The Lab World Group has New Arrivals Including Brand New Instruments
for sale at great prices!
APRIL 2019 

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The Lab World Group!
Lots of Brand New Instruments available below!
Prices Valid through 4/30
VWR Flammable Storage Freezer
Herrmann Ultrasonic Welder
Thermo A2 Biosafety Cabinet
Scotsman Ice Machine
CryoPlus 1 LN2 Storage System
Evos Floid
VWR Ultra Low Temp Freezer
New Brunswick Innova i26R
VWR Flammable Storage Cabinet
Thermo Multidrop
Satorius Biostat RM 2050
VWR Sheldon Vacuum Oven
Thermo Precision Circulationg Water Bath
VWR Incubator Shaker
Parker Balston Nitroflow
 We offer several solutions to manage your assets while bringing you the highest return for your surplus lab equipment!

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