April 4, 2023
From the Pastor
Sunday was another great day of worship. I appreciate so much Anita Kendrick’s music leadership as Brad has been recovering. On that note (no pun intended!), Brad is planning to be here this Sunday to lead the choir. Easter Sunday is going to be a great day of worship. Please come be a part of the excitement as we worship our risen Savior!
Have you ever paid off a car after having a 5, 6, or 7 year loan? What about a house with a 20 or 30 year mortgage? In the beginning it may have seemed to you as if you had taken on an impossible debt that you would never be able to pay. But then, the day came when your debt was paid and you received your original contract stamped in bold, red letters, PAID IN FULL. Wow. What a feeling!
There are seven sayings attributed to Jesus as He hung on the cross. The last thing He said from the cross that day was, “Tetelestai.” Most Bible translations render that Greek word as, “It is finished.”  Another and perhaps more accurate translation is, “Paid in Full.” What was paid in full? Your (and my) sin-debt. The required payment for our sin was death. It was to be satisfied through our eternal separation from God in hell. If we could somehow live a perfectly holy and righteous life, a life completely void of sin, we would then be able to satisfy our debt by sacrificing our physical life in exchange for an eternity with God in heaven. That was God’s requirement: life for death. Literally, that is a debt that neither you nor I can pay. Why not? Because, we are all sinners. Therefore, we cannot produce the payment necessary to satisfy the debt. We cannot earn it. So, in order for you and I to be saved from hell, someone who is able to pay the sin-debt would have to graciously pay it in our behalf.
That is what Jesus did. He lived a perfectly holy and righteous life that qualified Him to pay the sin-debt. But, He wasn’t paying it for Himself. He paid it for you and me through His sacrifice on the cross. It is hard to imagine that there are people every day who are paying for their own sins by dying and going to hell, because they just won’t accept the payment Jesus has already graciously made for them. Aren’t you glad that your sin-debt has been paid in full? Please take time to let Him know.

You Are Loved!
Spring Break Week

Wednesday, April 5
No Activities

Friday, April 7
Church Office Closed
Sunday, April 9

Sonrise Service at 6:30am
Sunday School at 9:45 am
Worship Service at 11:00 am

Choir ~ Handbells
Lord's Supper ~ in the Gym
Sunday, April 9

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine,
for reproof, for correction,
for instruction in righteousness.

2 Timothy 3:16

Join us weekly (52 weeks) in memorizing God's word. Dig deeper by purchasing "The Joshua Code" by O.S. Hawkins.
April 9
Session 6

Explore the Bible:
I Have Seen
John 20:1-18

Bible Studies for Life:
My Encounter with Jesus
Jesus Rose Again to Give Me Life
John 20:1-2, 11-18



Sunday, April 16 & 30
(Two Sessions)
3:00 pm
in Adult Assembly

All current Deacons and Security Team members are requested to attend.
Gym Donations

Final Construction Bid: $1,063,725
Donations: $1,022,752
Needed: $ 40,973

The Gym Committee wants your help in naming our new Gym.
You may use bulletin tear off and place in tithe box or email church with your suggestions.

5:00 pm Hang time
(Snack Bar Open)
6:00 pm Worship

Wednesday, April 5
@ 2 pm - Fundraiser - Egg Stuffing
@ 7 pm - High School Movie Night

Saturday, April 8
@ 6:30 pm - Fundraiser Egg Delivery
Dinner & Variety Show

Sunday, April 23
at 6:00 pm in Fellowship Hall
Donations for Youth Camp
Sunday, April 16
@ 6:30pm

BOYS: Home of Rhys Everspaugh
Hangout: 5:30
Activities: 6-7 pm
4:00 pm - 7th-12th
5:00 pm - 4th - 6th Grade

Church Drill
Wednesday, April 12, 6pm in Sanctuary

Association Drill
Sunday, April 16, 2pm @ Central BC

State Drills
Saturday, April 22, 10am @ Hardy BC

Preschool - 6th Grade
Saturday, April 8
10am - Noon
Fellowship Hall & Church Grounds

Please drop off your donations by
Thursday, April 6
June 12 - 14
Cost: $150

Camp deposit of $50 due
Wednesday, March 15
No matter how big or small your purchase from Claiborne Hill, your receipt can help us raise funds. This will be a year round fundraiser so remember to save your receipts. Special drop box located in Sanctuary lobby or church office.
A copy of the monthly Financial Report for March will be available in the church office upon request.
Phone: 601-798-2372

Spring Association Meeting
Thursday, April 13, 6:30 pm at Central Baptist

Blue Mountain Mission Trip:
Dates May 7-14; Contact Bro. Art Bolin at 601-798-6074 or 601-539-0380

Idaho Mission Trip:
August 22-30; Workers needed to remove shingled roof and install metal roof. Contact Bro. Tony Inmon.

Volunteers for Assoc. Grounds Care
Needed for:
April 14-15, 28-29
May 12-13, 26-27
June 9-10, 23-24
July 7-8, 21-22
August 4-5
September 1-2, 15-16, 29-30
October 13-14, 27-28

Mowing and weed eating; Fuel Provided or replaced. Call 601-798-2372 to sign up for dates (Week dates also available).

Worship: Sunday @ 11:00 am
Prayer Meeting: Wednesday @ 6:00 pm

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8:30 AM

9:45 AM
Sunday School

11:00 AM
Nursery (Birth-4yrs)


5:00 PM
Youth Hangout (7th-12th)

5:30 PM
Kids Life (1st-6th)

6:00 PM
Adult Prayer Meeting
Nursery (Birth-2yrs)
Mission Friends (Prek-K)
Kids Life (1st-6th Grade)
Student Ministry (7th-12th).
Dan Young
Senior Pastor
Brad Replogle
Assoc. Pastor / Music
Rhys Everspaugh
Youth/Education Minister
Ceasar Argueta
Spanish Pastor
Jennifer Drennan
Financial Secretary
Nadia Young
Education Secretary