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Rabbi Michael D. Howald                     Student Cantor Shirel Richman
Co-Presidents Jerry Gross and Alan Siegel
E-Shalom - SEPTEMBER 2020
Temple Israel’s Electronic Bulletin
“Shalom, Welcome to Temple Israel....” is a phrase taught to us by Carole Lachman, a beloved, long-time congregant and bulletin editor who died in 2002. We named our bulletin in her honor and worked to realize her vision of Temple Israel as a community that welcomes the stranger and lets no one stand alone. As we move to a new version of this tradition of communicating with our Temple Israel family, we continue to forward Carole’s vision, love and devotion for our synagogue.
Many of our usual Temple activities have now become virtual. Please join us for any or all of the following Shabbat services and Torah Study sessions by simply clicking on the links in the purple boxes at the posted times. All sessions will take place using Zoom. Links are also posted in weekly News and Notes. If you wish to call into these meetings, the phone numbers for audio access are also listed. *Please note that some of the meetings may require that you include the listed password.
Friday, September 4 at 7 p.m.
All other weeks on Friday at 8 p.m.
Friday, September 18 is Erev Rosh Hashanah
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Every week on Saturday at 10:00 a.m.
Saturday, September 19 is Rosh Hashanah

 Dial by your location
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Through the generosity of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, there is a free online flip-book version of our prayer book, Mishkan T'filah for Shabbat, available 

Through the generosity of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, there is a free online flip-book version of our prayer book, Mishkan T'filah for Youth, available 
A Message from
Rabbi Michael D. Howald

The following is the text of Rabbi Howald’s Video Message which was sent to our congregants last week.

Hello to the entire Temple Israel family.  I am speaking from our sanctuary to share an important announcement about the upcoming High Holy Days.  As many of you know, Temple Israel Reform Congregation has weathered the storms of 4 generations, each time rising stronger and more deeply connected to our history and values. This year of COVID-19 has been no different. Despite the pandemic, Temple Israel has continued to be a House of Study, a House of Prayer, and a House of Gathering for the Jews of Staten Island, only online and by telephone instead of in-person. As we approach the High Holy Days of 5781, our congregation has made the difficult decision to continue to offer our deeply meaningful and beautiful music, prayer and study online as we remain committed to make the safety our members our highest priority. At Temple Israel, we take great pride in being a caring and connected congregation. At a time when some of our members are especially vulnerable, we bear the collective responsibility to make pekuach nefesh, the preservation of health and life, our most important consideration. As our leadership discussed the best way forward, we concluded that truly living our Jewish values meant deciding to conduct service only online for the High Holy Days given the risks and uncertainties the pandemic has presented us.  This decision, given the dangers of sustained gathering indoors, is the only decision that can uphold our ethical responsibilities to one another.  We might be physically separated but we will still be together this coming High Holiday season in study, in introspection, in prayer and in spirit.  
As a result of our congregation’s decision, our High Holy Day services this year will be different than we have ever experienced.  Working together with our leadership and our student cantor, I know that these High Holy Days will be powerful, memorable, and meaningful for all of us. Our High Holy Days will combine the familiar with innovation that takes advantage of the technology that allows us to reach into the home of every member of our congregation. We will still hear the melodies we cherish, recite the prayers that make the High Holy Days so special and memorable and remember our past as we look forward to the future.  Through it all, we will preserve the sense of belonging and community that makes High Holy Day services at Temple Israel meaningful.  We have already begun planning services which will preserve what we love about the High Holy Days while using new technologies that will make news ways of presentation possible. Despite these technologies, we plan on making praying, reflecting, and studying together as simple as the click of a button.
Temple Israel has been the spiritual home of Reform Judaism on Staten Island, in times of both joy and sadness, for 4 generations and our congregation will continue to be there for each another into the future. Our experience together this fall will be different than we are used to, but it will also be moving, spiritual and connected to the traditions of our synagogue. What’s more, we will go through this experience together, as a community committed to the wellbeing of all our members.  We look forward to sharing more information with you about the High Holy Days at Temple Israel soon.  Thank you for your support, both now and in the future.
Rabbi Michael Howald   
A Message from
Jerry Gross & Alan Siegel

The following is the text of the Co-Presidents' Video Message which was sent to our congregants last week.
Although it may be a bit early to say “L’Shanah Tovah”, we want to wish you a peaceful and healthful time ahead.

Rabbi has shared with you our spiritual path through this holiest time of the year.  It falls to us, both Jerry and me to map out how that path will be enabled and how you can assist.  So now, we ask for your full attention because unlike any other year, the ability of Temple Israel to remain healthy and present for next year and beyond depends on all of us more than ever before.

Traditionally, on Rosh Hashanah morning, Synagogue Presidents across the land take to the pulpit to discuss, beseech, cajole, reach out and otherwise try to convince their memberships that it is time to make a generous High Holy Day Pledge.  However, this year is anything but traditional. Previous Temple Presidents have shared stories about midnight meetings with plumbers or talked about wonderfully completed projects (with the help of generous Congregants) from Ark Door repairs to construction of handicapped accessible bathrooms or chair lifts.  This year’s challenge was to provide you with meaningful High Holiday Services to which you have become accustomed.  In order to accomplish this, we have hired a Professional Video Production Company to provide you with that experience for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Services. But this year our needs are more critical -- not just our financial health but literally it is the future of Temple Israel that has been seriously threatened by the effects of the current pandemic.

