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Rabbi Michael D. Howald                     Student Cantor Jennifer Benrey
Co-Presidents Jerry Gross and Alan Siegel
E-Shalom -SEPTEMBER 2019
Temple Israel’s Electronic Bulletin
“Shalom, Welcome to Temple Israel....” is a phrase taught to us by Carole Lachman, a beloved, long-time congregant and bulletin editor who died in 2002. We named our bulletin in her honor and worked to realize her vision of Temple Israel as a community that welcomes the stranger and lets no one stand alone. As we move to a new version of this tradition of communicating with our Temple Israel family, we continue to forward Carole’s vision, love and devotion for our synagogue.
A Message from
Rabbi Michael D. Howald
In his book, This is Real and You Are Completely Unprepared:  The Days of Awe as a Journey of Transformation, Rabbi Alan Lew refers to the High Holy Days as a journey of transformation that begins with the crumbling of the walls that separate us from the world and end with us sitting in a sukkah, once again beginning to build walls that provide only the smallest outline of a house.  In this symbolic journey of transformation, we tear down the house of denial and self-deception we have built around us, the walls of boredom and dullness we have put up on a foundation of the routine, and seek a new address dedicated to reconciliation and renewal.  This journey begins with Tisha B’Av, which observes the tearing down of the walls of Jerusalem Temple long ago, and ends with Sukkot and Simchat Torah where we celebrate the possibilities of rebuilding and renewal.  As you read this message, we are almost halfway through this journey of discovery, soon to leave the year 5779 behind and welcome 5780 in all its yet-to-be-revealed joys and sorrows.
            Why do we have to metaphorically leave old our home to find a new dwelling place every year during the High Holy Days?  Rabbi Lew resolves this seeming paradox with the symbol of a circle.  Our holidays are part of a cycle of leaving and returning that takes place every year.  Just as we never return home the same person who left, so do the walls we mentally surround ourselves with change width and height every time we leave and return. This is particularly true during the High Holy Days, when we spend time, even against our will, contemplating what and who we have left behind and where we hope to arrive by the time our collective self-reflection reaches its conclusion.  This journey, however, is not straight line, but a circle.  The moment we leave, just like the prophet Samuel who served all Israel by walking a circuit from one town to another, we are always bound toward home.
            Judaism makes the claim that certain times in the calendar of the year have special properties.  Shabbat provides a weekly opportunity for renewal.  Rosh Hashana encourages rebirth and recommitment to pursuits and ideas that sustain us throughout the year. Yom Kippur offers a day of atonement and healing, reminding us of what we hold most precious in the glaring light of our inevitable mortality.  In our awareness of this inescapable truth, we return home again, yet not the same person who left.  As the Rambam says: “The repentant should change names, as if to say, I am another. I am not the same person who did these deeds (quoted in Rabbi Lew’s book).”
            In the same way, Judaism encourages us to think of the symbolic walls we erect around us as ripe with the potential for change.  After the High Holy Days end, the walls become higher and harder to surmount but they crumble again each year as the liturgy and the concepts of the Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur encourage us to break from the confinements of our own making.  We may be estranged and isolated from ourselves and the ones we love, but the Days of Awe give us an opportunity to build a new home for ourselves, filled with light and open to the sky.  In doing so, we may think we are bound away from the dwelling place we have built, but we are only circling in order to return to the home we have remade.  In this place of teshuvah, of repentance, we can find, in Rabbi Lew’s words, “a place that will return us to ourselves, where we can feel our lives flowing, healing, toward home.”
            As we continue the journey together, may we hear the great shofar sound again, calling us, once more, toward home.  Shana Tova Tikateinu v’Teichateimu! May you be inscribed and sealed for a good new year!  
Rabbi Michael Howald
A Message from
Jerry Gross & Alan Siegel

