Feb. 25, 2020
Why and How Do We Use Ashes on Ash Wednesday
From the ELCA Worship FAQs:

Ash Wednesday is the Wednesday of the seventh week before Easter and the first day of Lent. The day is named for the practice of imposing ashes, a practice that many Lutheran congregations have found to be a very meaningful part of the Ash Wednesday liturgy. Using ashes as a sign of repentance is an ancient practice, often mentioned in the Bible (e.g., Jonah 3:5-9; Job 42:6; Jeremiah 6:26; Matthew 11:21). The early Christians adopted the use of ashes from Jewish practice as an external mark of penitence.
Opportunity for Nominations to the ELCA Social Statement Task Force

The ELCA is developing a social statement on government, civic engagement, the relationship of church and state and related matters, as called for by the 2019 ELCA Churchwide Assembly.

Social statements are the ELCA’s primary documents to address significant social issues. They are intended to aid reflection and shape conscience and to set forth the ELCA’s teaching and policy on the major social issues and questions of contemporary life.

An ELCA task force provides primary leadership for the statement’s development over a five-year period, using an established process of study and widespread participation in theological and moral deliberation. This task force will begin meeting in the fall 2020.

Applications/nominations to serve on the task force are being accepted through March 13. The task force will be composed of ELCA members who bring a range and diversity of knowledge, insight, background, political perspective, and competence related to civic life in contemporary church and society.

To learn more about the responsibilities of task force members,  click here for a PDF Download .

To download a form to nominate someone, including yourself, to serve on the task force,  click here for a PDF Download .

Here is the web site:
ELCA Youth Gathering 2021 Synod Coordinator 
Rich Langston (Mandarin Lutheran, Jacksonville) will be serving as the Youth Gathering Synod Coordinator for the 2021 Youth Gathering. Rich has been to every Youth Gathering since 1997 and will be receiving training and information to strengthen congregations' and leaders' preparation for the 2021 Gathering in Minneapolis.

Feel free to contact Rich at langston.rich@gmail.com with questions about the upcoming Gathering. Information about the Youth Gathering is available on the ELCA Youth Gathering web site, and is shared on the FBSynod Youth page of the web site, the FBSynod Youth/Young Adult Facebook Grou p, and in the " FBSynod Goes to Minneapolis 2021 " Facebook group. If your congregation is planning on sending youth to Minneapolis in 2021, please check out these sources for more information. A list of key dates to be ready for throughout the year might be especially helpful in initial planning.

Rich is available to offer assistance to leadership through Zoom/Skype meetings, face-to-face conversations, etc. He will be hosting several information sessions over the next year for those who will be attending. Rich will be at the Synod Assembly in June.
Young Adult Intentional Living/Service Corps Opportunity from the Episcopal Church

LEVN, the Lutheran Episcopal Volunteer Network, is looking for young adults (age 21-30) for an 11-month program of non-profit volunteer service and learning about social justice. From the end of August 2020 to the end of July 2021, our corps members will be provided housing, utilities, health coverage, spiritual direction, and a $535/month living stipend. We also offer a $1000 re-entry grant at the completion of the program.
The placement sites for the upcoming program year include faith-based non-profits, secular non-profits, congregations, outdoor ministry, and our campus ministry at UC Davis. These service sites address issues of homelessness, food insecurity, unemployment, children and youth ministries, and other important social justice issues facing our communities.

We gather each week for evening prayer, dinner, and formation. The corps members live in intentional community in an apartment attached to our campus ministry center in Davis, CA. We're an ecumenical program in the Episcopal Service Corps network; applicants needn't be either Lutheran or Episcopal to apply—interest in Christian spirituality is the only expectation. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until July 31, 2020.

Visit levn.org or contact Program Director Casey Dunsworth at 530-756-1550 or pastor@thebelfry.org for more information!
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For Your Information
Invitation to Host a Camp Sunday
Camp Sunday is an easy and powerful way for your congregation to pass on the love of camp! Hosting a Camp Sunday helps encourage your members to register for youth, adult and family camp programs while giving them an opportunity to financially support this ministry we all love and share.

We invite you to designate one Sunday each year as Camp Sunday.
We will send you colorful bulletin inserts, copy and paste ready bulletin and newsletter announcements, social media images and offering envelopes. We work to make it easy for you to share the love of camp!

For more information email Deacon Sandra Holland at  sholland@novusway.org .
"God's work. Our hands." Sunday

“God’s work. Our hands.” Sunday is Sunday, September 13, 2020. This day is an opportunity to celebrate who we are as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America – one church, freed in Christ to serve and love our neighbor.

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Registration for the 2020 Rostered Ministers Gathering is Now Open

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