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Rabbi Michael D. Howald                     Student Cantor Shirel Richman
Co-Presidents Jerry Gross and Alan Siegel
E-Shalom - NOVEMBER 2021
Temple Israel’s Electronic Bulletin
“Shalom, Welcome to Temple Israel....” is a phrase taught to us by Carole Lachman, a beloved, long-time congregant and bulletin editor who died in 2002. We named our bulletin in her honor and worked to realize her vision of Temple Israel as a community that welcomes the stranger and lets no one stand alone. As we move to a new version of this tradition of communicating with our Temple Israel family, we continue to forward Carole’s vision, love and devotion for our synagogue.
The Temple Board has updated the Temple COVID policy with respect to attending anything inside the Temple building.  It now includes all events, not just services, and provides access to meetings and services for non-vaccinated attendees upon proof of a recent negative COVID test.

Proof of vaccination is required for those 16 and older, or, for the unvaccinated (regardless of medical waiver,) a negative COVID test taken within the previous 7 days.

This is effective as of Friday, September 24, 2021.  In summary, the policy for admittance to the building will be:
·     For entry into the Temple building for any event, adults and children over 16 must show proof of vaccination or present a negative result of a COVID test taken in the previous seven (7) days.
·        All children must remain with their parents or guardians except during school classes or organized child activities. 
·        Masks must be worn at all times, within and outside of the building.
·        Please bring your vaccination information to the door (phone app or copy of certificate.) You can also submit proof to the Temple office to expedite entry.
Thank you for your cooperation in maximizing the safety of our Congregation.
Live Friday Evening Erev Shabbat Services in our beautiful Sanctuary have resumed. They are also being live streamed.

Saturday morning Torah study and Shabbat Services will remain on Zoom.

Links for Live Streamed services will be e-mailed to all congregants, along with the Friday night Progam, every Friday. The Zoom link for Saturday morning Torah Study and Services can be found below. (Please check weekly News and Notes and the Friday Night Program for any updates or changes.)
Every week on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. followed by Services at 11:00 a.m.

Meeting ID: 894 4131 1190
Passcode: 981418
One tap mobile
+16465588656,,89441311190#,,,,*981418# US (New York)
+13017158592,,89441311190#,,,,*981418# US (Washington DC)

Dial by your location
    +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
    +1 301 715 8592 US (Washington DC)
    +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
    +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
    +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
    +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
Meeting ID: 894 4131 1190
Passcode: 981418


Through the generosity of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, there is a free online flip-book version of our prayer book, Mishkan T'filah for Shabbat, available 

Through the generosity of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, there is a free online flip-book version of our prayer book, Mishkan T'filah for Youth, available 
A Message from