It is September, and our Temple Israel Community is coming back to a full schedule.
In addition to the  twenty-two (count ‘em -22*) services and events that encompass the fall holiday season (Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Torah) we will have additional Temple community events like a Shabbaton and the Brotherhood & Sisterhood Kick-off Breakfast.  September also includes Samantha Galitsky’s Bat Mitzvah, Adult Choir Rehearsals, a return to a full Yoga schedule, the start of Religious School , a CulturEats program, Erev Shabbat Services returning to our more formal setting in the Sanctuary, and more!
We are very grateful to our clergy, Rabbi Howald and Student Cantor Benrey, our Ritual Committee headed up by Linda Brill and Jeffrey Ganz, and the seemingly inexhaustible energy available from Brotherhood & Sisterhood who make those 22 events happen.  
Looking ahead a few weeks, the Avis Foundation will start supplementing our calendar with things like visits from Brian the Animal Guy.
Make sure you & your family get everything you can from our Community! We look forward to greeting you at all our services and activities. Please be sure to invite your unaffiliated friends to join our thriving congregation.
Jerrold Gross and Alan Siegel
* For those who wish to count:   Selichot; cleaning the stream for Tashlicht; Erev Rosh Hashanah; Rosh HaShanah; Tashlicht; Rosh HaShanah learning service; Kol Nidre; Yom Kippur (Morning  Service; Children’s service; Afternoon Service; Discussion Group; Yizkor; Neilah; Break the fast; Putting up the Sukkah; decorating the Sukkah; Sukkot dinner; Erev Sukkot service; Sukkot morning service; Erev Simchat Torah service & consecration of students and new members AND Brotherhood’s Ice Cream Oneg; and finally, Simchat Torah morning service & Yizkor; followed by a share-a-dish lunch.
Student Cantor Jennifer Benrey
Shalom, Temple Israelites!

I hope you all have had a wonderful and relaxing summer, and I’m so excited to start this year with you in prayer and in learning. I have been busy these few weeks with the choir and with our wonderful accompanist, Elona, in preparation for the High Holy Days. Can you believe they are just around the corner?

As preparations get under way and as we prepare to enter the month of Elul, we once again prepare ourselves to confront our year and our own shortcomings. This season of return is a chance for us to acknowledge, that despite all the bad or neglectful choices we might have made this year, we have the opportunity to return to our best selves, to what we truly find important, and to God. Where are you this time this year? How have you grown? Where have you faltered? What would you like to return to?

This month, as we return to our busy lives and brace ourselves for the coming holidays, I pray that these questions bring us each to an enlightened sense of self so that we may be ready to face our iniquities and strengthen all our bonds through t’shuvah .

Shana tova umetuka to all.
I wish you a sweet, sweet year filled with many blessings.

B’shir v’shalom,
Student Cantor Jennifer Benrey

Jodi Siegel & Shariann Ganz
Someone once said that summer ends so fast it should get a speeding ticket! 

It is truly difficult to believe that we in Sisterhood are already looking back on our summer accomplishments and looking ahead to the hustle and bustle of the fall season. 

Our Executive Board and many of our committees worked diligently over the summer. We are grateful to all the women of Sisterhood who baked and brought delicious desserts for each of our summer Shabbat onegs. If you attended any of those Friday night services, you know that our members have extraordinary baking talents....among their many other special qualities!  

Thank you to Claire Guttsman and Sandy Feuerstein for spearheading another successful and fun Family Bingo Afternoon in late August.   

Blanche Ricci, Deanna Feder and Linda Hanibal were busy searching out new and unusual products and gifts for our Judaica Shop.
Our Membership Committee, headed by Vice-presidents Sue Freedman and Inez Singer,  have been busy collecting dues and readying themselves to greet our newest members. They have also been planning for our always-fabulous Paid Up Members Event in October.   Please be reminded that Sisterhood Dues for the coming year are $45.00. All women who are brand new to our Congregation receive complimentary membership for their first year. Friends of Sisterhood dues, for the male members of our congregation, are $36.00. 

Claire Guttsman and Phyllis Elrich have been working on our annual Community New Year’s Card which Sisterhood sends to all the members of the Temple Israel Family.  It is always a beautiful and original work of art and we can’t wait to see what Phyllis has created for us this year!  To have your name included, please see the flyer later in this bulletin or  click here .

Our Constitution Committee, chaired by Pamela Carlton, has been meeting to update and refine our by-laws and policies.

Lots of planning is going into our eagerly anticipated  1 st Annual SHABBATON to be held on  Saturday, September 14 th .  This is an event not to be missed! In addition to Torah Study and the morning Shabbat Service, in which Sisterhood members will be active participants, we will have a lovely catered lunch and a program by the Staten Island Hunger Task Force about the very important hunger issue.  The afternoon will end with us making bag lunches for the clients of Project Hospitality. Everyone is welcome to join us for this day.  Please bring friends and family. You do not need to be a Sisterhood or Temple member (or a woman) to attend.  Please click here to print the flyer from this Bulletin or pick one up from the Temple Lobby.  Advance registration and payment are a must, so that you can select your choice for lunch. We look forward to spending this special day with you.

