June 29th, 2018

July 1st, Sunday...
Open Issues : 9:30-10:30, Patio Room
Two TED Talks. “Reliability of Reported News”: An 8 minute talk about fixing today’s news industry, and a 5 minute talk about Russia’s fake news empire . This will leave time for discussion.  

Sunday Service: 10:30-11:45
Service Leader: Rev. Patrice Curtis, "The Body of Unitarian Universalism".

This week's Pastoral Associate: Drinda Lombardi

Religious Enrichment: This Sunday RE is celebrating the independence of our country by discussing the necessity for conflict resolution and fair resource distribution. We will be making a delicious summer treat!

Covenant Group Sign Up
Click HERE to sign up for a Covenant Group or to stay in your current group.
If signing up online is not for you, call the office at 727-531-7704.

Exhale Now Weekly!! Wednesdays at 6:00-6:45 pm in the Sanctuary
By popular demand, Exhale - Mindfulness and Meditation is going to run weekly. Come sit or walk with us in a simple format that focuses on breath. Our large sanctuary has room for both sitting and walking meditation. We meditate for 10 minutes or so, three or four times. Late-comers welcome, enter softly. Stay for tea and conversation afterward. Contact Kathy Krohn at: uuc.kathykrohn@gmail.com

From the Refugee Committee:
UUC will be collecting backpacks and school supplies for refugee students again this summer! The 2018-2019 collection will focus on the children of families who have participated in ESL classes at UUC with overflow to be distributed to local schools (Belcher Elementary and Oak Grove Middle School, both of whom have populations of ESL and Title 1 students). 
Volunteers will be needed to organize and distribute the backpacks following Backpack Blessing Sunday on August 5. The collection point will be located by the Social Justice table in the Social Hall; feel free to leave your donations in the bin! 
Please contact  uucsocialjustice@gmail.com  with questions or to volunteer."
Please see the list of backpack supplies needed at this link
Hard copies will be available on Sunday.

July 3rd, Tuesday -- UUC Office will be closed on the 3rd AND 4th of July. Happy holidays everyone!

July 5th, Thursday: Women's Lunch Out
12-2:00 p.m. at Benedict's at Belcher and Old Coachman Road, Clearwater
Please email, text, or call me to reserve a seat at the table. Lunch is a busy time, and we need to let them know how many to expect in order for them to save us enough room so we can all sit together. Marie Chapman harborhome38@aol.com 727-647-4089

July 12th, Thursday: End of Life Choices Meeting
1:30-3:00 pm, Patio Room
Last month I wrote you about changing our meeting dates to the second Thursday, and most of you wanted that change.  Also I indicated that we might not have a major meeting every month.  The work that needs to be done to get change for our cause seems to be legislative.  So I’m thinking we may have larger, educational meetings in October, January, and April.  The other meetings will be smaller meetings for those who are willing to work on trying to get legislative changes and come up with ideas for other actions that might further our cause in Florida.  I invite you to be in that group. 
We will meet in the library in the Social Hall at the UUC,  2470 Nursery Rd, Clearwater  at 1:30 pm on Thursday, July 12th.  A good thing about the library is that it is air conditioned all the time, so it will be a comfortable working area.  I look forward to seeing you and to your ideas at any time—email or otherwise.

Readers Forum: On Summer Break.

Notice: Ann Scott has an Iraqui friend who is in need of someone who knows 5th Grade Math and English. Are there any teachers or others who would be willing to help him this summer? It would be most appreciated by me and his parents. He is adorable, by the way.