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An inclusive religious community, a beacon for reason, meaning and bold social action.
Our Mission
To celebrate dignity and respect for all, nurture lifelong spiritual growth, act for justice and equality, and serve the wider community. 
January 14, 2022
IMPORTANT NOTICE: UUC Returns to Zoom Only

Due to the current surge in COVID cases UUC has returned to Zoom-only worship services and other events to insure the health and safety of our congregation and our community. The decision is effective immediately and will be re-evaluated at the end of January.
Sunday Service Information
January 16, 2022 at 10:30 am
Zoom Only

“Now is the Time for Courageous Change"

Rev. Mary Katherine Morn,
President & CEO
of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

Worship Associate: Sue Boone

Zoom link is the same for all Sunday services and programs:
Meeting ID: 967 1190 1492
You can also join from your landline or cell phone by calling 301 715 8592  and entering 967 1190 1492 when prompted to enter the meeting ID
“Now is the Time for Courageous Change”
UUSC’s Guest at Your Table Program

Our Community Outreach Donation for January will go to the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) Guest at Your Table Program. UUSC is an affiliated organization of the Unitarian Universalists Association (UUA) but receives no funding from them. Although independent, the UUSC can be thought of as the justice action arm of the UUA. Guest At Your Table is the largest annual fundraising program of the UUSC. This year the theme is “Now is the Time for Courageous Change.” The injustices and crises of the past year have underscored the importance of our shared goal – a world free from oppression where all can realize their full human rights. In the weeks ahead we will provide links (below) to short videos about Guest at Your Table and the kind of help UUSC gives to over 20 countries to advance community-led human rights initiatives that positively impact the lives of thousands. Donations of $150 or more will be matched by the UU Congregation at Shelter Rock in Manhasset, NY. Donate and be part of Courageous Change!
 What is Guest at Your Table? : https://vimeo.com/607474591

Introducing Guest at Your Table 2021 - 2022: https://vimeo.com/562923747
Supporting Our Search for Truth and Meaning

Where do you see lifelong learning throughout the E-Octagram this week?

Meredith will be away Jan. 17-24. If you have an urgent need during that time, contact Rev. Roberta at revroberta@uuc.org. Remember the pastoral associates are available for support too (727-531-7704, ext. 5).
Sunday, January 16 at 9:30 am

Own Your Behaviours, Master Your Communication, Determine Your Success
We'll be watching and discussing the TED Talk by Louise Evans "Own Your Behaviours, Master Your Communication, Determine Your Success."

Link to join conversation: https://zoom.us/j/92768217534

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Friday, January 14 at 1:00 pm

Unitarian Universalists are working to balance individualism, our 1st Principle, with interdependence, our 7th Principle. Achieving that balance was a key focus at COMPASS, a national UU gathering last month. UUC’s Margie Manning shares insights and leads a discussion on what elements are needed to create Beloved Community. 

Join via Zoom
Meeting ID: 984 4209 0304

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Transition Programs

Wednesday January 19 @ 7 pm via Zoom - repeat of the Sunday January 9th Focused Sermon Conversation.

Link for all Transition programs via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 727 531 7704
“We are not makers of history. We are made by history.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

If you missed the recent Oral History presentations, recordings are now available. Listen to members who first came to UUC across the decades share their memories and insights into the history of our Beloved Community and discussion as to how the past might influence our future. The links for parts 1 & 2 are below. (you might have to download the recording due to file size).

Unmute yourself and...
Request a one-to-one conversation with Rev. Roberta
Let her know if you would like to set up an appointment for a personal Zoom conversation. She is happy to have a pastoral conversation, discuss issues great or small, or just get to know you a bit better. Email her (revroberta@uuc.org) to set up a Zoom appointment.
Racial Justice Group
Pinellas MLK Day Events - Monday, January 17

Planning to attend an event? Call friends to carpool or meet at the site, wear your "Side With Love" T-shirts and march together. Follow the links for more information.

  • “Reaching for Human Excellence" - 3:30 PM, Interfaith Tampa Bay Memorial livestreamed only from St. Jude Cathedral.

Dr King’s family requests that marchers everywhere protest restrictive voting laws. A march occurs in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 17
Support Reproductive Justice
 January 22 from 12:00 to 1:00 pm
Join us on this anniversary of SCOTUS’ Roe v. Wade decision for the annual sign-waving visibility event. We will gather with allied groups and individuals at the corner of Central Avenue and Third Street in downtown St. Petersburg. Bring your own signs or use one that will be available at the event.Let’s plan to have lunch together at an outside restaurant after the event to plan for future actions. Want to carpool from UUC? Contact Linda Stoller at LStol10403@aol.com
For the UUA statement on Reproductive Rights after the passage of the recent Anti-choice legislation passed in Texas click here: https://www.uua.org/pressroom/press-releases/uus-remain-committed-reproductive-justice
Be sure to check out the Social Justice page on UUC's website at
https://www.uuc.org/social-justice and the UUC SJ Immediate Response Team page on Facebook

UUC has a team of Pastoral Associates who offer confidential, emotional support and spiritual companionship to fellow community members who are facing challenging life issues. The Pastoral Associates are trained and mentored by our minister. To connect with one of our dedicated volunteers, please call the office (727-531-7704, Ext. 5) and leave a voicemail message or use this form. The Pastoral Associate who is scheduled for that week will get in touch with you.

The Care Circle provides UUC community members temporary, short-term assistance during an illness or injury. Volunteers help with tasks such as pick-up and delivering medications, and running errands to name a few. They can also make referrals to agencies that can provide more intensive help if needed. To request assistance, please use this form, contact Eloise Hardman, or the UUC Office (727) 531-7704.
Share a joy...Share a sorrow

Each Sunday during service, we drop a stone into water to celebrate those moments when joy has entered our lives or to acknowledge moments of sorrow. Please click on the link below to submit a joy or sorrow.


In lieu of our traditional collection baskets that you see during the Offertory on Sundays, we are trying out some different ways to make online donating easier. You might want to try:
Text Giving
(727) 500-2410

If you prefer to donate online, feel free to click the button below.
(The recorded service is typically posted the week after the service)

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