As we prepare for the upcoming High Holidays, Sisterhood welcomes your participation and your assistance.  Watch for notices about when we will be cleaning all the Temple’s ritual silver, setting up for  Kiddush, Break-the-Fast, the Sukkot Dinner and Simchat Torah Luncheon .   Join us if and when you can.

Our Programming Vice-presidents, Cheryl Levine, Judy Lee and Pamela Rogozin have been busy finding interesting and engaging programs for each of our monthly meetings. Some of these will include “Around the World with Sisterhood” and “Fire Safety”. Don’t miss our monthly meetings for these workshops and others.

We have begun our annual fundraising campaign in support of Breast Cancer Awareness .  Please support this cause with your donations and with your participation in the Annual Breast Cancer Walk on October 20 th .

We look forward to seeing you at our  Annual Kick-off Breakfast and Meeting on Sunday, September 22nd at 10:00 a.m. and at all of our events and activities throughout the coming year. For a copy of the Sisterhood Calendar for 2019-2020 , click on the image below.
Wishing you a Sweet New Year. L’Shana Tova!

In Sisterhood,
Jodi Siegel & Shariann Ganz
Temple Israel – Reform Congregation of Staten Island
As the fall approaches Brotherhood is ready to begin our work for the coming year. We will be doing a stream cleanup prior to the High Holidays. Information will be sent out. An important reminder is that our Kickoff Breakfast is just around the corner on Sunday morning September 22 at 10:00 A.M. I hope to see everyone there. Shortly after the High Holidays we will once again put up the Sukkah. The Religious School students will have the opportunity to decorate it for the entire congregation to enjoy. On Simchat Torah we will continue the tradition of hosting our fabulous Ice Cream Sundae Oneg. Please join us as we celebrate together.

Over the summer months Brotherhood has been busy planning for the coming year. We need your support! Please join us as we become even more successful next year. For only $45 you can become a Brotherhood member. Please mail your check to Temple, Attention: Brotherhood or you can bring it with you on the day of the Kickoff Breakfast.

Keep cool and enjoy the balance of the summer. 

Brotherhood is a vital affiliate organization to Temple Israel. Together we are strong and make a difference to our Temple Family.  

Please share your ideas with us to enhance the Brotherhood experience….

Your in Friendship and Brotherhood,
Jeff Ganz

It’s hard to believe it is September already. Many of you have sent in your commitment and I would like to thank you. I have also spoken to members or answered emails. Please remember if you have questions about your individual commitment you can contact me at  tmplisrfinsec@aol.com  to review any questions or concerns you might have.  

If you did not receive your packet please contact Lara in the Temple office and she will send you a new packet. 

I will be sending out the membership tickets to those members who have made their arrangements by the middle of the month. Please remember you will need your tickets to attend services during the High Holidays. If you need additional tickets for family members please send the information and the payment to the Temple. The price for additional tickets is on the information form in your packet or you can call the office.

The school forms went out in a separate mailing. Don’t forget to complete School Forms for any children attending Religious School and Hebrew School. Please mail the forms back or bring them with you the first day of school (Sunday, September 8th).

Sisterhood and Brotherhood dues require separate checks payable directly to those organizations.

If you are sending in post dated checks, please make sure they are dated for the 15th of each month. Please remember that the last check should be dated no later than June 15, 2020.

We urge you to consider upgrading your membership and becoming a member of the Kavod Society or moving up to a new Kavod level. The additional funding allows us to assist some of our other members.

Looking forward to a wonderful year.

Jennifer Straniere 
Financial Secretary 
F or calendar updates click here .
To print a copy of this calendar, click here .
Welcome New Members...

