June 20, 2019
Sending from Synod Assembly Closing Worship
Get on out of here,
for you and we and all the people of the world are God's children.

Get on your way,
because of Jesus who names and claims us all as his beloved siblings.

Get yourself out of this sacred place,
pushed by the spirit who blows when and where she will, making all places sacred.

Go and do some more singing and talking,
laughing and crying, hugging and holding,
by which you are strengthened to be tellers of truth,
bearers of justice, offerers of resistance,
so becoming part of the great cloud of witnesses.

Go also to do some sleeping and resting, anticipating tomorrow,
which will be another Easter day of God's wonderful surprises and God's true successes.

Go now, people of faith.
Amen! Thanks be to God.

Source: John Furry, a minister in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. From Sacred Seasons, Seeds of Hope Publishers .
Reflecting on a Successful Global Mission Sunday Campaign
submitted by Pr. Jay Bergstresser, Space Coast Conference Dean, Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, Cocoa Beach

The Space Coast Conference Global Missions Sunday 2018 drive for our sister church in Haiti raised almost twice the amount of money requested! I think there are two main reasons for this. First, we received detailed information on where and how the donations would be used. We were told what each window, door, and railing would cost in U.S. dollars. Congregations were encouraged to donate one or more of these “concrete” items. However, the most important reason that our drive was successful was that we received pictures, not only of the work that needed to be done, but of the brothers and sisters in Christ we would be helping. Through shared pictures and videos, we got to see and hear them worship. That personal touch made all the difference!  
Assembly Service Project Impact
Thanks to everyone's generosity and contribution to the Synod Assembly service project, we were able to make a huge impact on behalf of Community Hope Center! Here's the impact in numbers:

$2,700 - gift cards
$1,898 bills/checks
$1784.56 coins

$6382.56 total cash and cards

793 kids bags assembled

66 congregations participated 
60 brought items
38 brought cash/coinage/checks
19 brought gifts cards
7 Utilized a Thrivent Action Team

The video below shows a little bit more about the organization.
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For Your Information
Overcome Volunteer Burnout by Building Capacity
The following article is from the June, 2019 Parish Paper . The Parish Paper is available for congregations to print and distribute (with credit given). The Parish Paper can be used for personal reading and reflection, as opening discussion starters for council or committee meetings, for leadership team training, and for personal devotion.

What about individuals? Here, capacity has to do with the amount of time, energy, or ability to get the job done. We know why volunteers burn out. Running a program that offers food or clothing assistance can feel unrelenting. How can program leaders build capacity when the needs are so overwhelming? Remember the adage: take time to sharpen the saw. As the saw becomes dull, the woodcutter or home builder may
find the project imperceptibly slowing down. When this dulling happens to individuals, we call it burnout.
To build capacity, congregations can provide a context for program activity that encourages Sabbath rest. Volunteers can be encouraged to stop the rush of activities to talk, think, study, and pray about their lives. Pastors can match the content of adult education courses to outreach programs that are currently underway in order to nourish its basis in theology. Program leaders can encourage volunteers to deepen their friendship by sharing a meal together outside of the work environment and to strengthen family life by reflecting on their ministry around a family meal.

ATTENTION Treasurers/Financial Assistants!!!

Treasurers from all over the Synod will gather on Saturdays in September and October at 6 locations around the Synod.
  • September 21st – Hope, The Villages
  • September 28th – St Paul – Sarasota
  • October 5th – The Synod House – Tampa
  • October 12th – Mision Luterana Sagrado Corazon – Miami
  • October 19th – Spirit of Joy – Orlando
  • October 26th – Messiah – Panama City
This gathering will take place from 8:30-12:30 to network, review current Best Practices, learn, share and connect. Please contact Michele Hilton at micheleh@fbsynod.org if you plan to attend.
"God's work. Our hands." Sunday

"God's work. Our hands." Sunday is an opportunity to celebrate who we are as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - one church, freed in Christ to serve and love our neighbor.

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Living with Hope series of resources on comfort, companionship, wisdom and hope for individuals dealing with life's struggles (pastoral care for those living with dementia, chronic and serious illness, the unemployed, etc).

t.b.d. and Colaborate Confirmation curriculum.

Children's books from Beaming Books (including a children's version of Gritty and Graceful ).
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