It is not inappropriate to compare our position at this point to Abraham setting out to found Judaism, or Moses leading a group of quarreling ex-Egyptians for 40 years in the desert or even Ben-Gurion and his band of freedom fighters when Israel was created 72 years ago.  Each of them entered uncharted territories and had to map out their way with very few precedents to guide them.  For Temple Israel, our challenge of maintaining our bonds of community in the face of changing rules and outright bans on gathering as a congregation is as critical and complex as theirs.  Rosh Hashanah morning last year had over 200 people together under our roof – one cannot re-create that sense of camaraderie using Zoom or streaming.

We are all grateful to Rabbi Howald for his extraordinary leadership with his on-line Shabbat services and adult learning classes.  When we held in-person, socially distanced Shabbat services earlier this month, the response was strong.  We are social beings – even the grumpiest among us wants to share that grumpiness with others.

So, what does that have to do with the future of Temple Israel??  EVERYTHING!!  Our Temple budget is made of many moving parts.  Our income is derived from your annual commitments, from your donations, from your attendance at fund raising events, from your participation in Brotherhood and Sisterhood, as well as the usage fees from the Head Start school and the Church group that meets here regularly.  All of these sources of income have been impacted by the pandemic and some have even dried up completely.  Yet, many of our expenses remain unchanged. Nonetheless, following some intense conversations, we have decided to expend extra funds to ensure that our broadcast High Holiday Services are as spiritually fulfilling as possible for each of our congregants and guests.

However, to be candid, we need your assistance to bridge that financial gap so that Temple Israel remains viable for future Rosh Hashanah Services.  Let us be very clear – Temple Israel has never allowed financial need deny membership for anyone – whether they are current members or new members seeking to join our Congregation.  That tradition will continue as long as we remain:  If you are under financial stress, please say something rather than leaving in silence.  But for those of you who are able, we are going to articulate why we are asking for more from you this year than usual.

We know that for many of us, the sense of Community bonding with our fellow congregants is under pressure and you may begin to feel socially, as well as physically distanced from Temple Israel.  So, first we ask you to look at what Temple has meant to you over your time as a member; and, if you have not already done so, please submit your annual commitment NOW!  And, if you are so moved, please consider accepting the honor of upgrading to a Kavod level membership that will enable us to assist others in need  --  now is the time to do it.

Please take a look at your personal situation. Is yours one of those cars that is now getting three weeks to a tank of gas rather than having to visit the gas station weekly?  Have you been deprived of your daily Starbucks?  Did your previously planned vacation turn into a STAY-cation?  Did your E-Z pass or Metro-card have a zero-due balance?  Think about the money you will not be spending on new clothes for the holidays or even for the Gala.  Yes, we’re asking that you assign some of those savings to Temple Israel in the form of a generous High Holiday Pledge, one that will demonstrate your caring for the home of Reform Judaism on Staten Island, OUR spiritual home, OUR Temple Israel.

While the pandemic may have made the near future difficult to see, the communal bond of Temple Israel remains clearly visible.  Hopefully, we will soon be able to gather in-person more frequently.  But we need your help now to secure the financial future of our Temple so that next year we can ALL gather in our Sanctuary as the Shofar sounds its welcoming tones.

Jerry Gross and Alan Siegel
Saturday, September 12
7:00 p.m.
Meeting ID: 816 6930 8476 
Passcode: 356066 

One tap mobile 
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+13017158592,,81669308476#,,,,,,0#,,356066# US (Germantown) 

Dial by your location 
    +1 929 205 6099 US (New York) 
    +1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)
    +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago) 
    +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose) 
    +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma) 
    +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston) 
Meeting ID: 816 6930 8476 
Passcode: 356066 
Sunday, September 20
10:30 a.m.
Meeting ID: 847 0837 3912
Passcode: 133166
One tap mobile
+19292056099,,84708373912#,,,,,,0#,,133166# US (New York)
+13017158592,,84708373912#,,,,,,0#,,133166# US (Germantown)

Dial by your location
    +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
    +1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)
    +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
    +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
    +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
    +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
Meeting ID: 847 0837 3912
Passcode: 133166

We will not have "physical” High Holiday Tickets this year. Since our services will come to you remotely,  you will receive “log in” information for all services prior to Erev Rosh Hashanah. If you have made your commitment for the 2020-2021 year, you will receive the log-in information.

Each member unit will receive a single unique code which will be assigned to the e-mail address we have on file for you.  The link will only be able to be used once per service.  Codes may not be shared.  Once a log in is active, it may not be used on another device.  IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT WE HAVE YOUR CORRECT E-MAIL ADDRESS.  If you have multiple e-mail addresses at which your family receives Temple communications, please contact the office via e-mail to indicate to which e-mail address you wish your High Holiday Service Log-in information to be sent.