Sarah & Bryan and Nora Helena and Evelyn Raine Sarfati

Kahl & Amanda and Riva Brie Weis

Jonathan Weinberg & Jacqueline Simpronio and
Sydney Lucia and Priya Mikayla

Mazel Tov to...
Elaine & Harold Wolchok on the birth of their granddaughter,
Shayna Maya Wolchok

Cantor Lindsay & David Kanter on the birth of their son Myer Emet Kanter

Cantor Aviva and James Marer on the birth of their daughter,
Sofia Eve Marer

Get Well Wishes to...
Jerry Gross, recovering from surgery
Pamela Rogozin , recovering from surgery
Sam Gornstein, recovering from surgery

Condolences to...
The Family of Linda Scher

Thinking of You...
David Meltzer
George Kurlander
Susan Weinman
Alicia Baskin

$$$ EASY fundraising
2.Select "Change Your Charity"
3.Type in “Temple Israel Reform 4.Congregation of Staten Island"
5.Click Search
6.Click Select
7.Order as usual.
Temple Israel benefits!
If you have any questions about your membership or if you know a potential new member please contact our Financial Secretary Jennifer Straniere at  tmplisrfinsec@aol.com .
Please consider becoming a member of our KAVOD SOCIETY.
It helps to make membership available to all our families. Speak to our Financial Secretary to upgrade your membership.
As the summer slowly ends the Ritual Committee has many lay leaders to thank.

  • Jim Rohan for providing musical leadership for Erev Shabbat Services in the months of July and August.
  • The lay leaders who led Saturday morning Torah Study during the summer.  They were Linda Brill, Muriel Schlefstein, Judy Lee, Rochelle Maltz, JR Rich and Barbara Fried.  
  • Saturday morning Service Leaders.  One Service was led by Muriel Schlefstein with the rest led by Pamela Carlton.  Jaimie Blackman provided musical accompaniment many times.  We also appreciated the supportive vocals of Dr. Kenneth Pickover at a number of these Services. 

We thank them all for their dedication and generosity of time.
We will welcome back our Student Cantor Jennifer Benrey for Services this month.  She has been rehearsing for the High Holy Days with our Senior Choir during the summer.

As we anticipate the High Holy Days later in the month, we trust you have all submitted the names of your friends and loved ones whom you wanted to remember in the Memory Book which will be distributed at the Yizkor Service on Yom Kippur afternoon.  

We look forward to seeing you all at Services as we prepare for the Days of Awe 5780. The preparatory High Holy Day evening Service of Selichot will be observed on Saturday September 21 st  .  The evening will start at 7:00 PM and will include a light Repast, Havdalah Service and a program and discussion prior to the Service. The title of the Program is "From This World to the Next".  
Rosh Hashanah will be celebrated starting on the evening Sunday September 29 th .  The Erev Rosh Hashanah Service begins at 8:00 PM. The Rosh Hashanah morning Service on Monday September 30th begins at 10:00 AM.  Tashlich will follow Services.  Then, on Tuesday October 1 st there will be a Rosh Hashanah Learning Session starting at 10:30 AM.

In October we have Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Torah.  Please refer to the calendar and schedules and flyers found elsewhere in the Bulletin for days and times.

L’Shanah Tovah to you and yours. 
Linda Brill and Jeffrey Ganz

Thank you to the following congregants for their assistance with ushering during services during the month of July:
Pamela Carlton, Deborah Chernoff, Maxine Cohen,
Deanna Feder, Cheryl Levine, Beverly Mazer, Felicia Holtzman Otto, Blanche Ricci and Inez Singer.

To All Congregants: If you would like to serve as an usher for any Shabbat or High Holiday services, please contact Nina Rohan by email  Rohan.shire@verizon.net. 

Nina Rohan
 Ushering Chair
September 6, 2019
Solomon Jacob Gross *
Mina Dashman Katz *
Samuel Flaum
Gertrude Newhouse Diamond *
Helen E. Frey
Jack Kleinman *
Marc Kopstein *
Royal Slamow *
Sidney Wolchok
Robert T. Lane *
Tom Sparacio
Alexander Steinman *
Harold Landowne
Boris Reznikoff
David Schmeidler *

And we remember from the Holocaust:

September 13, 2019
Harry Avis *
Leo Diamond *
Irving Reznikoff
Norman Sorkin
Harold Pappert
Sam Schwartz *
Sidney Goldberg *
Sarah Miriam Gross *
Martin Goldstone
Joseph Newman *

And we remember from the Holocaust:

September 20, 2019
Isidore Janatofsky *
Dr. Melvin Victor *
Mark Heitowit *
Emanuel Leef
Marivic Lipton
Jacob Rosenberg *
Arthur Duskin *
Abraham Gamoran
Miriam Sugerman-Rosenblum
Lewis Werb *
Solomon Davidson *
Harriet Kramer
Sol Sparber
Sedge Levee *
Milton Silberlight
Jeffrey Tenzer
Florence Weinstein *
Samuel Gootenberg *
Abraham Mendelsohn
Max Reiman *