Rabbi Michael D. Howald

On Yom Kippur morning, I spoke about a troubling trend in American education. In my sermon, I warned about the ambiguous nature of recent enacted state “memory” laws passed in the last two years to control the content of teaching about racism and discrimination in national and world history. These laws typically forbid the teaching of anything that causes a student to “feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress” on account of their race or sex. They also affirmatively require that any “widely debated and currently controversial issues of public policy or social affairs” be explored from “diverse and contending perspectives.” 
These memory laws do not simply establish a “best practice” to present different viewpoints on issues about which people might disagree, they make it clear that teachers risk termination and loss of benefits if they violate the law, whether intentionally or inadvertently. These laws are so imprecise in their wording (what, e.g., is a “widely debated and currently controversial issue”?) that I predicted on Yom Kippur, that teachers would “censor themselves for fear of losing their jobs.” Sadly, that prediction has already come true and in a way the strikes directly at the concerns of the Jewish community.
         Last week, someone leaked an audio recording of a meeting with teachers to explain the Texas version of these memory laws (House Bill 3979) to the press. In it, the director of curriculum and instruction for the Carroll Independent School District in Southlake Florida says: “And make sure if you have a book on the Holocaust, that you have one that has an opposing, that has another perspective.” On the recording, attendees at the meeting take immediate issue with the idea that there are “opposing sides” to teaching about the Holocaust. Perhaps because of the concern expressed in the meeting, a recording found its way to the press.
         The recording led to a national and international outcry, including many calls for the firing of the director who made the comments. The ADL and a Reform rabbi located in the Southlake School district spearheaded an effort to have the school repudiate the comments as a statement of policy. Soon after, the superintendent of the school issued a public statement apologizing for the press reports and stating that the “comments made were in no to convey that the Holocaust was anything less than a terrible event in history. Additionally, we recognize that there are not two side of the Holocaust.” From now on, the superintendent added, the school district would not interpret the Texas memory law to require “an opposing viewpoint on historical facts.”
         Following the issuance of the public statement, parents and teachers remained concerned about the possible interpretation of the new Texas law. Some teachers anonymously told the press they would remove all books from the classroom out of concern that a book deemed “one-sided” could lead to a formal reprimand. A number of parents spoke at a public meeting of the school board, blaming both the memory law and the administrator who claimed that teachers needed to present two sides to the Holocaust. Only the next few months will tell how the new law will play out in the classroom.
How this law will play out in school boards across Texas and in the courts remains uncertain, but, if the intent of the authors of this legislation was to prevent teachers from addressing any issue which even one parent might claim was “controversial,” then the law is already beginning to have its desired effect. Twenty-eight states have passed similar laws in the past two years. Even if the Southlake School District eventually gets its policy about Holocaust education right, every other school district in Texas and each state with its own memory laws will now have to navigate whether the Holocaust is a controversial subject or might cause a student anguish or grief. Whether they will all agree that the Holocaust has only one side and is part of the required curriculum is unclear, particularly in the face future of parent complaints or lawsuits based on the language of the relevant memory law.
What is clear is that these new laws will chill the classroom discussion of any historical chapter based on systematic bigotry, whether it be, for example, the Holocaust, American slavery, the Jim Crow era, or the Chinese Exclusion Act. The authors of these memory laws may claim they didn’t intend to influence Holocaust education, but the words of these bills are so imprecise that bigots of all kinds will be able to use them to threaten school boards and teachers in over half the country when they don’t like the lessons teachers offer. When that happens, only the vigilance of the Jewish community will insure that teaching about the Holocaust will remain part of the curriculum. In the face of these laws, only our continued vigilance will assure that the memory of the Holocaust is never forgotten. 
Rabbi Michael Howald   
A Message from
Jerry Gross & Alan Siegel

Thanksgiving is the American holiday that lines up with the great traditions of Jewish holidays – eating!  And if it is Thanksgiving, can Hanukkah be far behind?  This year -- not very far.  We almost wound up with another Thanksgivukkah, but it missed by a few days, with the first candle on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend.
And speaking of Hanukkah, Temple Israel has the proverbial hat trick for the holiday.
First, come down on the 14th for Sisterhood’s Holiday Fair, and pick up some themed gifts for the family and friends.
Shabbat Hanukkah on Friday, December 3rd is a triple treat of its own – our traditional Shabbat Hanukkah Dinner before services, the celebration of Birthdays & Anniversaries during the service, and Hanukkah Pajamakah.  Please note that THIS first Friday service in December will be at 7:30 pm due to the dinner.
And to round out the aforesaid hat trick, bring your children and grandchildren to Brotherhood’s Hanukkah party on Sunday, December 5 (and please send in your form so your family represented on Brotherhood’s Hanukah card.)
And let us not forget in-person events in the Temple community between now and Thanksgiving:
·      A free Cabaret Night on November 6th
·      Make your own Pizza at Bario’s
·      Erev Shabbat services every week
·      The Adult Choir at Erev Shabbat services
·      Creating the Sisterhood (Chocolate!!) Gelt Mosaic
So, why are you sitting at home?  What better time than these events to come back to Temple?  And ask anyone who has been at Shabbat services, the energy in person cannot be felt on your home screen. 
Jerry and Alan
Jerry Gross
Alan Siegel
P.S.  We continue to have activities on line as well:
·      A new Avis series on Musical Theatre
·      Torah Study and Shabbat morning services
·      Yoga on most Sundays and Thursdays. 

Thanks to all of our Congregants who have made arrangements to honor their annual commitments to Temple Israel.  If you still have outstanding obligations, please forward them to my attention at the Temple Office.

