April 5, 2022
From the Pastor
Sunday was another great day in the Lord as the youth filled the choir loft and led in worship to close out their DNOW weekend! We rejoiced with Abby Wilson upon her public surrender to vocational ministry, and with Owen Cloy upon his profession of faith in Jesus Christ. Luke Johnson, who was the DNOW event speaker, preached 2 powerful messages (a different message for each service). Thank you to everyone who volunteered, donated, prayed, and sacrificed (think “host home”) to make DNOW 2022 a success!

Folks, I am humbled and grateful for the great turnout Sunday evening as the Concept Committee gave their recommendation for building a gym. Their presentation was professional and inspiring, and your responsiveness was exactly what a church business meeting should be. The comments made were encouraging, and the questions were the type they needed to be for a project of this size, cost, and importance. I have heard over and over from many who were present that a sweet spirit permeated the entire business meeting. I agree. That “sweet spirit” was the Holy Spirit who made His presence known. And, I believe that was further confirmation that we are proceeding in accordance with God’s will. The motion to build a gym at an estimated cost of $975,000, to commence when the money is in hand, was made by the Committee. No second was necessary since the motion came from a committee. The vote will be by secret ballot during both worship services on Sunday, April 24th. Donations will be accepted with a target date of Sunday, May 29th. To date, $265,565 has already been given, leaving a balance of $709,435 that is needed to begin construction. If we have the money by May 29th, the Trustees will be able to proceed with entering into a contract with Brannon Clymer Construction. If not, the money given will be held in a designated “gym” line item until such time as we have the money to build. However, keep in mind that the longer it takes us to accumulate the money, the higher the cost. We need to do this now! I believe we can, but it will take every household giving according to their ability. What is the amount that represents your ability to give to this project? Ask God. I believe with all my heart that He will direct us all such that we can step out on faith and behold the awesome power of the Lord!

Don’t forget the Living Lord’s Supper presentation, along with observance of the Lord’s Supper, in both services this Sunday. This is a great time to invite your friends and neighbors. Please be especially sensitive to those in your circle of influence who don’t normally attend a church. I can tell you from my personal experience that people will respond to an invitation to an event, where they might not respond to an invitation to just come to church. Please pray for our services, both this Sunday and Easter!

You are loved!
Join Us Palm Sunday
Invite your family and friends
this Sunday, April 10
as we observe and partake in the
Living Lord's Supper presentation
during both services.

GOAL: $5,000
RECEIVED: $3,535

For more information
on this mission
April 10
Session 6

Explore the Bible:
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

Bible Studies for Life:
Living Life Connected to Christ
A Life of Victory
John 16:19-22; 27-33


The youth group will be traveling to Jackson, TN this summer for camp. They are raising money to go toward charter busses.

The donation board is located at the front of the sanctuary (organ side) with numbered envelopes. The goal is to take an envelope and donate the number amount of envelope.

Please return your donation (check or cash) in said envelope via the tithe box or church office.

Make plans to eat at

Thursday, April 7
Anytime between
11am - 8pm

Percentage of all purchases will be donated to
RPBC Kids Summer Camp
Candy Donation Needed
Saturday, April 16
at 10:00 am
Fellowship Hall & Grounds
Preschool - 6th Grade

Please drop your donations off in the Welcome Center Cart.
Greater Vision Concert
Saturday, April 30
at 6:00 pm
(Doors open at 5:15 pm)

Limited Tickets Left at $10 each
Call Church Office Today!

Please be in prayer about the upcoming Vote on Sunday, April 24 in the morning worship service regarding...

YES - move forward and raise money to build the Gym as presented in meeting on Sunday, April 3.

NO - Do not build the Gym.
Men of all ages are
welcome to join us!

Sunday, April 17
at 7:30 am
in Fellowship Hall
Welcome New Member

Owen Cloy

Profession: April 3

Abby Wilson

Surrender to Ministry: April 3
Words cannot express how uplifting your words of encouragement and your prayers have been in these past weeks. Truly your love has overflowed and I am so grateful for the dear brothers and sisters in Christ at Roseland Park. Bless you.   

– Robin Smith
1st-6th Grade

Wednesday Nights

5:30 PM
Doors open for HANGOUT

6:00 - 7:00 pm
Activities include Group Station Rotation-
Music, Mission, Bible and Activity
at 4:00 pm
in Fellowship Hall
Grades 4th-12th

Church Drill:
Youth - Wed., April 6, 7:00 pm at RPBC

Association Drill:
Wed., April 20, 6:30 pm at Central Baptist

State Drill:
Sat., April 23, 9:30 am-1:30 pm at Petal/Harvey BC in Petal

Kids Camp will be
June 6-8
for 2nd - 6th grade

Deposit of $40 is due for those who would like to attend.

Please see Lori Replogle for further information.

5:00 pm Hang time
(Snack Bar Open)

6:00 pm Worship

Sign Up Now Available!
June 20-25
Union University in
Jackson, TN

Limited spots available!
First Camp Deposit of $60 is Due
No matter how big or small your purchase from Claiborne Hill, your receipt can help us raise funds. This will be a year round fundraiser so remember to save your receipts. Special drop box located in Sanctuary lobby or church office.
A copy of the monthly Financial Report for MARCH will be available in the church office upon request.
Bible Drills:

Association Drills - Wednesday, April 20,
Central Baptist @ 6:30 pm

State Drills - Saturday, April 23,
Petal/Harvey BC in Petal from 9:30 am-1:30 pm

Bible Drills are designed to help young people increase their knowledge of God's Word through scripture memorization, and to develop Bible skills by learning to name and locate books of the Bible. Brochures, Power Points and more are available to view and download at www.mbcb.org/bibledrills

Worship: Sunday @ 11:00 am
Prayer Meeting: Wednesday @ 6:00 pm

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How YOU can help Ukraine...
from Billy Galloway, Interim AMD
Pearl River Baptist Association

April 3


General Officer…3


8:30 AM…………96
11:00 AM………..168
(Service Total…..264)


8:30 AM

9:45 AM
Sunday School

11:00 AM
Nursery (Birth-4yrs)


5:00 PM
Youth Hangout

5:30 PM
Kids Life Hangout

6:00 PM
Adult Prayer Meeting
Nursery (Birth-2yrs)
Mission Friends (Prek-K)
Kids Life (1st-6th Grade)
Student Ministry (7th-12th).
Dan Young
Senior Pastor
Brad Replogle
Assoc. Pastor / Music
Rhys Everspaugh
Interim Youth Pastor
Ceasar Argueta
Spanish Pastor
Jennifer Drennan
Financial Secretary
Nadia Young
Education Secretary