Jan. 03, 2019
Christmas-Epiphany Prayer
This Eucharistic Prayer is part of the ELW Setting 2 liturgy (ELW p. 132), and can be used in the seasons of Advent-Epiphany. May this prayer be at the center of our lives as we begin a new year.

Holy One,
the beginning and the end,
the giver of life:
Blessed are you for the birth of creation.
Blessed are you in the darkness and in the light.
Blessed are you for your promise to your people.
Blessed are you in the prophets' hopes and dreams.
Blessed are you
for Mary's openness to your will.
Blessed are you
for your Son Jesus,
the Word made flesh.
The Power of Community in Recovering from a Storm
Hurricane Michael hit the Panhandle of Florida with surprising strength, devastating the area and causing damage that will take years to recover from and repair. One Florida-Bahamas Synod congregation, Messiah Lutheran Church in Panama City, was deeply impacted. In the days, weeks, and months following the storm, however, the story that is being told about Messiah is not a story of damage and destruction, but rather a story of resiliency, community, and connection.

Transition Training
Jan. 28-30, 2019
Luther Springs

Transitions - There are many factors that come into play when a congregation is in transition. Whether that congregation has just received an interim pastor, or has just received a newly called pastor, or is seeking new direction into God's future, it is a time of transition from something that was to something that is yet to be. 

The Transition Training Event will help attendees to focus on what it is that properly motivates ministry so that the "yet to be" is fully in the hands of God, and God's people are themselves renewed and ready for that ministry.

2019 Lenten Visits
Mark your calendar for this year's Lenten Visits.

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Other 2019 Events to be aware of:
Synod Assembly: June 6-8, 2019 (Embassy Suites, Kissimmee)

Conference on Ministry: Oct. 13-16, 2019 (Life Enrichment Center, Leesburg)--THIS IS A DATE CHANGE
Lunch and Learn for Church Administrators
Jan. 18, 2019
Hope, The Villages

Calling all church administrators, executive pastors, treasurers, bookkeepers—anyone (staff or volunteer) who deals with financial and tax topics in their congregation: Mike Batts, Managing Partner of Batts Morrison Wales & Lee, will be presenting at Hope Lutheran Church in The Villages on Jan. 18, 2019. His presentation will cover "Current Financial and Tax Topics in the World of Churches." The event will be from 11:00-1:00 and will include a free lunch. Please RSVP to val@hope2all.org by 1/13/2019. See attached flyer for more information.
Mark your Calendar
Click on the calendar to go to the synod calendar to learn more about these events
Jan. 13 - Music Concert at Peace, Ft. Myers
Jan. 18-20 - Confirmation Retreat (Luther Springs)
Jan. 18 - Lunch and Learn for Church Administrators, Hope, The Villages (11:00 a.m.)
Jan. 20 -  Ordination of David Thoresen, Atonement in Sebring (3:00 p.m.)*
Jan. 20 - Paul Jacobs, concert organist, Prince of Peace, Largo (3:00 pm)
Jan. 23-24 -  ELCA Coaching Training, St. Philip, Mt. Dora
Jan. 24 -  Ordination of Sarah Locke, St. Mark’s, Jacksonville (6:00 p.m.)*
Jan. 25-28 - ELCA Youth Ministry Network Extravaganza, Jacksonville
Jan. 27 - Installation of Pr. Maryanne Kehlenbach, Living Faith, Tradition (10 a.m.)
Jan. 28-30 - Transition Training, Luther Springs
Feb. 17 - Flute Ensemble, Prince of Peace, Largo (3:00)
Feb. 19-22 - Ignite the Church Conference, Orlando
Feb. 19-22 - Association of Parish Clergy Conference, Oviedo

*rostered ministers invited to vest and process (color is red)

For Your Information
Start the Year Off Strong--turn in reports!
Rostered Minister Reports and congregational Parochial Reports provide the synod office with valuable information that helps us support, respond to, and prioritize ministry effectively. Mission Support Forms are another important way to help synod staff prioritize and respond to ministry needs well.

Please submit reports and forms so that we can best support your ministries and contexts.

Generosity Continues to Support Faith, Tampa

Faith Lutheran Church in Tampa was damaged by a fire in December. As we continue to walk with this congregation, thank you for the generosity of so many who have submitted donations to help in the cost of repairs. The congregational leaders are navigating the process of insurance, filing claims, and assessing damage costs. They are grateful for the prayers and support that are flowing in from others. Please continue to consider supporting Faith. Donations can be submitted through the synod web site or sent directly to the synod office.

When donating online, scroll down to the bottom of the list and enter "Faith Tampa fire" in the "other" box. When sending a donation in through the mail, include "Faith Tampa Fire" on the memo line.
Pr. Stephen Bouman--Scholar in Residence
Pr. Stephen Bouman will be the Scholar in Residence at St. Armand's Key Lutheran Church, Sarasota, Feb. 13-27, 2019. Pr. Bouman's full schedule of lectures and presentations will be shared soon, but mark your calendar for Feb. 15, when Pr. Bouman will be joined by Bishop Suarez and Pr. Khader El-Yateem. Watch the St. Armand's Key web site (www.saklc.com) for more information.
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