Please remember that you are welcome to acknowledge special events, memorialize family members, share get well wishes or simply offer support to one of your favorite Temple funds by submitting a donation to our weekly Shabbat program.  Your donations help to support the efforts of our Temple, as does your your support of all of our fundraising events.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your Temple account, please feel free to contact me at finsectmplisr@gmail.com and I will be glad to speak with you.

Best wishes for a happy, safe and happy new year.

Alan Siegel
Financial Secretary (acting)
Contributions to Temple Israel as tributes, dedications or memorials are welcome and are published in the weekly Shabbat program.

Donations can be dedicated to the general Temple Israel Fund or to any of the following specific funds: 

  • Adult Education Fund 
  • Building Preservation Fund 
  • Caring Community Fund 
  • Carole Lachman Memorial Fund
  • Choir Fund 
  • Confirmation Fund 
  • Estelle A. Gootenberg Memorial Fund (for Torah Repair/ Restoration) 
  • Gerald J. Lustig Memorial Fund (for Ark & Ark Doors) 
  • Liheyot Fund 
  • Membership Fund 
  • Maurice Schlefstein Fund
  • Prayerbook Fund 
  • Rabbi Marcus Kramer Memorial Library Fund 
  • Shoah Education Fund
  • Scholarship Fund 
  • Rabbi Michael D. Howald Fund for Social Action and Tikkun Olam

A $5.00 minimum donation is requested for these funds. Checks for donations to any of these funds should be made payable to Temple Israel.

PRAYERBOOKS may be dedicated in honor or memory of a special person or occasion. For specific prayerbooks and donation amounts, look for the Prayerbook icons found in this bulletin.

Please make checks for Donations to the RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND payable to that fund.

Donations in any amount may be made to SISTERHOOD OF TEMPLE ISRAEL or BROTHERHOOD OF TEMPLE ISRAEL with checks made payable directly to the affiliate organization.

For a leaf on the TREE OF LIFE in honor of a simcha, please scroll down. 

For permanent MEMORIAL PLAQUES on our Family Memorial Wall or Original Memorial Wall, please call the Temple office at 718-727-2231.

To see list of all recent
Tributes and Program
Donations to Funds...
Please consider becoming a member of our
It helps to make membership available to all our families. Speak to our Financial Secretary to upgrade your membership.

Dear Temple Israel, 

The month of November is rich in holidays: Jewish and American. We celebrate Hanukkah, as well as Thanksgiving. In the first week of the month, we read parashat Toldot. In the parshah, we learn about Jacob and Esau’s rivalry since before they were born. Jacob becomes Israel and is one of the forefathers of the Jewish People. Esau is considered the father of the Roman Empire, which eventually leads to Christianity. The two nations that were in Rebecca’s womb are now sharing America – and with other peoples, as well.
Sometimes those relationships are good and sometimes those relationships have tension. During this month of November, we can give thanks for being able to live in a pluralistic society that allows each group to flourish. At the same time, we also have the holiday of Hanukkah which celebrates the victory of the Maccabees over the Greek Empire. Hanukkah reminds us to beware of over-assimilation and maintaining our own culture. Thanksgiving has us set aside our differences and come together as Americans. 

So as we celebrate both holidays together during the month of November, consider those different values. I would like to wish all of you a very happy November (which also includes Veterans Day in which we honor the people who have helped to preserve our freedoms).

November Same’ach!

Shirel Richman
Student Cantor

Adult Choir Rehearsals

Friday, November 5 - 4:30 p.m. in person
Friday, November 12 - 5:00 p.m. in person
Wednesday, November 17 - TBA

Junior Choir Rehearsals
Sunday, November 7-12 noon
Sunday, November 14-12 noon

If you would like to join the Choir, please contact Student Cantor Shirel Richman at scantorrichman@gmail.com.
Jodi Siegel & Shariann Ganz
Last year at this time, we were trying to figure out ways to celebrate Chanukah virtually.  How lucky we are to be able to, once again, gather in person to celebrate the miracle of this holiday.  We are thrilled to be resuming our three fabulous Sisterhood Chanukah traditions this year:  
·      The Holiday Gift Fair on Sunday, November 14th;
·      Our unique and record-breaking Chanukah Gelt Mosaic building on Saturday, November 20th;
·      Chanukah Pajamakah and New Member Shabbat Dinner on Friday, December 3rd.
We hope you will share your light with us by joining us for each one of these events.

