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Parshas Vayakhei-Pekudei

Shabbos HaChodesh

March 17 - 18, 2023

25 Adar, 5783

Shalom and hello everyone! I hope you are doing well.

Join me this shabbos for amazing davening, an expert guest baal koreh from Beitar, Israel, an inspirational drasha, and in-depth learning! 

We welcome Chazan Ari Mandelbaum for this Shabbos Mevorchim Nisan and shabbos Hachodesh

Come listen to this amazing young man and get carried away with stirring niggunim and wonderful singing. 

Reminder: this shabbos is the final special Torah reading in a series of four.


Yasher koach to our super gala kiddush sponsor, our own Gabbai Matt Bobman, to mark the yahrtzeit of his late dear mother, Florence Bobman, Fraida bas Yisroel, a”h. 

Enjoy Main Event Catered chulent, kugel, stuffed cabbage, grilled chicken strips, Sushi, and much more! 

May her neshama enjoy a big aliyah in Gan Eden! Amen. 

This rabbinically sanctioned Torah reading, Hachodesh, read immediately prior to rosh chodesh nisan, marks the Biblical command to sanctify the Hebrew month of Nisan as “Rosh Chadashim,” chief amongst all the months, and the official start of the Jewish halachic calendar. 

Men, women, and children are encouraged to come to hear this kriah, which will commence at approximately 10:15 AM. 


Ohav Sholom wishes a hearty mazel tov to David and Aliza Gibber upon the birth of a baby boy this past week! 

David is a super dedicated Ohav Sholom daily Daf Yomi participant - and we're confident he’ll raise another future OS highly intelligent daf attendee.

We wish a special mazel tov and congratulations to OS board member, Elliot Gibber, upon the birth of yet another beautiful einekel, b”h

May the family see nachas from this child along with their entire mishpocha! Amen.


I am pleased to announce that our Friday Night Shabbos Mevorchiim Dinner catered by the famed BREADBERRY is SOLD OUT!

We look forward to hearing our special guest speaker, Pamela Brenner, linguist, and scholar, as she discusses the origins and future of Yiddish

All are invited to hear her talk on the topic, “Where did Yiddish Come From and Where is it Going?” 

We anticipate Pamela’s talk to begin at approximately 8:45 PM. Join us for the speech and complimentary dessert! 

One of the cornerstones of yetzias mitzrayim is the fact that our ancestors in Egypt preserved their language. Come listen to how “momma lashon” became the Jewish People’s holy tongue for the last hundreds of years.  


Join me this evening for the next installment of our weekly Mesilas Yesharim Chaburah

Due to the change of clocks, it will commence this evening at 6:30 PM in the shul. Mincha will start promptly at 6:50 PM - so we will focus, focus!

Look to your email for our updated award-winning Pesach Guide and Schedule. Please don’t forget the poor this Pesach and generously contribute to our annual Maos Chittim campaign - every penny goes to the most worthy poor families (with young children) in Jerusalem. 

Have a wonderful shabbos!

I’ll see you in shul, 

Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman

Erev shabbos kodesh vayakhel/pekudei mevorchim Nisan, parshas hachodesh 5783 

A Torah Thought From the Chumash Shiur of

Rav Dovid Feinstein zt"l.

(As heard and adapted by Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman)


וַיַּקְהֵ֣ל מֹשֶׁ֗ה אֶֽת־כׇּל־עֲדַ֛ת בְּנֵ֥י יִשְׂרָאֵ֖ל

“Moshe convoked the whole Jewish People.

These parshios discuss the physical construction of the Tabernacle and the sacred initiation of the Temple service. 

The Mishkan represents the stupifying concept that G-d allows resting a dimension of His presence in our physical world.

An important lesson can be drawn from the ‘necessity’ of this hallowed space: every Jew needs a Mishkan!

Indeed, every person needs to subscribe to the idea of Shi’visi, a reference to the verse, “I put Hashem always in front of me.” (Tehillim 16:8)

Let us develop this idea further. 

We may ask the following question: How and why do we find some Jews who are truly great, noble, and holy - and others are not?

What differentiates an “Adom gadol” from a “Pashuta yid,” a simple Jew?

Answer: the exalted Jew lives a life of “Putting Hashem always in front of him.” 

A great yid utilizes every waking moment in an attempt to develop a deep awareness of G-d and to live a life of practical, direct contact with the Shechinah in our midst. 

So how can we too experience the phenomenon of Shi’visi

How can we observe with our own eyes the Divine Presence in all its glory? 

Answer: by building a Mishkan... or a Shul, or a Beis Medrash!

For it is in these hallowed halls we have the ability to literally see the Ribbono Shel Olam.  

In these sacred spaces, we can sensorily experience and palatably detect ruchnius - to feel a tangible connection with the metaphysical and Divine.  

Let us make every effort to fulfill the verse in Parshas Terumah which boldly states: “And let them make Me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them!”

eShabbos Timetable

Friday, Erev Shabbos Kodesh

Daf Yomi: 6:45 AM

Shacharis: 7:25 AM

Candle Lighting: 6:46 PM

Mincha/KS: 6:55 PM

Chazzan: Ari Mandlebaum

Discussion & Dessert: 8:45 PM


Shacharis: 9:00 AM

Chazzan: Ari Mandlebaum

Kiddush: 11:15 AM

Mincha: 6:35 PM

Daf Yomi

Maariv/Shabbos Ends: 7:47 PM

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