And we remember from the Holocaust:

September 27, 2019
Frances Lipston *
Herman Gross
Michael Berlyand
Fannie Kruger Levy *
Charles Hirsh
Irving E. Rothaus *
Jorge Vinocur
Virginia Menna
Carol Schwimmer *
Millard Siegler *
Edith Fazio
Stuart Schorr
Joseph Steinberg
Louis Benjamin *
Florence Harrison
Sylvia Selig

And we remember from the Holocaust:
* These names are on our Memorial Wall.
We are sorry if your name was inadvertently omitted. Please contact Lara at the Temple Office to update your membership information.
The Sisterhood of Temple Israel would like to help you celebrate birthdays and anniversaries for you and your family.
You can share the joy of Shabbat and your birthday and/or anniversary by helping to sponsor an Oneg Shabbat on the Friday evening when we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries for that month.
In addition to sponsoring the Oneg, the names of those celebrating appear in the Friday night program and celebrants are invited to the Bimah.
A contribution of $10 for birthdays and $18 for anniversaries is suggested to honor your special occasion and help the Temple at the same time.  
Letters are sent out early in the month prior and payment would be appreciated before the first Friday of the month of the celebration. 
Friday, September 6

Friday, September 13

Friday, September 20

Friday, September 27

on the
1st Friday of each month
begin at 7:00 p.m.
Please click on flyer to download or print.
We are looking forward to our first  Shabbat Shalom Dinner  of the year on  Friday, September 20 th at 6 pm This is a great way to greet old friends and even make some new friends. Please look for the flyer in this month’s E-Shalom, and remember to   get your checks and reservations in no later than September 13 th .  Please note that we are starting this dinner at 6pm rather than the usual 6:30 because I-Shabbat will NOT take place in September.

If you have a neighbor or a friend who might be interested in our synagogue and the great sense of community that it offers, please bring them with you to dinner and services.  However, please make sure that we have their reservations so that we can plan accordingly.  One of the best ways to grow our community is by bringing others into our circle.
We look forward to greeting everyone on Friday, September 20 th .

If you have any questions or want to share the names of any prospective members, please contact the Membership Committee through the Temple office (718-727-2231).
Click on flyer to download or print.

There will be activities for children during Rosh Hashanah morning Services on Monday, September 30 th starting at 10:00 AM. 
These activities are for students in Pre-K to Second Grade.  
Children under age 4 must be accompanied by an adult.
The children will be brought up to the Sanctuary to experience the Shofar Service. 
Should you have any questions please contact Shariann Ganz. 
Temple Israel Sisterhood Judaica Shop



Just what you need and just what they want!
The only place on Staten Island for all your Jewish gifts.
Special Orders available.
Some featured items this month:
Contact branchtr@aol.com or call the Temple Office at 718-727-2231.
  • Leave your donation to the American Cancer Society in the Sisterhood Mailbox

  • Purchase a box of Pink Chanukah Candles from our Judaica Shop

  • Join us as we make our “Think Pink” bracelets on Sunday, September 22nd.

  • Walk with us at the Breast Cancer Walk On Sunday, October 20th at 10 am at Midland Beach

Thursday, September 5
Wednesday, September 11
Wednesday, September 18
Wednesday, September 25
6:45 p.m. SHARP!!!!
If you would like to join the Temple Israel Adult Choir, just come to any rehearsal...and all the rehearsals that follow!

contact Steve Scher at 347-683-0606 or stevescher12@gmail.com

Steve Scher
TRIVIA NIGHT Saturday, November 9th
We are bringing back the very popular and successful Trivia Night, which has been enjoyed by many congregants in the past. We will have teams of 4-6 people per table, to compete for prizes, using their knowledge on a variety of categories. It will be an evening of challenge and competition, but most importantly, everyone will have a fun time! This year, a dinner of sandwiches and side dishes will be served. Please feel free to BYOB. Our very own talented Fred Simon will be the host for the evening. We will have prize raffles and a 50/50 raffle.  See registration flyers in the lobby or CLICK HERE to download or print the one that follows!

Please consider donating a gift to raffle, or please let us know if you have suggestions for businesses that may be willing to donate.