Even as we look ahead, we want to thank everyone who has been working so hard to adapt all of Sisterhood’s traditional initiatives and activities to make them “COVID-safe”.  Thank you to Sandy Feuerstein and Claire Guttsman, our Vice Presidents of Membership, for a lovely Paid-Up Members Breakfast and Program and for all the work they have been doing to support membership in Sisterhood.    We are grateful to all those who have been assisting with set-up and serving at our Onegs.  Your willingness to do this is most important in making it possible for us to even have our onegs following Erev Shabbat services each week.  We could really use more assistance, so if you haven’t volunteered yet, please pick a date to help!

We hope many of you will join us on November 18th for our Adult Pizza Making Party at Barios.  It will be a fun evening with food, beverages, raffles and fun.  Space is limited, so RSVP today.

We also look forward to seeing you at the Cabaret Evening sponsored by The Avis Foundation for Temple Israel.  We are grateful to the committee for requesting donations to Sisterhood to support our annual Passover Seder which has been renamed the “Jennifer Straniere Memorial Community Seder”.  We hope to see you that evening and we thank you, in advance, for your generosity.

Please see all our flyers and our calendar for all upcoming meetings and events.

We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and a Chanukah filled with light, laughter and lots of latkes.
In Sisterhood,
Jodi Siegel & Shariann Ganz

Click on the icon to the right to print or download the entire Sisterhood Calendar for 2021-2022.
Please note that this calendar may not reflect very recent changes.
Temple Israel – Reform Congregation of Staten Island
Hello Everyone. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather. It has been so nice to be able to gather once again in person at Temple.

It is very important to keep the work of Brotherhood going strong as we have moved to in person events and meetings. We take all precautions to make everyone feel safe and secure during these transitional times.

Thank you to all of the Brotherhood members who assisted with Sukkah set up and take down as well as serving Ice Cream at the Oneg after Simchat Torah Services.

We are now preparing our annual Chanukah Card to the Temple Family. It is a wonderful way to wish your fellow congregants a beautiful Festival of Lights. This is one of our largest fundraisers of the year and is always a great success. Let’s make it even better than past years.

Our Children’s Chanukah Party is once again scheduled for Sunday December 5th at 12:00PM. There will be Pizza, Crafts, Games and every child will receive a Chanukah Present. Please bring your children and grandchildren to help celebrate this festive holiday. 

Flyers are available for all of our events in this E-Shalom, News and Notes as well as a mailing that you should have received.

Now is the time to make your commitment to Brotherhood for the coming year. Please send your $45 dues checks to Temple attention Brotherhood.

As we move forward, our meetings and events will be held on site. Please join us when you can. 

Always know that we are here to assist in any way. If you need something done, someone to talk to or whatever it might be, please reach out and we will make sure your needs are addressed.  I leave you with: stay strong, stay safe, be positive and do your best; together we will come through this stronger.

Brotherhood is a vital affiliate organization to the Temple. Together we are strong and make a difference to our Temple Family.  

Please share your ideas with us to enhance the Brotherhood experience.
Yours in Friendship and Brotherhood,
Jeff Ganz

Sunday, November 28-Monday, December 6
 MICHELLE LEE, brother Elliot and grandparents R. RANDY & EILEEN LEE as NATHANIEL OLIVER LEE is called to the Torah as Bar Mitzvah;
PAMELA & MICHAEL ROGOZIN as their son, Derek, joins the Navy;
JOSEPH GAMORAN on his retirement.


CLAIRE GUTTSMAN, recovering from hip surgery;
RACHEL EPSTEIN  hospitalized with breathing issues;
JOE ARONSON recovering from a pacemaker procedure.






Happy Fall!  It is time to watch the leaves fall and prepare for cooler weather.  And we have at least until the end of the month to prepare to observe the Holiday of Chanukah.

The first night and first candle of Chanukah is Sunday November 28th. There are many ways we can prepare for the Holiday here at Temple Israel.   There is a Sisterhood sponsored Holiday Fair on Sunday November 14th where you and your children and/or your grandchildren can purchase your Chanukah gifts.  On Saturday November 20th after Sisterhood’s 6:00 PM meeting you can help put together the Chanukah Mosaic of chocolate gelt.  And on Sunday November 21st there is a school Chanukah Assembly. 