Your membership will give you one login connection. If you have other family members at different locations, they will need to purchase a High Holiday ticket. If you have any questions please call the office and we will get back to you.  If you are an affiliate member you may purchase your High Holiday tickets by sending in a separate check.  
The Temple Israel Board of Trustees
is proud to announce that
in honor of Rabbi Howald’s
10 Years as our Spiritual Leader.
Dear Temple Israel,

As I am preparing myself musically, emotionally and physically for the month of Elul and the High Holy Days, I am struck by the beautiful music and the richness of our Jewish tradition. When I look over our Rosh Hashana services, I cannot ignore the different styles of music that enrich our liturgy and bring it to life in a unique way. In one service, we can hear traditional “chazzanut” (cantorial) music from last century Europe, quasi-operatic pieces that were written for Jewish opera stars of the day, we can hear Israeli music we think is “from Sinai” that is… Less than hundred years old, or Israeli or Middle Eastern folk. We will hear contemporary American composers, who are cantors or secular musicians who felt a strong connection to our sacred texts and thought processes. 

It is so incredible to be able to bring all this content to you through music. Our musical traditions cross time, generations, continents, and have exciting, modern, and relevant interpretations. I am hoping that even though we will not be sharing these High Holy Days together in person, each and every one of us will find comfort and a special connection to Temple Israel’s services thorough music, text and traditions. 

Please join me in singing! 

Shirel Richman
Student Cantor
Jodi Siegel & Shariann Ganz
As Sisterhood Presidents, we are always proud of our organization, but there are moments when that pride becomes so overwhelming that it leaves us speechless. (And if you know either of us, it’s pretty rare when we don’t say anything.)

As a Sisterhood, we know that everything we do is for the benefit of Temple Israel.  Our service, our fundraising, our programs and our work all go to support our congregants, and to strengthen Reform Judaism on Staten Island.  When Temple Israel is in need, Sisterhood steps up.  In the past we have made it financially possible for our synagogue to replace the carpeting, the blinds, and the refrigerators.  We make annual financial commitments to the Temple which we manage to exceed every year.  We cover costs of supplies and may ritual/holiday activities.  We do a lot.  And when there is a need…and this is where the overwhelming pride comes in….we do more. 

At our most recent Sisterhood  Executive Board Meeting, the agenda included the unique High Holiday services planned for this year.  The discussion included the challenges associated with trying to re-create Temple Israel’s very special High Holiday Service experience virtually.  One of the challenges, for our synagogue, is the cost.  Let’s face it, we are a small congregation. Although we are spiritually richer than even some of the largest congregations, we certainly can’t compare financially.  The mere hint of possibly not being able to afford to bring our High Holiday services into the homes of our members this year was enough for our officers and directors to immediately propose that Sisterhood find the funds to support this endeavor.  

So we did.  And we are thrilled that, because of the participation, support and  hard work of our members, Sisterhood is able to cover the cost of one-third of the total amount needed to hire a professional production company to work with us to bring you the highest quality, most meaningful services possible.

We are so proud.

We look forward to praying with you.  We look forward to celebrating with you.  We look forward to seeing your name in our Community New Year’s Card. We hope to see you at some of our on-site events (Havdallah, Pizza in the Hut, Sippin’ In the Sukkah) if you are able, and on-line at our meetings and services.

Wishing you a sweet New Year.

Jodi Siegel & Shariann Ganz

N.B. Please make sure that we have your correct e-mail address so that we can send you the links for any events that may take place virtually!
To print or download the entire 2020-2021 Sisterhood Calendar, just click on the calendar above.

Click on flyers to enlarge, download or print.
Temple Israel – Reform Congregation of Staten Island
Hello Everyone. I hope this finds everyone well and enjoying the end of the summer as best as we possibly can. Brotherhood is actively planning for the coming year. We will hold our yearly kickoff meeting via Zoom on September 6th at 10:00 A.M. I hope everyone can join us so that we can discuss our plans as we move into the start of the Temple season. 

It is very important to keep the work of Brotherhood going strong as we navigate these unprecedented times. I would like to thank those members that have made their annual commitment to our affiliate organization. For those who have not done so yet, I am asking each and every male member to please consider joining Brotherhood.  The dues are only $45.  Now more than ever we need your support.

As we move into the fall months, we plan on keeping some of our traditional work alive by setting up the Sukkah on Sunday morning, September 27 at 9:00A.M. Once completed, the Religious school children will have the opportunity to decorate it with all new décor and lights which have been provided for by the Sisterhood. Also, later that morning, an ice cream truck will be present for all of the Religious School students to get ice cream. The Brotherhood will be covering the expense for that. In addition, there will be a few other Sukkah related events to try and bring our congregants together, socially distanced and safely during this holiday season. Please be on the lookout for those flyers..  During these trying and unprecedented times we know we can always count on Rabbi for his spirituality, guidance and knowledge to lift up our feelings.

At this time all in person events and meetings for the Brotherhood are being cancelled and held via Zoom, unless otherwise noted. Hopefully we will all be able to come together soon and experience the friendship and camaraderie that we so much look forward to.

During these changing times, always know that we are here to assist in any way. If you need something done, someone to talk to or whatever it might be, please reach out and we will make sure your needs are addressed. Until we can enjoy our personal interaction, I leave you with this: “Stay strong, stay safe,  be positive and do your best. Together we will come through this stronger.”