In addition, we need gifts to raffle off on March 14, 2020, when the Avis Foundation is generously sponsoring a concert, Jews and the Great American Songbook. The Fundraising Committee is collecting the raffle prizes for this wonderful event.

Respectfully submitted,
Rhonda Trontz-Allen, Karen Frey-Gamoran, Lissa Winchel
Sisterhood, in collaboration with the Avis Foundation, Is sponsoring a trip to the Museum of Jewish Heritage on Veteran’s Day, November 11, at 1:45pm. All temple members are welcome to join us for an educator-led tour for both adults and children. There will be no charge for either adults or children. 

The children will be experiencing the following tour:

My House to Your House: Community Life from Generation to Generation (available for grades K-6)
Discover the role of family and community life in transmitting cultural heritage. Students will examine treasured objects and daily rituals, making connections between Jewish traditions and other traditions. 

The adults   will be experiencing a guided tour of the  Auschwitz  Exhibition, led by a Gallery Educator
In this 90-minute tour, a trained Gallery Educator will lead a structured program covering key artifacts from the exhibition  Auschwitz. Not long ago. Not far away.

We will arrange for chaperones to accompany the children so parents can take the tour for the audlts. 

We will need an accurate count by October 1, 2019. So please RSVP to Terry Baver,  terryqbaver@gmail.com , if you plan to come. Everyone who comes will need to arrange their own transportation. The museum is walking distance form the ferry, so public transportation will probably be the best way to go. 
I am so excited for the start of the religious school year! Our already excellent school is about to get even better with dynamic, innovative curricular updates planned.

On September 8th, the school year beings with a festive Kickoff Celebration and Open House. Bring the whole family, and please also invite your friends and neighbors who might be interested in our school. It’s a great chance to check us out.

Following our Kickoff, our Wednesday classes will begin September 11th, and our first Sunday classes will be September 15th. 

Also on September 15th will be the first meeting of the Committee at 10:00am. If you have a child in the religious school, we’d love for you to join us.

If you have any questions or ideas, or would like to become more involved, I welcome your  email: ti.si.school.bd@gmail.com
Jennifer Cortijo
Religious School Parent Advisory Committee
Click on the flyer to download or print.
BACKPACKS  The Silver Lake Head Start Program had its annual graduation ceremony on Thursday, June 20 th .  The children performed some beautiful songs and happily received their “Step Up” graduation certificates.  Through the generous donations of our members each graduate was given a backpack filled with school supplies to start them off in Kindergarten.  A number of our congregants joined the excited parents at this ceremony and shared in their proud moment. 
If you would like to be a part of this wonderful mitzvah please donate to Social Action and indicate that you are donating for the Backpacks

FOOD PREPARATIONS  Join us at Sisterhood’s Shabbaton on September 14th as we prepare and donate food to Project Hospitality. Dates for other food preparations will be advertised. Continue to check the Temple Calendar for updates. Thank you again to all those who help with this important Mitzvah.

DIAPERS  Did you know that neither WIC nor food stamps cover the cost of baby diapers?  In order to help, we provide packages of diapers to Project Hospitality to be distributed to mothers of infants.  Please buy diapers or make a donation to Social Action to support this cause.

DONATIONS   Of course, none of the things Social Action does could be accomplished without your generous donations.  We have been able to feed thousands of people less fortunate than ourselves and hope to feed thousands mor e,  thanks to you!   We have given hundreds of backpacks to children who might otherwise not received them, and hope to give hundreds more, thanks to you!  We have diapered hundreds of babies helping hundreds of families, and we hope to help hundreds more, thanks to you!  Please help us continue our important work for our community by donating both your time (for food prep events if you are available) and funds.  Thank you so much for your support!
Pamela Rogozin
We hope everyone has enjoyed their summer. On August 7 we attended a moving one woman show at the Jewish Heritage Museum. "Hannah Senesh" tells the story of a true Jewish heroine who gave up her life trying to save others during World War II. We were also able to view several of the museum's exhibits during the visit. Thanks to Blanche Ricci for arranging this very worthwhile trip

Adult Learning has been busy planning several exciting events for the coming year. Our next meeting will be held on September 12. We will be offering Intro to Yiddish October 10,17 and 24 at 7:30pm. This informative and entertaining course will be taught by Beth Seigel Graf.