And do not forget that the Sisterhood sponsored Shabbat/Chanukah/New Member Dinner is on Friday December 3rdstarting at 6:00 PM with the Family Service following at 7:30PM.  Be sure to make your reservations.  The evening will include Chanukah Pajamakah.   Celebrate again at the Brotherhood sponsored Children’s Chanukah Party on Sunday, December 5th.  More information about all these events is found elsewhere in this Bulletin.

In addition, the month of November brings the secular holiday of Thanksgiving.  Even during these challenging times, we have much to be thankful for, including our Temple Israel family. We are grateful for the hybrid Torah Study, Shabbat Service and Lunch on October 21st led by Rabbi Howald and sponsored by the Membership Committee.  We look forward to seeing you, in person, if possible, at Friday night Erev Shabbat Services and at Saturday morning Torah Study and Service whether it is on Zoom or Hybrid.

Chag Sameach!  
Linda Brill and Jeffrey Ganz

We thank the following congregants who have graciously accepted the honors of ushering and candle lighting Erev Shabbat Services in October:
Shariann Ganz, Jeff Ganz, Beverly Mazer, Sandy Mazzucco, 
Alina Shetynberg, Jodi Siegel and Inez Singer 

Nina Rohan
Ushering Chair
November 5, 2021
Ida Cohen5
Claire Silberlight
Hon. Royal Radin *
Michael Slamow *
Allen Scher
Ruth Sher *
Louis S. Berlin *
Edward Brandt *
Mathew Guttman
Estelle Hyatt
Leslie Klein
Robert Kurlander
Ida Popkins-Feuerstein
Lillian Lipsitz *
Frances Marcus *
Gabriel Topel
And we remember from the Holocaust:
Theodor Lustig
Mendel Ofman
Hermann Müller
Sandor Iritz
Edith Hecht

November 12, 2021
Harry Dembiner
Golda Kramer *
Adelaida Pujol
Annette Mogol Scheiner *
Lewis A Selmon
Jack Zuckerberg
Jennie Dembiner
Hyman Ruskin *
Arthur M. Selznick
Herman Neiman
Jean Neiman
Gertrude Pisetzner *
Gertrude Pisetzner *
Mary Schwarz *
Joyce Grossman
Helen Bey Kitoff
Sylvia Rodman
Deborah Gornstein
And we remember from the Holocaust:
Jossel Grupper
Haim Efraim Warter
Léon Michalowski
Jean Gilbert Accart
Tzvi Wincentowski
November 19, 2021
Harry Cohen
Herbert Gross *
Joseph Hershenson
Sarah Cohen *
Fanny Goldberg *
Max Heit
Joseph Korman
Ira Taub *
Abraham Miller
Helen Diamond *
Emma Meyers
Sophia Axelrod *
Marilyn W. Lipsitz
Marion Vogelman
And we remember from the Holocaust:
Bela Klein
Sonja Kohn
Shifra Zombek
Manfred Siegmund
Josef Weisfeld

November 26, 2021
Edward Fine *
Joy Paula Duskin
Herbert Gross *
Adele Salzberg
Douglas Howald
Jacob Mydlarz
Nellie Beck
Richard B. Marcus *
Eleanor Rosenblum
Ann Docteroff *
And we remember from the Holocaust:
Leibish Berman
Estera Togmann
Johann Simböck
Yakov-Meir Hamer
Arnold Levy

* These names are on our Memorial Wall.
About the Weekly Yahrzeit List...

It has come to our attention that there is some confusion about who is listed on the Yahrzeit List each Shabbat.  The list consists of three parts.

The first part is only read when there has been a recent death in the congregational family, and is introduced by “….recently taken from our midst.”  In this section, we list congregants who have passed away, or the seven closest family members of a congregant as defined by those for whom a mourner is traditionally obligated to sit shiva:  spouse, mother, father, sister, brother, son or daughter.  These names are included weekly for the month after their funeral.