Brotherhood is a vital affiliate organization to the Temple. Together we are strong and make a difference to our Temple Family.  Please share your ideas with us to enhance the Brotherhood experience.
Your in Friendship and Brotherhood,
Jeff Ganz


The BALLOW family on the engagement of JILLIAN to Joseph Fusaro;  INEZ & STEVE SINGER on the birth of their great niece, Olivia Sophia Maltese;  
Temple Israel South member CINDY SELMON on her 80th birthday; RABBI MICHAEL HOWALD as he celebrates 10 Years at Temple Israel as the Gala Honoree;
RUTH STEIN on her 90th birthday.

JAY CHAZANOFF & family on the loss of his wife Lucille Chazanoff;  JUDITH MAGNUS & family on the loss of her husband and Temple trustee, IRWIN MAGNUS;  
BRYN & RICHARD BIREN on the loss of their aunt, Lenore Hermann
Condolences to BEVERLY MAZER and family on the loss of her brother, Richard Weiss.

 Marsha Benjamin, sister of INEZ SINGER, recovering from Covid 19 virus, in Florida; 
SHEILA FRIED GROSSMAN recovering from surgery to remove her appendix in Florida.

and to all our members impacted by the coronavirus.

Dear Congregants,

It is hard to believe it is September already. Many of you have sent in your commitment and I would like to thank you. I have also spoken with many members and answered many emails. Please remember if you have any questions about your commitment you can email me at tmplisrfinsec@aol.com.

If you have not received your Membership Packet please contact the office and we will send you a new copy immediately.

We urge you to consider upgrading your membership and becoming a member of the Kavod Society; or, if you are already a Kavod member, please consider moving up to the next Kavod level. Your generosity allows us to assist some of our other members.

We will not have "physical” High Holiday Tickets this year. Since our services will come to you remotely,  you will receive “log in” information for all services prior to Erev Rosh Hashanah. If you have made your commitment for the 2020-2021 year, you will receive the log-in information.

Each member unit will receive a single unique code which will be assigned to the e-mail address we have on file for you.  The link will only be able to be used once per service.  Codes may not be shared.  Once a log in is active, it may not be used on another device.  IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT WE HAVE YOUR CORRECT E-MAIL ADDRESS.  If you have multiple e-mail addresses at which your family receives Temple communications, please contact the office via e-mail to indicate to which e-mail address you wish your High Holiday Service Log-in information to be sent.

Your membership will give you one login connection. If you have other family members at different locations, they will need to purchase a High Holiday ticket. If you have any questions please call the office and we will get back to you.  If you are an affiliate member you may purchase your High Holiday tickets by sending in a separate check.  

Religious/Hebrew School parents are reminded to send in all school forms.

Brotherhood and Sisterhood dues require separate checks payable to the organization.

If you have any questions, please contact me immediately at  tmplisrfinsec@aol.com.  

Looking forward to a wonderful year.

Jennifer Straniere
Financial Secretary

Happy September.  As the summer is winding down it is time to think about the High Holy Days to come.    Because of the pandemic and the need to socially distance ourselves they will appear different.  We will not be meeting in the Sanctuary.  As we write this article final decisions are still being made but this, we think we know. 

To help us prepare for this holy time, Selichot will be observed on Saturday evening September 12th via Zoom and will include a program presented by Rabbi Howald and a Service led by both Rabbi and our new Student Cantor Shirel Richman.

And although we cannot offer honors to our congregants as usual, our Services should feel like home.  Erev Rosh Hashanah Services on Friday September 18th and Rosh Hashanah Day Services on Saturday September 19th will have been filmed in the Sanctuary and will broadcast online at the appropriate times.  All Services will be led by Rabbi Howald and Student Cantor Richman.   Tashlich will be in person at the Temple Stream from 1:30 to 3:30 in the afternoon on the first day of Rosh Hashanah with masks required and physical distancing monitored.  Bring your own breadcrumbs to throw into the stream. Our second day Rosh Hashanah Learning Service on Sunday, September 20th will be presented via Zoom. 

Kol Nidre on Sunday evening September 27th and Yom Kippur Day Services on Monday September 28th are also being filmed in the Sanctuary and will be broadcast online at the appropriate times. These Services include our usual Morning Service and a Yizkor/Neilah Service.  The Yizkor/Neilah Service will be available to all the community.  An outdoor Children’s Service is also being planned for the afternoon open only to members and ticket holders.  Again, all Services will be led by Rabbi Howald and Student Cantor Richman and will include the voices of our Adult Choir with the usual musical accompaniment and the blowing of Shofars. 

Please refer elsewhere in this Bulletin for the specific times of Services.  All members and ticket holders will be receiving the necessary links and codes to make the Services available to them.

Should you wish to order your own copy of the two-volume prayer book for the High Holy Days “Mishkan HaNefesh to have at home, it can be ordered in different ways. Please see the “Ways to Access High Holiday Prayerbook at Home” section following this article. 

As we anticipate the High Holy Days, we trust you all submitted the names of your friends and loved ones whom you want to remember in the Memory Book.   As we will not be gathering in person for the Yizkor/Neilah Service, the Memory Book will be available online in PDF form and can be downloaded and printed individually.