On November 14, at 7:30pm, long time temple member Judge Joel Goldberg will speak about his newly published memoir "New York Justice." Don't miss his talk entitled "Murder, Mayhem and Humor in the Criminal Courts."

On December 5, in the evening, Rabbi Howald will be presenting a discussion on the fascinating topic, "The Jewish Perspective on the Afterlife." In the spring we're excited to be hosting, in conjunction with the Avis Foundation,two classes on "Jews and the Great American Songbook" taught by Micky Tannenbaum.

We're also planning several trips, including a visit to Wagner College's Holocaust Museum, The Cloisters to view a wonderful Judaica Exhibit, and a trip arranged through the Lower East Side Conservancy, as well as attending another play at the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick.

We'd love to have you join us! To register for the Yiddish series please contact Cheryl at  cherylmlevine@gmail.com . For information about any of our events please contact either Cheryl or Judy at  judithpessah@gmail.com .

Thank you.
Cheryl Levine
Judy Pessah
We were terribly saddened early in August by the loss of our dear friend and long time congregant LINDA SCHER. Our hearts go out to her entire family and all of her very close friends at Temple Israel.
May her family find comfort among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem and may her memory be a blessing.

Our Caring Community is always there for those in need.
If you need assistance, please let us know.  Our committee assists congregants who need help with a Shiva, rides to doctors when they cannot get there themselves and meals when necessary, among many other things. 

As always, we hope that you, our congregants, will continue to support our Caring Community with your donations that help cover the costs of food, paper goods, tolls, parking, etc. used to assist those of our Temple Community that need assistance. Thank you all for your generous donations.

To those who are recovering from illness or surgery we wish you all the best of health.  
Wishing everyone a happy and healthy month!!

Pamela Rogozin

7:00 pm

9:30 am

4:30 pm

8:00 pm

9:30 am
12 noon

4:30 pm

(Reservations required)
6:00 pm
8:00 pm

10:30 am

9:30 am
12 noon

4:30 pm

8:00 pm

8:00 pm

(Children’s Activities )
10:00 am

This is such an exciting time of year. The beginning of a new school year and a new schedule. As a child I remember the thrill for me of sleeping with my brand-new shoes in the box next to my bed. This is the same feeling that I experience when we begin Temple Israel’s 2019-2020 programming.

The Avis Foundation has made it possible for new families to become involved at Temple Israel. During the summer Terry Baver and I have worked hard to plan religious, educational, creative and fun-filled activities for our current synagogue families and the new ones who we hope to attract during the 2019-2020 year.

What is there to look forward to? This year young families will be able to join us for the early Erev Shabbat services that begin at 7:00 PM on the first Friday of the month. There will be I-Shabbat (Interactive Shabbat) services for young children the third Friday of each month at 6:00 PM. I- Shabbat will begin on Friday, October 18th. We will also offer a Children’s Yom Kippur service on Wednesday, October 9th at 1:30 PM.

Our children will have the opportunity to visit The Resource Room to experience STEAM classes (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). The girls and boys will be attending theatre classes with a professional actor, culminating with a production in the Wagner College Black Box Theatre. The CULTUREATS food preparation classes, under the direction of Alina Shteynberg, are back with five exciting sessions for our older children. BRIAN, the Animal Guy will be back. A very exciting addition to our programming will be parent and child pottery workshops at Wagner College for our youngsters who are 9 years old and above.

On November 3rd there will be a very exciting multicultural afternoon involving our Temple Israel children and children from a local mosque and a local church.

This is only a sampling of what we will be providing to our youngsters. Free yoga classes are available to all of our Temple Israel parents each Sunday evening at 6:00 PM. We also have some surprise programming for the parents this year.

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED FOR OUTREACH! Let us know of any families who might be interested in joining our Temple community. The Avis Foundation is making it financially possible for young families to be part of our congregation.  Call Terry at 1 (718) 490-4428 or call me at 1 (718) 447-6225 and we will reach out to them.

 We look forward to a sweet and wonderful year.

Chag Sameach!
Bryn Biren

Are you stressed?
Do you want to build your core strength?
Join Us.

Wednesdays 8:00-9:00 p.m.
(September 4, 11, 18, 25)

Sundays 6:00 -7:00 p.m.
(September 8, 15, 22)

Free for Temple Israel Members
Non-members - $15

Bring your own Yoga Mat
Both sets of classes are for

Both chair and mat students are accommodated at each class.

For more information, contact
Bryn Biren
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