The second part of the list is preceded by the phrase “We recall the names of our loved ones whose Yahrzeit is observed this week” and it consists of those whose yahrzeits (death anniversary) fall from Saturday to the next Friday.  These names come from the compilation of names of people our congregants have submitted that they wish to remember annually on either the Hebrew or Gregorian anniversary of their passing.  It is not limited to family members outlined above and can include grandparents, in-laws or others of significance to you.  You have the opportunity to add names every year with the papers that come with the renewal of your annual commitment. You can also add names at any time by writing to the Temple Office.  These names are kept from year to year.  Those who have had a memorial plaque dedicated to their name will be read each year regardless of your membership status.

The third part of the list contains the name of several Holocaust victims from the list we have obtained from Yad Vashem as of way of remembering those who have no one to say Kaddish for them

As you may have noticed, after Rabbi has finished reading the Yahrzeit List, he invites Service attendees to offer additional names for any period of mourning.  This is an opportunity to mention anyone important to you.

Please be aware that the second and third part of the weekly Yahrzeit List are printed in E-Shalom each month.  Also, you will receive a letter from Rabbi prior to the Yahrzeit that the name will be read on an upcoming Shabbat and a reminder when to light a Yahrzeit candle if that is your practice.  You can also make a donation in your loved one’s memory in the Shabbat program the week his or her name is read.

If you have any further questions about the weekly Yahrzeit List, please feel free to reach out to us through the Temple office.
We are sorry if your name was inadvertently omitted. Please contact John at the Temple Office to update your membership information.
The Sisterhood of Temple Israel would like to help you celebrate birthdays and anniversaries for you and your family.
You can share the joy of Shabbat and your birthday and/or anniversary by helping to sponsor an Oneg Shabbat on the Friday evening when we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries for that month.
In addition to sponsoring the Oneg, the names of those celebrating appear in the Friday night program and celebrants are invited to the Bimah.
A contribution of $10 for birthdays and $18 for anniversaries is suggested to honor your special occasion and help the Temple at the same time.  
Letters are sent out early in the month prior and payment would be appreciated before the first Friday of the month of the celebration. 
Erev Shabbat Services

Friday, November 5
Celebration of October
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Service at 7:00 p.m.
in the Sanctuary

Friday, November 12
Service at 7:30 p.m.
in the Sanctuary
Adult Choir Sings

Friday, November 19
Service at 7:30 p.m.
in the Sanctuary

Friday, November 26
Service at 7:30 p.m.
in the Sanctuary

Torah Study and Shabbat Services
Saturdays at 10:00 a.m.

Our school and Parents’ Committee has had a busy start to the school year. With a large turn out at our September and October committee meetings, we have worked together on several projects to benefit the school. 

First, we are actively engaged in our first fundraiser of the year: Fun Pasta Fundraising. In this direct link: 

you can find dozens of different types of themed pastas as well as low-carb and whole grain varieties. For more gourmet tastes, there are several specialty products to choose from. If you have not had an opportunity to check out our fundraiser, please take a look! Our school receives a large portion of proceeds back into our account. 

This fundraiser is a special one as the funds that we raise will be put toward establishing our new Kids’ Corner, which will be stationed in the lobby in early November. Our Kids’ Corner will offer Shabbat and Jewish Holiday themed coloring pages as well as Hebrew worksheets that children can use as they enjoy Friday night services. This project is geared toward children 10 and under and will be available at Friday night services for any child and their family. The adult accompanying the child to services will be responsible for ensuring all coloring materials are returned at the end of the evening. 

On Sunday, November 14th our students will be able to get into the Hanukkah spirit by shopping at Sisterhood’s Holiday Fair with their class during school. Notices will be sent home with each class‘ time schedule for the fair and families are encouraged to join their children to help pick out some holiday gifts as well as some Hanukkah necessities for your own household. 

Later that same day on November 14th, thanks to the AVIS Foundation, our children will enjoy a private educational workshop at the Staten Island Zoo and enjoy the rest of the afternoon to visit the zoo with family and friends.

We hope to see all of our families at this month's Family Shabbat Service on Friday, November 5th at 7:00pm. I'm looking forward to seeing our older children read from the Bimah and our younger children sing and sample out the Kids' Corner materials!

As hard as it is to believe it is already time for this, I want to wish everyone a very Happy Hanukkah!

Felicia Otto
Parents' Committee Chair
Become part of our community by participating in our community. Temple Israel is where community happens.

