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Parshas Nitzavim

September 23-24, 2022

28 Elul, 5782

Shalom and hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. 



Join me for an exciting last shabbos of 5782! Great davening, singing, leining with our wonderful baal koreh, Dr. Raphael Kelman, and much more! 


Enjoy coffee and cake on shabbos morning and a delicious gala hot kiddush following davening. 


B”h, our Friday Night Elegant Dinner is SOLD OUT! We are especially excited to welcome our Friday night guest speaker (and my good chaver): Rabbi Naftoli Citron, of the Carlebach Shul.  


Dinner is by reservation only but all are invited to a special Viennese dessert table to socialize and schmooze with friends. 


This shabbos will feature our new Chazzan Ari Mandelbaum who will perform the ENTIRE SHABBOS, including the Friday Night Dinner. 

Ohav Sholom is SOLD OUT for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. However, if you need a seat, don’t panic! I will personally see to it you are accommodated and look forward to greeting you personally over the High Holy Days. 


We welcome members of The Beis and the talented Rabbi Yonasson Shippel for the entire Yomim Nora’aim as our guests. It is truly an honor to host this esteemed Rav and renowned Torah teacher at Ohav Sholom. 

 A Torah Thought From the Chumash Shiur of

Rav Dovid Feinstein zt"l.

(As heard and adapted by Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman)

אַתֶּ֨ם נִצָּבִ֤ים הַיּוֹם֙ כֻּלְּכֶ֔ם


“You stand this day, all of you, before your G-d.” 

What is the meaning and intent of this posuk? Obviously, the Jewish Nation was physically standing together, receiving the divine message and entering into the covenant with Hashem. 

Answer: Nitzavim - the Torah emphatically states, “Every Jew is influential!” 

If we probe further, the posuk suggests that not only is every Jew “choshuv,” they are of equal importance. 

But this idea is more profound still.

Nitzavim: You have all been promoted to the executive branch; you’ve become ‘officials’ in a new Jewish governmental body, distinguished office holders in the exalted government of G-d! 

“All of you.” 

The message here is that every Jew is personally responsible for the success of the new government and future advancement of G-d’s holy People. 

The continuity of Hashem’s Nation hinges upon the scrupulous observance of mitzvos of each member of the tribe.

No person should ever think to himself or herself, “I am a nobody. I don’t count in the grand scheme of things and have no value in Klal Yisroel!” 

The absolute opposite is true! We are all Nitzavim, decorated, honored members of the elite ruling class. 

But with this great power comes great responsibility. 

Our ascendency to nobility dramatically intensified the achraius we have for upholing the Law and escalates the need for every Jew’s punctual adherence to mitzvos and customs of the new government and expanded Torah Nation. 

Truly then, we stand this day, deputized, energized, elevated and proud to serve in the capacity of Nitzavim - and bring honor to Hashem and glory to the Jewish People. 

Have a wonderful shabbos!


I’ll see you in shul, 


Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman

Erev shabbos kodesh ki savo 5782 

eShabbos Timetable

Friday, Erev Shabbos Kodesh

Selichos & shacharis: 7:00 AM

Candle Lighting: 6:33 PM

Mincha/KS: 6:43 PM

Dinner for Pre-registered guests: 7:30 PM

Shabbos Day

Shacharis: 9:00 AM

Kiddush: 11:15 AM

Mincha: 6:20 PM

Daf Yomi

Maariv/Shabbos Ends: 7:31 PM

Sunday, Erev Rosh Hashana

Daf Yomi 7:15 AM

Selichos 8:00 AM

Shacharis 8:45 AM

Hataras Nedarim

Candle Lighting: 6:29 PM

Mincha/Kabbalat Yom Tov 6:35 PM

Monday, Rosh Hashana I

Shacharis 9:00 AM

Shofar 11:00 AM

Outdoor Kiddush 1:00 PM

Outdoor Shofar 1:15 PM

Mincha 6:00 PM

Tashlich / daf yomi

Candle Lighting: Not before 7:27 PM

Maariv 7:30 PM

Tuesday, Rosh Hashana II

Shacharis 9:00 AM

Shofar 11:00 AM

Outdoor Kiddush 1:00 PM

Outdoor Shofar 1:15 PM

Mincha 6:00 PM

Maariv/Yom tov ends 7:25 PM

Wednesday, Tzom Gedaliah

Fast Begins 5:28 AM

Daf Yomi 6:30 AM

Selichos/Shacharis 7:00 AM

Mincha/Maariv 6:15 PM

Fast Ends 7:24 AM

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CURRENT COVID PROTOCOLS (Updated February 2022)
 With the expiration of the New York State mandate for public spaces to either “mask or screen”, vaccinated people attending davening will no longer be required to wear a mask. 

  • Non-vaccinated attendees must wear masks and should to the best of their ability maintain social distances
  • Masks are optional for vaccinated people, but we do encourage them, especially for anyone at elevated risk
  • Due to the tight quarters at Kiddush and the impossibility to mask while eating, only vaccinated people or those ineligible for vaccination will be allowed
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