We continue to be grateful for the way Temple Israel has been able to keep us spiritually, emotionally and prayerfully connected using the Zoom platform.  During the month of August, we were particularly grateful to Rabbi Howald, our former Student Cantor Jennifer Benrey, congregants Jim Rohan, Jaimie Blackman and Dr. Kenneth Pickover for continuing to provide “virtual” Erev Shabbat Services, Torah Study and Shabbat Morning Services.  We also thank congregant Judy Lee who led Torah Study on the one Saturday morning that Rabbi had a conflict this summer.

We were especially grateful for the cooperation of the weather which enabled us to have a special in person Erev Shabbat outdoor Service on the patio on August 14th led by Rabbi Howald and Jim Rohan.  It required reservations with limited attendance and social distancing, masks, hand sanitizer and waiver forms.  The Service was recorded and played back at the usual 8:00 PM time for those who did not attend.

And we continue to encourage parents with their children to join our “virtual” Family Service on the first Friday of the month at 7:00 PM.  The “virtual” Family Service for September is September 4th.

Please look to your e-mails, messages, Temple Israel News & Notes, Temple Israel’s Facebook page, and this E-Shalom Bulletin for additional information about the High Holy Days, special Service and Study opportunities in the month of September.

Please say safe and healthy, L’Shanah Tovah.

Linda Brill and Jeffrey Ganz

We thank the following congregants who have graciously accepted the honors of lighting the candles and reciting the Motzi at Erev Shabbat Services from May -August:
Jodi Siegel, Fred Simon, Karen and Jerry Gross (Shavout),
Inez Singer, Alan Siegel, Felicia Otto, Jesse Siegel,
Libby Gershansky, Linda and Larry Hanibal, Shariann and
Jeffrey Ganz, Claire and Dennis Guttsman, Gayle and Jeffrey Chason, Sandy Mazzucco, Ira Gershansky, Linda and Alan Brill, Silvia and Sam Gornstein, Karen Wolff and Jay Duskin,
Remy Smith,  Alina Shteynberg, Bob Zuckerberg, Andrea and Fred Simon, Blanche Ricci and Deanna Feder.

Thank you to Jesse Siegel and Shariann Ganz for ushering at our in-person Erev Shabbat Service on August 14.
Nina Rohan
Ushering chair
If you would like to order your own copy of the two-volume prayer book for the high holy days,
Mishkan NaNefesh, you can order the set from the CCAR Press online at this link:
The regular price for the set is $44.
For a limited time, CCAR is offering a special discount of 20% on the print edition of the books. To get the discount, enter coed MHN2020 during checkout. 

Amazon is offering the books in a digital version for Kindle for $9.99 per volume. You can find the Kindle volumes at this link:

Finally, the CCAR is offering free access to both volumes Mishkan Hanefesh, and Mishkan HaLev for Selichot in a “flipbook” online version which can be viewed on a computer.
Access is through the following page: 
September 4, 2020
Solomon Jacob Gross *
Phyllis Vaccarelli
Samuel Flaum
Sarah Miriam Gross *
Gertrude Newhouse Diamond *
Helen E. Frey
Marc Kopstein *
Albert Kaufman
Robert T. Lane *
Tom Sparacio

And we remember from the Holocaust:
Max Schenk
Dovid Khvat
Moishe Diamant
Karl Daxner
Jakob Rosenbach


September 18, 2020
Due to Rosh HaShanah 
these names will be read 
on September 11 & 12
Martin Goldstone
Charles Hirsh
Joseph Newman *
Irving E. Rothaus *
Isidore Janatofsky *
Dr. Melvin Victor *
Mark Heitowit *
Emanuel Leef
Marivic Lipton
Jacob Rosenberg *
Arthur Duskin *
Abraham Gamoran
Florence Harrison
Lewis Werb *
Solomon Davidson *
Samuel Elman *
Harriet Kramer
Sedge Levee *

And we remember from the Holocaust:
Berl Trajman
Iser Fleiser
Marton Eisenberg
Rabin Shneider
Józef Stawiarski
September 11, 2020
Harold Landowne
Boris Reznikoff
David Schmeidler *
Miriam Sugerman-Rosenblum
Sol Sparber
Harry Avis *
Leo Diamond *
Irving Reznikoff
Harold Pappert
Sidney Goldberg *

And we remember from the Holocaust:
Bob Nienvenhuis
Johann Georg Senfft
Ernst Hirsch
Ferenc Spitzer
Jean Raymond


September 25, 2020
Milton Silberlight
Sidney Simon *
Jeffrey Tenzer
Florence Weinstein *
Samuel Gootenberg *
Abraham Mendelsohn
Max Reiman *
Frances Lipston *
Joseph Gershansky
Herman Gross
Irving Lieberman
Michael Berlyand
Fannie Kruger Levy *
Pauline Spector *
Jorge Vinocur
Virginia Menna
Carol Schwimmer *
Millard Siegler *
Irving Spector *