The Membership Committee is delighted to welcome:
New Members:
Kari, Dylan & Hudson Goldstein
Jen, Chad & Elliot Rachman
Jan, Sam, Mia & Alexa Shperling
Liza, Josh, Adina & Sam Sussman
Lori & Sophia Weintrob
Liz, Steve, Rebecca & Moriah Weiss
Esther & Stephen Magid
Returning Member:
Sylvanne Gordon

We are delighted that you are now part of our Temple Israel family and we look forward to greeting you and sharing many wonderful times together.

On Saturday, October 23rd we gathered for our first in person Saturday Shabbat. It was lovely to be together for Torah study, Shabbat morning services, and, of course, lunch.
Thank you to Rabbi Howald and to our Co-Presidents, Jerry Gross & Alan Siegel for their support. Special thanks to Anita Zuckerberg for coordinating the lunch arrangements. We look forward to more Temple Israel community happenings. We will keep you posted.

Learn- Pray-Eat-Sing and Schmooze with us!
 If you know of anyone who is interested in joining our Temple, please have them contact the Membership Committee through the Temple Office.

2.Select "Change Your Charity"
3.Type in “Temple Israel Reform 4.Congregation of Staten Island"
5.Click Search
6.Click Select
7.Order as usual.
Temple Israel benefits!
Temple Israel Sisterhood Judaica Shop



Just what you need and just what they want!
The only place on Staten Island for all your Jewish gifts.
Special Orders available.
Contact branchtr.ricci@gmail.com or call the Temple Office at 718-727-2231.
Some featured Judaica Shop items this month:
Contact Blanche Ricci at branchtr.ricci@gmail.com
if you are interested in any Judaica Shop items.

Bryn Biren
Terry Baver
Avis Foundation Trustees
This has been a very exciting time at Temple Israel. During the past two months six new families, and their children, have become members. Welcome to the Goldstein, Rachman, Shperling, Sussman, Weintrob and Weiss families! What a delight it is to see and hear the exciting sounds of so many young children laughing and engaged in activities in our synagogue.

During the month of November we are offering (at no charge), through the generosity of the Avis Foundation, FUN FRIDAYS on November 12th from 3:45-5:00 PM at The Resource Room for 6-8 year olds. If you are interested contact Bryn Biren at MsBunny7@aol.com.

Alina Shteynberg’s creative, informative and fun-filled CULTUREATS CLASSES return on Sunday, November 7th, 1:00-3:30 PM for children 9 years old and above. Each of the sessions provides innovative hands-on food preparation and provides the history and cultural derivation of food being prepared at the session. This month’s topic is Silvia’s Knishes. For registration information go to CulturEats@icloud.com.
On Saturday night, November 6th at 8:00 PM. adults are invited to a delightful evening of cabaret in the Temple Israel Social Hall. Enjoy “A Fine Romance”- Jewish Songwriters and the Great American Songbook. Karen O’Donnell and Mickey Tennenbaum, along with others, will entertain you. There is no admission fee. The evening is in memory of our own Jennifer Straniere. Contributions in her memory will help to fund the Temple Israel Community Passover Seder. Jennifer was the mastermind of the Seder and coordinated it for many years. If you would like to attend you must make a reservation in advance. Contact Terry Baver at Terryqbaver@gmail.com.

On Sunday afternoon the Avis Foundation is hosting a trip to the Staten Island Zoo. There will be two sessions:
1:30-2:15 PM. PreK- Grade 2
2:30-3:15 Grades 3-6. 
If you are planning to attend contact Terry Baver at Youngfamilies@templeisraelsiny.org or Terryqbaver@gmail.com.

Join us for Tot Shabbat on Friday, November 19th at 6:00 PM. This is 30 minute interactive family service designed for our youngest children. It is casual, musical and is conducted by Rabbi Howald/ Student Cantor Shirel Richman. 

Adult Yoga classes, one hour in length, taught by licensed Yoga instructor, Denise Nizzare are free and wonderfully relaxing. Join us on Monday evenings, 11/1,11/8, 11/15,11/22,11/29 at 6:00 PM and Thursday evenings, 11/4, 11/11 at 6:30 PM.

We have so many activities to keep you engaged at Temple Israel. Do not hesitate to contact Bryn Biren at MsBunny7@aol.com if you know of any family that might be interested in membership at Temple Israel. They will be contacted immediately.

