints", we are taking orders through this Sunday and they will be ordered next week. The bricks are $75 and the order forms are on the back table in the church and in the church office.

Volunteer Needed - We are in need of a new treasurer to start in January 2020, but we would like to find a treasurer now so that he/she can shadow our current treasurer, Tom McDermott, and learn the ropes before Tom retires. Tom has served as treasurer for the past four years. Not only does he need and deserve a break, but the diocesan canons require that a treasurer step aside for at least a year after serving for four years. The treasurer signs the checks, makes sure the financial books are in good order, and sees that expenses come out of the right account. If you interested, you can talk to Tom to get a further description of the job. We really need to get someone in place this summer in order to have a few months to work with Tom. Please let Carol, Tom, or Penny Parker know if you might be willing to serve in this capacity.
Many thanks go to.....
-Jo Chandler for donating two Oreck vacuum cleaners to the church.
-Dan Jones, John Tucker, Walt Cooner and Jim Heller for moving the front pew, the electronic keyboard and several tables on Sunday morning.

Altar servers and flowers needed through August
There are a lot of "empty holes" in the sign up sheet for LEM's, lectors, ushers and crucifers throughout the month of August. No one has signed up for Sunday, August 4. Because many people are on vacation, please sign up for the times that you will be available. Flower donations are also needed. They can come from your garden at home, or places like Giant or Costco. Please check the online sign up sheet and see where you can help.

Church bills continue through the summer
Just like your bills at home, bills for the church continue to come in through the summer and need to be paid. If you are going out of town, please be sure to pay your pledge before you go. Many thanks!

It's that time of year... Vacation!
I will be on vacation from August 5 - 23, visiting family in New England and relaxing at the beach. Father Samuel Reddimalla will take the Sunday services on August 11 and 18, as well as the Wednesday service on August 14. Val Tucker will lead Evening Prayer on Wednesday, August 7 and 21. Carol

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We can prepare our hearts & minds by reading ahead
for the Sunday Service lessons.   

The Seventh Sunday After Pentecost

July 28, 2019

9:30 AM

 The First Reading: Genesis 18:20 - 32
The Lord is merciful, he desires to save his beloved creation from destruction; the Lord is also full of integrity and does not have room for unrepentant depravity. Those who are humble and seek God have nothing to fear.

The Psalm: 138, page 793, BCP

The Second Lesson: Colossians 2:6-19
Jesus Christ, crucified and risen, is the foundation of our faith. No trappings or rituals have power for the salvation of our souls.

The Gospel: Luke 11:1-13
Jesus teaches that prayer is to be persistent and plenteous. He even gives a format for when words may seem hard to find.
(Rm. 205) 
During the Service

 Each week, St. John's children join with our Ministry Partners: 
Wellspring UCC & Grace Baptist Church
Room 207/208

St. John's Sunday School class for ages 2-4, Room 215
Meets the first Sunday of each month from 10:50 - 11:30 
(will not meet in June, July or August)


  FROM 10:50 - 11:50 AM

Forum Discussion:

An American Episcopal missionary in the Dominican Republic, the Reverend Charles Raymond Barnes (1894 – 1938) bravely spoke out against tyranny and it cost him dearly. He arrived in the Dominican Republic in April 1936 to serve as Vicar of the Church of the Epiphany. He was born in Camden, New Jersey on 17 March 1894, and received his graduate theological training at the General Theological Seminary in New York. Ordained to the priesthood in 1920, Fr. Barnes served in Pennsylvania, British Honduras (now Belize), and Honduras before arriving in the Dominican Republic. He arrived in the Dominican Republic in April 1936 to serve as Vicar of the Church of the Epiphany. In the two years of his ministry there, Fr. Barnes raised awareness of the slaughter of thousands of Haitian innocents at the hand of the Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo’s brutal regime by smuggling letters across the border into Haiti and writing letters to contacts in the U.S. State Department urging Washington to intercede to stop the bloodshed. Intercepted by Trujillo's officials, Barnes's letters also made him a target of the regime and he was subsequently detained. To stanch his advocacy, on 28 July 1938 an assassin made him the country’s first Episcopal Church martyr by inflicting “injury in the head caused by some cutting instrument,” according to the coroner’s report. His remains were interred in a vault at the Church of the Epiphany for three years before the Dominican government would allow him to be returned to the United States for final burial.
Presiding Bishop Michael Curry gives a 5 minute video on "Who is my neighbor?", which was the topic of this past Sunday's gospel and sermon. He speaks about showing compassion for those at our southern border who are experiencing such hardship. Please click on the link below to watch the video or read his message.

Sign Up Here to be an altar server *, or to donate flowers for a Sunday service, or to bring refreshments for Coffee Hour after the service. * (if you're not an altar server, and would like to be a Lay Eucharistic Minister (LEM), a Lector, or a Crucifer, please see Carol).

"We know that food can be one of the most expensive items on a household budget list. Our hope is that in allowing our clients to visit once per month they will save enough money to pay for other expenses such as rent or utility bills."
I tems are collected weekly in the baskets at the front door of St. John's Church. For food list:
Every Wednesday evening, we have a service of Holy Eucharist and healing at 6:00 PM. The service is about 30 minutes. It is a perfect alternative for those who cannot come to church on Sunday mornings, as well as a good spiritual boost in the middle of the week. Come join us!

For most of us, interruptions are seen as negative events; we do our best to avoid them. And yet they also present us with opportunities - opportunities to give our attention to others, to concern ourselves with their troubles, to recognize and honor them by taking time to listen, to be for them a channel of God’s compassion and peace.
-Br. David Vryhof
My email address is,
and the office number is 703-803-7500. 

May our ministry together spread God's love to all whom we encounter.
      - Carol

        The Rev. Carol Hancock, Rector
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