And we remember from the Holocaust:
Josef Bretisch
Marian Wiskier
Pierre Laribean
Jozsefne Gergely
Reizel Lustig
* These names are on our Memorial Wall.
We are sorry if your name was inadvertently omitted. Please contact Lara at the Temple Office to update your membership information.
The Sisterhood of Temple Israel would like to help you celebrate birthdays and anniversaries for you and your family.
You can share the joy of Shabbat and your birthday and/or anniversary by helping to sponsor an Oneg Shabbat on the Friday evening when we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries for that month.
In addition to sponsoring the Oneg, the names of those celebrating appear in the Friday night program and celebrants are invited to the Bimah.
A contribution of $10 for birthdays and $18 for anniversaries is suggested to honor your special occasion and help the Temple at the same time.  
Letters are sent out early in the month prior and payment would be appreciated before the first Friday of the month of the celebration. 
As soon as we are able to celebrate Shabbat together
in person at Temple Israel,
we will celebrate all the Birthdays and Anniversaries
that we missed at a very special Oneg!

In the meantime, please celebrate with us at our Zoom Shabbat Services on the 1st Friday of each month.
We appreciate you sending in your contributions toward these wonderful Onegs!
Erev Shabbat Services

September 4
7:00 p.m. via ZOOM

Friday,September 11
8:00 p.m. via ZOOM

Friday, September 18
Erev Rosh Hashanah

Friday, September 25
8:00 p.m. via ZOOM

Torah Study and Shabbat Services
Saturdays at 10:00 a.m.

Fellow Parents, 

This September's start of school is not only one for the record books but one we will never forget! With Religious and Hebrew school having an all- remote start, we are planning several outdoor, in person, socially distanced gatherings for our kids this month and into October. School begins on Sunday, September 13th on zoom at 10:00am. Stay tuned for links sent from Rabbi. 

On Saturday, September 5, Sisterhood is inviting families to join in an outdoor Havdallah Service to mark the end of Shabbat on the Temple patio. Each family will receive its own mini Havdallah set to fully participate in this beautiful sunset service lead by Rabbi Howald and Student Cantor Richman.

On Sunday, September 27th at 11:00am we are gathering outside the Temple to decorate the Sukkah at our "Sundaes in the Sukkah" event. Students should come to the parking lot at 11:00am. Small groups will be able to create and design decorations for the Sukkah and then put them up. Following prayer and song, the kids will be treated to ice cream from an ice cream truck courtesy of Brotherhood's organization and generosity. I know we will all enjoy seeing each other and seeing the kids socialize with friends. Another opportunity to celebrate Sukkot is being brought to us by Sisterhood. Families are welcome to celebrate with “Pizza in the Hut”. Information on all these activities can be found elsewhere in the bulletin.

Additionally we have two outdoor, socially distanced Tot Shabbats planned for Friday, September 25th and Friday, October 16 at 5:30pm. A sign-up email will be forthcoming. 

I would love to organize and brainstorm with any parents interested in joining the committee so that we can continue to find ways to see each other in person as well as plan and provide meaningful learning experiences for our children virtually. Please email me at feliciaholtzman@gmail.com or text/call at 646-425-9524. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you! 

Happy Fall and Happy New Year!

Felicia Otto

Every Voice, Every Vote.
 The Reform Movement's
2020 Civic Engagement Campaign
Every Voice, Every Vote.
 The Reform Movement's 2020
Civic Engagement Campaign


The Civic Engagement Committee at Temple Israel, along with the Religious Action Center of the Union for Reform Judaism, has devised this checklist to make voting this year as stress-free as possible:
  • I have sent in my application for an absentee ballot so that I will be prepared to vote by mail.     
  • If you have not applied for an absentee ballot, you can do so by downloading the form here.

  • If I decide to vote in person, I am aware of the address of my polling place. Look it up here: 

  • I will share this information with family and friends and encourage them to vote.

"Voting is good for your health. It empowers you and gives you a sense of control, It generates inner peace and ties you to your community as you choose to do something that can really make a difference."
(“Your Voice, Your Choice: Why Voting is Good for Your Health,” ahealthiermichigan.org, March 6, 2020.)

"Voting is also a Jewish value. The Rabbis of the Talmud did not know about democratic government, but understood that the community needed to have input into who would rule them."

Engage in Tikkun Olam. Help repair the world by choosing leaders, both locally and nationally, who will implement policies to make our community, our country and our world a better place.

Let’s all commit to making TEMPLE ISRAEL a

Become part of our community by participating in our community. Temple Israel is where community happens.

The next Shabbat Shalom Dinner will take place virtually on Friday, October 16th at 6:30pm, immediately following virtual Tot Shabbat.
We will gather on Zoom together to light the candles, bless the children, and say kiddush and motzi. We will then dine in smaller Zoom chat rooms/table groups and reconvene as a whole congregation for 8pm Erev Shabbat Services.
Your pre-paid Shabbat Shalom dinner will be delivered to your home between 4 and 6 pm on that day. Here’s what you need to do:
If you already paid for the March dinner which was cancelled:
·       Someone will get in touch with you to reconfirm your order and to make sure that someone will be home to accept the delivered dinner. You will NOT owe any additional money.
·       If you are not sure whether you already paid, or have questions, you can e-mail Libby Gershansky- eng2ndlang@aol.com
If you did not pay for the March dinner but would like to participate now:
·       Complete the Shabbat Shalom Dinner flyer in this edition of the E-Shalom.
·       Make your check out to Temple Israel.
·       Mail your check and your reservation form to:
Libby Gershansky
147 Rolling Hill Green
Staten Island, N.Y. 10312
 **** Reservations must be made by October 6th.