Looking forward to an active and fulfilling November.
*Temple Israel Covid vaccination and masking policies will be enforced at all of the events held in our synagogue.*

Bryn Biren and Terry Baver
We are happily reminiscing about our busy October.
On October 10th we were off to the neighborhood of “Montmartre” in gay Paree to learn about the many artists who have made it their home. We once again Zoomed with our lovely tour guide Karen Reb Rudel of Sights Seeker’s Delight, and will “travel” with her again in January.
On October 17, a sparkling Fall day, we cruised through Manhattan’s waterways, with other Jewish groups, viewing the magnificent structures on the isle of Manhattan that can be seen at their best from the water. Our guide, a retired Jewish architect, carefully detailed the Jewish connection to all the buildings, their use, such as Ellis Island, and their design and construction. The shapes and angles of the skyscrapers are just fascinating!
On October 19 we discussed the book “The Yiddish Policeman’s Union” by Michael Chabon. We were led in our discussion of this intriguing story, which takes place in Sitka, Alaska, by Robin Howald. Thank you so much Robin!
Next Book Discussion—Tuesday, December 14, 7PM, “The Third Daughter” by Talia Carner. This story illuminates a little known piece of History—telling the fate of young women taken from Russia and brought to South America, in the late 19th Century. Location TBA. Contact Cherylmlevine@gmail.com if you wish to attend.
Join us in viewing “Becoming Dr Ruth”, a one woman show performed by Tovah Feldshuh, chronicling the life of Psychologist Dr Ruth Westheimer; at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. Please watch for announcements of the date in late December, and ticket price, which will be sent out shortly! If you are interested, please contact judithpessah@gmail.com.
Sunday, January 30, 4 PM. Return to Paris by way of Zoom, with our lovely guide, Karen, for a “French Food Frenzy” (Kosher Style)
Contact judithpessah@gmail.com if you are interested in attending. The fee will be a surprise.
Cheryl Levine and Judith Pessah
Adult Learning Committee Co-Chairpersons

Thank you everyone who donated to Night at the Races. We appreciate people’s flexibility with changing to an online raffle event. We had 8 beautiful baskets for the event that we raffled off via zoom.
Please join us for our Virtual Comedy Night via zoom on Saturday January 8, 2022. $20 per person includes show and a raffle. Additional raffles $10 each. Please RSVP by January 2, 2021.  
Please see attached flyer for all the information.
Respectfully submitted,
Rhonda Trontz-Allen, Karen Frey-Gamoran, Lissa Winchel
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Are you stressed?
Do you want to build your core strength?
Join Us.


Monday, November 1 - 6:00 pm
Thursday, November 4- 6:30 pm
Monday, November 8 - 6:00 pm
Thursday, November 11 - 6:30 pm
Monday, November 15- 6:00 pm
Monday, November 22 - 6:00 pm
Monday, November 29 - 6:00 pm

Instructor: Denise Nizzare

964 585 2910


Free for Temple Israel Members & Their Friends!

Classes are for ADULTS ONLY.

Both chair and mat students are accommodated at each class.

For more information, contact
Terry Baver at 718-490-4428 or
Bryn Biren at 718-447-6225

The Reform Movement’s 2021 Racial Justice and Freedom to Vote Campaign

The RAC is asking us to work with our fellow Reform Jews to help protect our democracy and the rights of ALL citizens to have equal access to voting. The Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act need to advance in the Senate in order to combat voter suppression and ensure that voting is accessible to all. 

Call to Action: Reform Movement Call-in Week- Nov. 8th-11th
Please sign up via the link below. 
We are being asked to call our Senators as well as the White House to let them know that large numbers of constituents care deeply about these issues.
The RAC will provide phone numbers and a script.
You can commit to as little as one phone call.

Sign up here

Let’s work together to support our Jewish values of racial justice and fair elections open to all.
If you are not receiving this Bulletin via a direct e-mail and would like to, please contact us at TICOMMUNICATION@aol.com to be added to our mailing list.
Our E-Bulletin is shared with the entire Temple Israel Family and the Staten Island Community. If you are a local business or community organization and you would like to advertise in our monthly bulletin, please contact the Temple Office at 718-727-2231 or e-mail TICommunication@aol.com.