** TI- WIIFM (Temple Israel-What’s In It For Me) –
Temple Israel is a busy place. Our Temple Israel poets continue to share their creations, inspired by the course with Staten Island poet laureate, Marguerite Rivas, made possible through the generosity of the Avis Foundation at Temple Israel. (See below.)

Some things to try this month: (flyers available throughout this E-Shalom)
Our committee chairs are working hard to offer creative ways to engage our minds, bodies and souls. Yoga on Sundays and Thursdays, Art History on Wednesdays, Brotherhood and Sisterhood meetings, Shabbat services, Torah study, and a Selichot program on Saturday, September 12th are just some of the September highlights.
If you know of anyone who is interested in joining, please contact the Membership Committee through the Temple Office.
Click on flyer to print or download.
By Bryn Biren

You were so young, just barely a man
Ready to serve your country, ready to stand 
Where would you serve, where would you go?
Leaving your home, your family and all you did know.

Serving in battle was not meant to be 
Your talents discovered the Navy did see
That technical skills were gifts you were given
Fixing aircraft, tanks, cars that were driven.

But clearly the talents you offered were much more
Your musical prowess came to the fore
You were moved to a unit, assigned to a band
Entertaining the troops in a fabulous land.

Oahu, your station, command post for years
You brought such pleasure to all who could hear
Your music; you played in service of all 
Serving our country, serving us all.
Your return anticipated at the end of the War
A civilian, a man-child your life to begin
As a student, a husband, a family man
Going back to the lifestyle where it all began.

Your memory still lingers inside my house
On a table, your uniform still in a box
It proudly reminds me of the man that I knew
My father, protector, my defender - YOU!
Sarah and Harry – Love in the New Country
(My Grandparents Sarah and Harry Rosenblum)
By Judy A. Lee

Sarah and Harry sat next to each other
Working as finishers all day long
They laughed and spoke about their mothers
And hummed bars of an old Yiddish song
Sarah and Harry got tickets for pieces
Cashing them in at the end of each day
The garments did not have any large creases
And both put most of their wages away
Sarah and Harry fell madly in love
And were married in July 1904
They looked to the bright future above
And soon Uncle Elia was at their door
They loved each other in good times and bad
Thankful for the great family they had.
Love Sonnet
By Ken Pickover

First time a blast, a sweet revelation.
Floating up somewhere ere unknown to me
Where all sense deferred to blurred sensation 
A place inside yet I could not see
Until we soared on thy sweet searching lips
And found that Eden where our souls entwined
Slowly so slowly on down to our hips
And then we were one so seamless so fine
Like wisps of air gentle fingers explore
Glide they, search they, fields of silk warm and wet
If only the clicks of time we abhor
Would stop and allow this ardor to set
To look for that first explosion of joy
The passion becomes of each girl and boy.
2.Select "Change Your Charity"
3.Type in “Temple Israel Reform 4.Congregation of Staten Island"
5.Click Search
6.Click Select
7.Order as usual.
Temple Israel benefits!

Please save the date for Saturday October 24, 2020 as we are planning to have a fundraising event that evening. At this time, we are not sure if it will be via Zoom or in person, but we will share all the details as soon as the plans are finalized.

We hope everyone will join us in the Spring of 2021 as we set sail for adventure and mystery at Temple Israel.  

We will also be planning to dine at Jimmy Maxx again

Respectfully submitted,
Rhonda Trontz-Allen, Karen Frey-Gamoran, Lissa Winchel
Temple Israel Sisterhood Judaica Shop



Just what you need and just what they want!
The only place on Staten Island for all your Jewish gifts.
Special Orders available.
Contact branchtr@aol.com or call the Temple Office at 718-727-2231.
Some featured items this month:
Contact Blanche Ricci at branchtr.ricci@gmail.com
if you are interested in any Judaica Shop items.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 at 7 p.m.
If you would like to join the Choir, please contact Student Cantor Shirel Richman at scantorrichman@gmail.com.
Many, many thanks to our congregants and to Rabbi who worked with the Adult Learning Committee and the Avis Foundation, preparing programs to help us all get through difficult times. We are left with feelings of gratitude, and a phenomenal sense of Judaism and Community. 

With the constant participation of Rabbi Howald, Bryn Biren and Terry Baver, representing the Avis Foundation, and the Adult Learning Committee, we learned and we were relieved of stress, Zooming ourselves almost every evening, and enjoying each other’s virtual company.

In the month of August we enjoyed and were enlightened by 3 nights a week of Yoga with Denise Nizarre and Sydney Avis, the conclusion of the Hartman program comparing Israeli Jews with those living in North America, a delightful cooking lesson by Rabbi Howald, who showed us how to prepare Humus and Shakshukah, a Mediterranean egg and vegetable dish. We then began a series of lectures on the History of Art in the 20th Century, given by Mark Meyers. These lectures will be given August 26, September 2, and 9th. We may even add topics and dates to Marks’s schedule, with the possibility of “hands on art” by our congregants. 

The following programs are under consideration:
  • The Effects of the Pandemic on us Physically and Emotionally” “The Effects the Pandemic has on the Arts”; 
  • A video and discussion of a Frank Lloyd Wright built house in Buffalo, N.Y.;
  • Continued Rosh Chodesh programs when we return to reality;
  • Learning camera techniques with Karen O’Donnell; 
  • A discussion of “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Della Owens. 

Please look forward to a Zoom performance by Nefesh Mountain, a Jewish singing group that many of us have enjoyed at conventions, on Saturday, November 1st at 7:00 PM. This program is Sponsored by the Sisterhood of Temple Israel, The Avis Foundation, and the Adult Learning Committee. Blanche Ricci can be contacted for information. A flyer appears elsewhere in this bulletin. A donation of $18 dollars to Sisterhood is suggested. 

Cheryl Levine
Judy Pessah
We are constantly planning and evaluating, planning and re-evaluating activities for all of you this coming Fall.

We are delighted to let you know that Alina Shteynberg’s terrific food preparation classes are back. The classes will use the ZOOM format until we can return in person to the Temple Israel kitchen. The dates for the coming year are Sundays from 1:00 - 3:00 PM on September 13, November 8, December 13, January 24 and April 4. Look for further specific information to register on Eventbrite. These classes are designed for children 9 years and older.

We are on the look-out for museum programs that would be of interest to your children. We are in contact with the Tenement Museum and other local museums for exciting home ZOOM presentations. Any ideas?
We are also looking to bring our youngsters back to Temple Israel, with social distancing, to celebrate Succot, Simchat Torah, or for any occasion that will allow for socialization.

We are interested in YOUR input to suggest any virtual programming that your children and family would love to see.

Feel free to contact Terry Baver at Terryqbaver@gmail.com or Bryn Biren at MsBunny7@aol.com to make suggestions. We are waiting to hear from YOU!
Terry Baver & Bryn Biren

Are you stressed?
Do you want to build your core strength?
Join Us.


SUNDAY class begins at 7:00 PM.
MONDAY class begins at 6:15 PM.
THURSDAY class begins at 6:30 PM.
964 585 2910


Free for Temple Israel Members & Their Friends during the month of September!

Classes are for ADULT ONLY.

Both chair and mat students are accommodated at each class.

For more information, contact
Terry Baver at 718-490-4428 or
Bryn Biren at 718-447-6225

Please contact the committee chair for information.

Pamela Rogozin
Caring Community Chair

10:00 A.M.


Donations to A.C.S. can be sent to Sisterhood
Att: Inez Singer

The Caring Community has offered shiva support to the Magnus family in remembrance of trustee Irwin Magnus. We continue to provide nourishment and a welcoming environment in these difficult times.
If you are in need of any assistance or support, please contact Pamela Rogozin at 917-607-0782.

Pamela Carlton
Caring Community Co-Chair
Please consider becoming a member of our KAVOD SOCIETY.
It helps to make membership available to all our families. Speak to our Financial Secretary to upgrade your membership.
If you have any questions about your membership or if you know a potential new member please contact our Financial Secretary Jennifer Straniere at tmplisrfinsec@aol.com.
Contributions to Temple Israel as tributes, dedications or memorials are welcome and are published in the weekly Shabbat program.

Donations can be dedicated to the general Temple Israel Fund or to any of the following specific funds: 

  • Adult Education Fund 
  • Building Preservation Fund 
  • Caring Community Fund 
  • Carole Lachman Memorial Fund
  • Choir Fund 
  • Estelle A. Gootenberg Memorial Fund (for Torah Repair/ Restoration) 
  • Gerald J. Lustig Memorial Fund (for Ark & Ark Doors) 
  • Liheyot Fund 
  • Membership Fund 
  • Prayerbook Fund 
  • Rabbi Marcus Kramer Memorial Library Fund 
  • Shoah Education Fund
  • Scholarship Fund 
  • Rabbi Michael D. Howald Fund for Social Action and Tikkun Olam

A $5.00 minimum donation is requested for these funds. Checks for donations to any of these funds should be made payable to Temple Israel.

PRAYERBOOKS may be dedicated in honor or memory of a special person or occasion. For specific prayerbooks and donation amounts, look for the Prayerbook icons found in this bulletin

Please make checks for Donations to the RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND payable to that fund.

Donations in any amount may be made to SISTERHOOD OF TEMPLE ISRAEL or BROTHERHOOD OF TEMPLE ISRAEL with checks made payable directly to the affiliate organization.

For a leaf on the TREE OF LIFE in honor of a simcha, please scroll down. 

For permanent MEMORIAL PLAQUES on our Family Memorial Wall or Original Memorial Wall, please call the Temple office at 718-727-2231.
To see list of all recent
Tributes and Program
Donations to Funds...
If you are not receiving this Bulletin via a direct e-mail and would like to, please contact us at TICOMMUNICATION@aol.com to be added to our mailing list.
Our E-Bulletin is shared with the entire Temple Israel Family and the Staten Island Community. If you are a local business or community organization and you would like to advertise in our monthly bulletin, please contact the Temple Office at 718-727-2231 or e-mail TICommunication@aol.com.